13 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2 + Belly Shot

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Please join us on our journey to becoming a family of four!! We had our son June 30, 2012, and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby #2 in January, 2014!

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12 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2:

14 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2:


Just4me says:

4Th baby feeling flutters since 9 weeks funny because my last daughter the
doc swore i couldn’t feel anything yet until she put the doppler there and
my baby girl was indeed still moving were i told her lol 

24littlemari says:

This is my 3rd and I felt flutters at 2 months

danmart101207 says:

You look just beautiful!!!

BBmakes3 says:

seriously! I think so too 😀

Mrs Coupe says:

My first pregnancy I felt my son move around 17 wks and now this time
around with my second pregnancy, Im now 18 weeks and still not a lot going
on just distant flutters lol talk about opposite prego movements wont know
what I’ll be having till July 16 😉 Thank you for sharing you look great :)

BBmakes3 says:

thanks so much!

Amber Kamaile says:

Yes you can feel your baby as early as you do. They say when its your
second child you already know what the baby feels like so you can feel them
move earlier than your first child. I asked my doctor and she said that you
can feel your baby as early as three months. Congrats.

Rebecca Riley says:

Ya we went back and forth on it a lot. We only have 3 bedrooms and our
third is used for our office space, so we have gone between wanting to lose
that extra space for ourselves to keeping it. Our daughter didn’t sleep
well in our room, and at about a month old we put her in her room, and she
started sleeping through the night. Not that this baby will be the same,
but who knows?

Malik Miller says:

How are you feeling

BBmakes3 says:

Thank you! congratulations to you as well! 😀

Rebecca Riley says:

Are you still going to put both kids in one room whether or not they are
boy/girl or boy/boy? We debated it but I didn’t want to mess up our
daughters sleep schedule with a new baby in the room.

Rebecca Riley says:

I have felt the flutters on occasion too.. I am just a week ahead of you so
just past 14 weeks.. but I am like you, I wonder was that it… or am I
imagining things… Our anatomy scan is Aug 19th so yours should be
somewhere close to that… I can’t wait!

BBmakes3 says:

Awesome! Like you said, it is very random and hardly often, so hopefully it
is baby!

BBmakes3 says:

Yes, we plan on putting both kids in the same room regardless of their
gender while they are still young. I keep going back and forth simply
because I don’t want to interrupt Jace’s sleeping either–but I figure the
new baby will stay in our room for a while. Just had a check up
today–should have our anatomy scan sometime in the middle of August!

ErinandBaby says:

Wow, second trimester already?! Yay!

Aussie Metal Mum says:

those flutters ARE the baby, I felt my first daughter at 16 weeks and im 25
weeks pregnant with number 2 and I felt the first butterfly flutters at 11
weeks so you feeling your baby flutter around 😀

BBmakes3 says:

I know, you’ll be there soon!

cassandre cazeau says:

U are glowing

BBmakes3 says:

Wow that does sound opposite 😉 Thank you!

Zimmerman Family Vlogs says:

First trimester just flew by! I’m thinking you’re pregnant with a girl :)

lovehopefaith89 says:

I just subscribed :) congrats on your pregnancy!

BBmakes3 says:

aw, yay!

Kasie Skidmore says:

Im 14 weeks today and i feel that baby atleast once a day now. I first felt
it at 12 weeks and this is my second. Its so exciting:)

Sara Rodriguez says:

2nd baby i felt at 16weeks, 3rd baby felt at about 14 weeks, and 4th baby
felt at 13 weeks and it felt like there was butterfly’s in my tummy but it
wasn’t a lot just once here and there and the got stronger each week. You
are probably feeling baby move

Nicole Price says:

I am pregnant too with my second and I am due Jan 15th….I think you are
feeling the baby because I get the SAME feeling and I got it around 11
weeks as well, but when I asked my doctor she told me it was way to early.
Congrats by the way!

syndeybeck95 says:

Yes you are feeling the baby! With each of my pregnancies I felt them
earlier and earlier, by my third I think I felt her around 10 weeks. People
will tell you are crazy, but it is baby flutters!!! How exciting!

BBmakes3 says:

100mg each night!

BBmakes3 says:

happy to know you felt your baby so soon! It makes me excited to know that
IS what I’m feeling! 😀

BBmakes3 says:

Glad to see other women have felt their babies move so soon!

stayathomemommy100 says:

I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and I started feeling the baby move at
12 weeks . You start feeling baby move sooner after your first pregnancy so
I’m sure you are feeling yours.

Donnaie Williams says:

Congrad I’m 12 weeks today I’ll be watching you :-)

Kiwi Le says:

Hi how much mg of b6 do u take ?

Nina Brown says:

It is very possible to feel your second baby this soon. With my second baby
I felt her at 14 weeks and with my third I felt her at almost 13 weeks. It
was a fluttery/popping feeling. Can’t wait to find out the gender and the
names y’all picked out too. :)

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