16 weeks Pregnant + Baby Belly ❤

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David and I are having a BABY GIRL!! We are sooooooo excited!!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
– 1 Samuel 1:27
♡Our Pregnancy Announcement Baby#3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FctggaCV7to&feature=share&list=UUZTEFsaXwVWHwKUy1uiSfRg
♡Gender Reveal Party Baby#3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6MqhzHdIZg&list=UUZTEFsaXwVWHwKUy1uiSfRg&index=52

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Blessed with Five says:

Were keeping it a surprise! :)

Meredith MRR says:

What r u naming her

Blessed with Five says:

Yeah the acid reflex really sucks Ill have to talk to my doc about it :))
Ohh good idea!! Thank you! I am def going to try that 😀

Blessed with Five says:

Awww Merry Christmas to you ! Thank you that was the longest drive ever haha but we made it, it's going by way to fast I know when she gets here it's gonna go just as fast…makes me sad. Thank you for your sweet complement :-) I'm hoping the acid reflex ends soon :))

Blessed with Five says:

Thanks love :))

Blessed with Five says:

Thank you :))

Diana McPherson says:

Merry Christmas! Yay! Looks so beautiful there!! Glad you guys made it safely!! 16 weeks have gone by so quick! Almost half way there! And you for sure are glowing! You always look so pretty :) I didn't have reflux with my son but I had horrible acid reflux and heartburn with my daughter.. Tums were my best friend!! Good luck and praying it doesn't last for the rest of the pregnancy!!

TheStyleAlert says:

cutie belly!

Mary Pilla says:

omg when i was pregnant with my first daughter i had suuuch bad acid reflex that i told my doctor it felt like i was being strangled! lol it literally did though and i thought it was something really serious! haha so crazy! Hey tiff have u ever tried leaning forward when your peeing, it helps empty the whole bladder out and you will have to go a little less often! i hope this helps :)

makeupbyme25 says:

Your belly is so cute!

Blessed with Five says:

Aww thank you pretty lady!! Merry Christmas love!! <33

Blessed with Five says:

Thank you! Merry Christmas! !

Blessed with Five says:

Thank you :) I will def talk to my doctor about it. Thank you :) and Merry Christmas to you <3

TeaandTimW707 says:

Very beautiful location! Ask your doc about Zantac 75 it saved my life with acid reflux during my pregnancy. You look great. Merry Christmas

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