15 WEEK BUMPDATE & BELLY SHOT – Pregnant After Stillbirth – The Bumps Along the Way

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In this bumpdate I talk about the GENDER!!! and some other important stuff too! :)

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Fayth Maree says:

Haha ‘ agh crap, I forgot the orange ‘ haha I love your vlogs haha

genjer610 says:

Love watching your videos! I cant wait until the big reveal :) we must be
the lucky ones because my metabolism is crazy fast during pregnancy also, i
lost about 20 lbs both of my pregnancies and had healthy babies. So happy
for you guys!

Danielle Elizabeth says:

i am 17 weeks and i am always hungry, it is doing my head in i am the same
every hour i have to eat, my husband would crack my back with his hands he
would push on it, as long as your stomach is getting bigger in inches that
is what i would worry about, my stomach is 41 inches but i started out at
65 kilo’s which is about 145 pounds so a bit heavier than you and i have
only put on 3 kilos which is about 7 pounds

Missy Garcia says:

Where would you go to do a gender reveal? I am 11 weeks and haven’t had a
US yet because of insurance reasons… They will only pay for our 20 week
and a late pregnancy ultrasound… What would your suggestions be?

Erin Bates says:

I can tell that the baby is more on one side of your belly than the other.

Belle O says:

Lol I was so wrong! Congratulations! I got pregnant with PCOS and have a 6
years old boy and he is so cute and lovely, boys are from Mommys 😉 I’m
praying for you and your baby boy!! I have a vlog but is in spanish! :( God
bless both of you!

Coetta Holmes says:

Ahh I can’t wait!! And just to make you feel better about weight I didnt
gain anything in my first pregnancy until 20 something weeks and by the end
gained 25lbs. You’ll gain eventually 😉

HarveyHeartsFull says:

Your belly has certainly popped a bit! :)

Betty Robbins says:

Omg!! Misty!!! I can’t wait for the big reveal:)

Amber Archambault says:

Still say boy! I’ll be waiting til Sunday

minakom1224 says:

You’re barely gaining any weight from week to week.. I gain so much during
my pregnancy.

Rhema Saleh says:

!! could you email me one also?! i love it!!!

bambinodreams says:

I know I love the intro too! Very similar to tweedletee very creative!

lizzy32984 says:

I am 4 weeks behind you and have not gained weight either. It is normal.
This is my third and I really did not gain weight until around 20
weeks…and then it REALLY came on.

Missy Lanning says:

My bump log is now in the description box for my 16 week bumpdate. 😉 Just
click the link and you can access and print it. :)

Missy Lanning says:

Yay! Congrats on your pregnancy! And thank you! :)

bambinodreams says:

I feel like your not sure it’s a boy because they would want to make sure
your not seeing just the cord! But my guess was girl!

kikitosen10 says:

Ohmigosh, you and your bump are so adorable!! Lolz :)

Missy Lanning says:

Hmm..I’m surprised that you don’t have an early gender ultrasound place in
Michigan. They are VERY common here. Have you googled “Gender Ultrasounds”
in your area? They cost about $50 for a session and they usually allow you
to bring as many people as you want.

emma davis says:

I only gained 4lbs my whole pregnancy on my second child my 1st I put on
about 3 stones lol

Samatha Lee says:

Omg technical difficulties. Cute. Can’t wait to find out my own on Saturday
I’m only a few days ahead of you due 8/12/13 :)

heidikimTV says:

No don’t make me wait till Sunday! I think this Sunday is going to be
pretty busy for me… :) Hopefully!

Christopher Johnson says:

Hey Missy I have been following your vlogs from the very beginning and you
have been such an inspiration to me, my husband and I have been trying for
a year and seeing how far you and Bryan have come just gives me hope for my
husband and I. If you can email your pregnancy log sheet too I would be
really grateful

Belle O says:

I think that its a GIRL, You said in other video that you was surprised
(your other 2 pregnancies was boys) so i think It’s a Girl. Aaannd in all
the videos bryan always film more girl stuff than boy things so I’m 99.99%
sure lol! Hugs and kisses from Puerto Rico!

Denaderoode says:

Flying seegulls in the sky and a lot of warmth in your hearts…

MsMissyPixie says:

Hmmm…I say GIRL! Can’t wait to find out for sure!

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