13 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)

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I had to make the video into two parts so here is the belly! Check out part 1 and here’s the link to the heartbeat video:

Guess my baby’s gender, length, weight, birth date and time! Click the link below and in the left hand corner enter GabeandJess just like that. Then click “Enter a guess” on the right and guess away! Have fun guessing!

Go to http://expectnet.com/game.php

I was 7 lb 15 ounces and 20 1/2″ long.
Gabe was 8 lb 15 ounces and 22″ long.


Andri Lim says:


Aen Na says:

It’s crazy how your belly is growing from a week to the next week :D

Andri Lim says:

I love your sweater

Candice Pimentel says:

You should start writing down what you were each week. haha.

Monkey Tamer says:

When was lilia born!?????

GabeandJesss says:

Haha, thanks! I would love to wait to find out, but I just can’t do it! lol
So we have an appointment to find out what were having on January 16 =)

GabeandJesss says:

That’s so awesome! How creative!

ison91 says:

@GabeandJesss Sometimes not even at that far along. Some babies are really
lazy I started to feel mine a lot at about 20 weeks

Alex Balmer says:

@DatChick0018 The baby moves but you’re not supposed to feel it.

GabeandJesss says:

Aww, thanks! =)

mi2092 says:

i’m 12 weeks and 3 days. but i have no belly :s

Cristy Bastardo says:

congratzzz pretty belly……..am 13 weeks today yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
getting closer……..had my ultrasound 3days ago n the doc said wow what a
happy baby…. cus he was jumping like he was in a bounce house
jijijijijijij,,,,,,,,,,,i wish i could feel it already :(

Marine Van Der Merwe says:

ooh when is the dew date ???????

gabrielrian4crystal says:

thats i felt. when i was around 25 weeks i was real tiny. but had a belly
though, and it felt like a six back but i didnt have one. and plus my belly
had a prego shape lol. but i said the same thing. six pack

H3XZOc says:

why pregnants so early?

bctyscr3 says:

whos the dad…….. are u single .. your hott lol

Naturallymee says:

What kind of maternity pants are those? They look really nice!

hayhaysteph says:

thanks for answering my question at 11 wks! You’ve told us your parents’
reactions, but what was Gabe’s reaction? And was he the first to know that
you are pregnant?

MsPacheco2882 says:

How old r u

warrenthecool says:

How is she still hot work out or what????

Lostadventures says:

you are such a nasty perve what is with people these days.. i never thought
the world would end in 2012 but from the way sick fucks like you are no one
would no!!!!!!

MooneySuzuki3654 says:

How old are you?

tasha sayer says:

I’m pregnant & find these really helpful actually… I’m also starting to
wear maternity wear as i have no other choice as its not just your bump
that grows its your hips & boobs etc. Leave these videos to the mummy’s and
go watch whatever else you want on youtube..its not like you’re limited to
watching jess…

buuqa jooji says:

Don’t hate cuz u can’t have a baby!!

Kimberly Cortes says:

Omg my belly pops out more during the night also, nd it’s jst all weird to
me bcuz it’s my first baby…I’m 18

GabeandJesss says:

@paolajm12 June 18th =) It’s getting close!

Vikram Sahu says:

how did i get here?

DaysOfWineAndRosesx says:

@chrisklein21 To inspire other mothers. Don’t like it? Fuck off.

GabeandJesss says:

That’s a good question! I’ll answer it in my next video =)

mj b says:

how old are you?

Samantha Thomas says:

damn preggo is skinnier than me and I’m not pregnant…fack

Anastasua B says:

wow why is ur belly so big at 13 weeks?

GabeandJesss says:

@BattYaNgeL333 Thanks! I’ll be 18 in March =)

Anastasua B says:

hey, wow ur belly is so big for 13 weeks, thats crazy:) congrats i got
pregnant at 19, and i found out that i was pregnant at 13 weeks,crazy huh:))

anniefull says:

Yah i gotta question how old r u

beyeh says:

@GabeandJesss hello. thanks for sharing ur pregnancy journey.. I am also a
13 weeks pregnant now but still my belly doesn`t seen pregnant T_T and I
measure my belly for about 29inches only.. I hope I can see my belly
getting bigger just like others.

GabeandJesss says:

Yeah it’s definitely a good way to look back at your pre-pregnancy body and
how it changed, lol!

niyla smith says:

How old r u ;o?

banana7871 says:

I love that you measure your belly every week! i measured my sister’s belly
in both of her pregnancies, and put the papers with the measurements in the
baby’s ‘special box’

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