16 Weeks Pregnant +Belly Shot

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Hey! I am back with my 16 week pregnancy update. I will be talking about my symptoms, prenatal appt., stretch mark products and more. Please thumbs up and subscribe if you like these pregnancy updates. Feedback is well appreciated! Thanks for watching :)

Yoga Workout Mentioned (Link):

Mama Mio stretch mark products (Link):
Tummy Rub: http://www.mamamio.com/us/tummy-rub-stretch-mark-butter.html
Boob Tube: http://www.mamamio.com/us/boob-tube-bust-and-neck-firmer.html


babylina hajj says:

You’re Very pretty n cute button nose

Kelsie Swygart says:

Your pregnant belly is so beautiful! I’m 15 weeks today& starting my 16th
week! I wish I were skinny so you could see my belly!

Ash Kirkland says:

you are beautiful girl!!!!!

Lysha0925 says:

Your videos are very informative Erika! You’re doing great! :)

evacontreras73 says:

Cute belly

RikordingMyLife says:

Awww thanks so much. Im so glad my vids can help you. Congrats on your
pregnancy and thanks for watching :)


Hiiiii Erica, yr reallyy pretty…..lov ur vids n im glad i subscribed to
ur channel……ur hair looks amazing, n can i say ur so glowing….. i’m
15 weeks 6 days so its great to be following u, kinda help me to kno wat to

99KuTpie says:

Awww,your belly bump is kayute! I’m almost 16 weeks and my belly still
isn’t hard yet

RikordingMyLife says:

Thank you :)

XxEnviedxX says:

your welcome & thank you

Kat Garcia says:

Is this your first baby? Did you pay for the ultrasound to know the gender?
LOL captain crunch.. It’s been years since I’ve had that cereal :DD

XxEnviedxX says:

also if your interested in another alternative..I have been using bio oil &
St Ives Skin Renewing with Collagen Elastin Lotion & I have no strecth

XxEnviedxX says:

Hey congrats on your pregnancy, i am almost 5 1/2 months I’m due December
6th.. I felt movement at 16 weeks too & this is my first child..I wasn’t
able to find out the sex of my baby until i was 18 weeks pregnant its a
girl ;)..as far as constipation ask your doctor about activia yogurt..it
helps regulate your digestive system & try nestle quick cocoa..had me
running to the bathroom lol

Devette Thigpen says:

you so lucky you don’t have morning sickness. I’m 16 weeks and 2 days and I
have been sick almost everyday all day. Today is a bad day. But you look so
cute and happy

RikordingMyLife says:

Aww thanks! And don’t worry, your belly will just come out of nowhere
overnight :)

RikordingMyLife says:

Thanks so much for your advice. I think activia yogurt would be good option
because I read that yogurt is good for the baby. And yayy congrats your
pregnancy :))

FleurDeLisCutie says:

congrats! i’m 16 weeks and i think i want to start vlogging my pregnancy

RikordingMyLife says:

Yes this is my first bundle of joy! And yes, we paid for the ultrasound
because we just couldn’t wait lol. T

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