15 & Pregnant How I Found Out – The Pregnancy Vlogs

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My name is Karen. I’m 15 and pregnant. This is my YouTube channel where I will be documenting everything I go through during and after my pregnancy. If you’d like to follow me along on this tough, but exciting road, hit the subscribe button and never miss a video.


ThatOneNeighbor Draws says:

Hehe, It pains me that I'm technically not old enough to have kids (I'm 14). I wanna have one by my early 20's. Being a parent looks so rewarding!

faheema summad says:

good luck angel … and too all u critisising bitches out there .. grow up !!! a baby is a gift from god and everything god does he does ot for a reason !! not only will this baby bring jpy but it will amke her stronger … you totaly did the right thing ..

lillian marie says:

God anytime I hear abortion I get SUPER upset

Life With Courtney says:

just came across this video, and these comments are ridiculous!!

Tanisha Bucklaschuk says:

You are beautiful. I hope you the nest during your pregnancy and im glad that your brother said he would help you

Elbucanero91 says:

You are a ghetto bitch

abok Akin says:

i am shocked and disappointed reading the comments below. i dont know maybe this was a mistake or planned but whatever it is, this attack is extremely diguisting. maybe by many of you she didn't make the right choice keeping the baby. but a child is a gift from God and i am so happy she kept the baby. you guys obviously dont know her journey or story so lets not be so quick to judge and condemn people and lets show love. 
congrats love hope your enjoying your journey of motherhood.

HappyPotato says:

It's so funny cuz I know so many women who have been trying to get pregnant for years,and all these teens are getting pregnant so easy.I'm just wondering,did you even use a condom?

Audra Nicole says:

oh yeah no my mom tells me if I ever get pregnant I need to keep it

Jasmine Bieber says:

Your mom was okay with you having sex at 15?..

ForeverThinking says:

Then don't have sex -.-
But I guess that's too hard for you

Dumb Americans

Zaviah W says:

Don't listen to the hate I'm happy for you I'm glad you stayed strong <3

Elizabeth Medrano says:

Please leave +karen garcia alone. She does not give one flying fuck about what you say. All she doing is telling her life so other teenage girls see this and won't go through this experience because it is not easy for every girl. 

Annie Salter says:

I  am actua;;y going to post a video response in two days and I hope u can understand me more then.

MsVamPireChic says:

She used to be a smoker? Wow. That's ridiculous.

emery c says:

Did u have unprotected sex? 

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