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Hey guys! Today’s video is a little different. Today I wanted to share my 15 & pregnant story. I’ll talk about how I found out I was pregnant, hiding my pregnancy, and just being a teen mom. I hope you like this 15 & pregnant story. I have more story time videos to share, so please don’t forget to subscribe! Let me know what you think of this 15 & pregnant/teen mom story time in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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laineymariebeauty says:

Thank you for watching! Here's my other 15 & pregnant Q&A video that I just uploaded. In this video I will be addressing some common questions that were asked in my 15 & pregnant story time video: https://youtu.be/DVsmO9l9VEw

Elcentry Benjamin says:

All the comments I see are about people telling her how brave she is.

There's nothing brave about opening your legs when you should be opening your books

MJ Zaragoza says:

My Daughter is currently pregnant just wondering who helped you take care of your baby when you going to school?

Cristal Gomez says:

Thank God for babies

Cristal Gomez says:

I was 18 and pregnant with my first then with my second child i was 20 something when I had him the first person i told was my Dad when I was pregnant with my second child with my first child I dont know who I told but then they got excited my Dad got excited with both but mostly with my son know I have two kids and Im still with their Dad had been married for ten years know :) .

xstar07x says:

Thank you for everything you said at the end of the video I needed to hear that.

duckiedarling says:

why did you not use condoms or get an abortion

Murdermagictricks says:


Murdermagictricks says:

You: "my body won't grow a baby, I'm 15."
Body: Bitch, you thought!

LaToya Banks says:

Can't subscribe ugh why.

《PattiRose》 says:

Your son was born exactly a year after my nephew! Idk just that was cool

Joanne Holt says:

I had my first son Phoenix at 15 and I wouldn’t change it for the world he is the sweetest little boy ever and I love him so much ❤️

Доротея Су says:

I am from Russia and i dont even know how i was happened to be here but you video is awesome. I feel you are very strong and kind and thank you for sharing such an experience.

Sophia is dank says:

The woman who want children usually don't get children, woman who don't want children usually always have children.

Amy McRae says:

I’ve always thought it’s awful the stigma society places on pregnant teenagers. So unhelpful. I’m sorry you ended up feeling like you had to hide it.

Mommy And baby R says:

Im a teen mom too. My dad wouldnt talk to me almost my whole pregnancy and that really hurt me because i was a daddy's girl. I had a difficult time enjoying my pregnancy.

Kath. P says:

Hoping it would go away? How old were you, five? Wth with her parents all they had to teach her was don’t date seniors they want to deflower you seriously,? In 2006? Lol

Anonymous X Y Z says:

Why wud u wanna have sex at such a young age when u don't wanna be pregnant?

Psychedelic Elephant says:

You have such a calming voice. Thank you for sharing your experience

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