15 Weeks Pregnant – BABY MOVEMENT, Belly Shot and a YouTube Meetup

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I am 15 weeks pregnant now, and just felt the baby move from the outside of my belly! And the baby moved long enough for Tim to feel the baby too! We also went to Philadelphia for the weekend for a YouTube meetup getting to meet some other fun youtubers.


Tammy Flores says:

You look awesome for 15 weeks!

Tom Cote says:

had a fun time…….so nice to meet you Dana !

HeyThatsHolly says:

Aw I just love your baby bump! Yay for the movements! It is great that Tim
was able to feel it as well :)

beckchasewolfe says:

YAY :)

The Geocaching Vlogger says:

I like you new backdrop. So funny that everyone was passing their camera.

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