16 Best Tips for Healthy Pregnancy You Must Know

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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience like no other. Here are the tips how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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Ali Graboski is a pregnancy and baby care expert. She loves to share her knowledge about how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. According to Ali, during pregnancy you should avoid sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy foods, stressful situations, and taking illegal drugs.

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Hi Mommy-to-be;

I’m Ali Graboski and in this video, I’m going to provide useful tips for healthy and happy pregnancy. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience like no other and with tips from this video, it can become even better.

Here’s how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy:
Eat well-balanced diet packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
Take a supplement
Exercise regularly; you can swim, walk, practice yoga or pilates etc.
Do pelvic floor exercises
Stay away from alcohol
Limit caffeine intake
Quit smoking
Get some rest
Get enough sleep
Don’t forget about your oral health
Educate yourself about various aspects of pregnancy
Avoid chemicals that could harm your baby
Start a pregnancy journal or even a blog
Stay hydrated throughout the day
Learn how to differentiate real from false contractions
Take a childbirth class.

During pregnancy you should avoid sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy foods, stressful situations, and taking illegal drugs as well as medications without consulting your healthcare provider.

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