12 weeks pregnant vlog & belly

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This video was recorded on Friday, January 20th, 2012. Sorry it’s just now being uploaded, but I was busy this weekend. Thanks for watching!


misspai66 says:

I look forward to your vlogs every week! I am a few weeks behind you but am
excited to have your videos to watch during my pregnancy! I’m also trying
to make videos but we’ll see how that goes. haha. Anyhow congrats on 3
months! Can’t wait til I am there! One problem I’m having is doc said I’m
6weeks 4days today, due Sept 12 but all the tickers are saying Sept 12
would make me 6w5d and I did see a few that said 6w6d

Raising The Barrs says:

@happy9876543211 Aww thank you so much!! You’re too sweet! You are right, I
am VERY happy and blessed :)

MrsBickley says:

It’s a girl! Now that you got a bump I can say it’s high and that usually
means girl!!! Hahah… I know they are old wives tales but they are usually
right so that’s how I always guess what my friends are having and out of 10
pregnancies I have only been wrong once. Lol

Raising a Riley says:

I just came across your vlogs, and you are so adorable! I am 11 weeks, due
August 20th, so it’ll be super fun to watch your videos, too, and compare
your experiences/symptoms with mine. Oh, I have super weird dreams, too :)

jenniferstewart100 says:

Love your eye make-up! What products did you use? I have been having very
vivid dreams also. The other night I dreamt that I made a mushroom soup
with beef stock and the huge portabella mushrooms! yum, I was ready for
mushroom soup when I woke up lol!

BrittnBrielle says:

ahhh you just made me want to go to Logans! A new one was built real close
to our house. And those onion petals… i have to get them every
time…EVERY! :) you look great too! keep the hair. its you.

Christina Zimmerman says:

So excited for you. I am currently in week 31. But I would love to chat
with you…

Raising The Barrs says:

@xxxTTCbaby2xxx BAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG! Best comment I have ever received!!!
“She was a giant squirrel and jumped out the window” LOL! I started dying
laughing! And giant spiders?! I am so glad I am not the only one having
freaky dreams! Thanks so much for your comment. It seriously made my WEEK!

xxxTTCbaby2xxx says:

ha, speaking of dreams, with my daughter, I dreamt she was a squirrel, and
I gave birth to her and she jumped out the window, and with my son, I had
dreams that giant spiders were taking over the world :-O lol :)

Megan Monroe says:

One more thing to add. For the nausea suck on Vitamin C drops. I got mine
at WalMart. They were one of the only things that worked for me, and they
taste really good! They are in a white bag with some green on it. They are
by the cough drops.

babygirlgreene says:

i think you r having a girl :)

IsabellaBeautiful says:

@Angelalalynn same here! But, I’m only 16 years old so… LOL. No gender
parties for me anytime soon! xD!

faylew1012 says:

I had a girl my first pregnancy so I was shocked when I found out this one
is a boy! I was like “how’d that get in there!” lol. I’m so excited for
y’all! I think this is a girl for you! I was sooo much sicker with my girl
than I am with this lil guy! Looking great as always! I’m jealous lol.

EllaPaigesMommy2011 says:

When I was pregnant with my daughter I would always dream I was having a
girl. Everyone would say I was having a boy and I would correct them and
tell them I was having a girl. This was all before I even found out that I
was having a girl.

MzGracieJay says:

i think its a baby girl :]

Amanda Bates says:

How many children do you plan on having?

Rebecca Mitra says:

I’m eight weeks pregnant and I am having so many dreams that I am having a
boy! Lots of weird vivid dreams.

Angela In Mamaland says:

@armeadors This is ADORABLE :D! How exciting!

Brittani Priest says:

I wonder if your dreams that it is a boy because you had Gavin and he has
always been in blue and you saw boy ultrasounds before. Maybe its because
the only thing you know.. idk just guessing

kikillov3 says:

jaj my son was crazy with my sis preg belly he would kiss it then after she
gave birth he totally forgot abot my sis he looked at her belly weard jaja
but he knew there was a baby he would get so exited those are best memories
thats a good way to teach them about babys aww he would say nena which is
girl in spanish then learned her name soo fast !! happy 3 months !!

brieannaleigh says:

Old Wives Tale #32: Dream of Sex of Baby If you have dreams that you are
having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it
will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having

lynn blomgren says:

I am 21 weeks pregnant with our third baby. A girl after 2 boys! all your
symptoms are so right on with mine, seriously nauses and sick, out of
breath, craving water!

lettingitgo11 says:

I love watching your vid. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first
baby and watching your videos really helps me alot. I watch all your
pregnancy vlogs with gavin and plan to do the same here. Thank you for
doing them!!!!!

aquarianotes says:

OMG, that’s hilarious. I’ve watched your videos forever and you startled me
when you mentioned Logan’s cuz I’ve worked there for 3 years. :) The
official name is ‘Rockin’ Onion Petals.’ :)

Shawn13925 says:

I love ur blogs! U are such a sweet girl and ur also very pretty! I wish I
was pregnant again so I could watch ur blogs as my belly grew too! But I
just had my little man 2 weeks ago. Keep up the videos! Love em!

Joanie S says:

I took vitamin b12 it helped a lot for being sick.A lady I worked with told
me about it ,she had six kids so she did know what she was saying . I was
sick for a long time with my last two kids I had a hard time going to work
because I was so sick. It took a few days and it was gone. your looking
really good

TakingChances says:

When I was pregnant with my son Gabriel I dreamed I was having a girl with
lots of dark brown hair, I ended up having a boy with blonde hair :)

TheRickeyFamily11 says:

i also had tons of dreams of my 1st being a boy and i was right and i so
badly wanted my 2nd to be a girl so i think is made myself feel it was a
girl the 2nd time around but then i started the boy dreams later on after i
found out it was a boy so im not sure both pregnancys were both different
symptoms and everything so u truly never no lol

Deborah Shopperholic says:

You are so having a girl please please do a what’s in my diaper bag vlog xxx

ShaundraLikeWhoa says:

First comment! 😀

creamsodaistasty says:

totally wish i could be like you with the whole vomiting deal! i’m too
fearful to do it at all! are you taking any remedies?

MakeupAddict102 says:

u and ur family are so friggin cute lol and I am addicted to Gavin’s face
when he just wakes up lol…its almost like he smells something sour lmao

Mrs Coupe says:

It will be so much fun if you do a CABBAGE GENDER TEST 😉 ! ! ! Its so much
fun 😉 lol

ReillyAJ says:

happy 3 months!

merdieherdie says:

Are you going to be filming the gender party?

Raising The Barrs says:

@ShaundraLikeWhoa YAY! :)

august121984 says:

ok cool thanks, i am 10 weeks tomorrow and have gained about 7, that makes
me feel better!! felt like i was gaining too much to soon, thanks for the

gothickchik13 says:

I love watching your vlogs!! :)

Clinicalpsych says:

Have you try ginger sweets or plain ginger…it really helps with nausea…

Ashley31490 says:

Happy 3 Months! I was just thinking about how fast time goes by, i watched
every video of your pregnancy with Gavin, and it helped me out with my
pregnancy with my daughter Nayeli, shes now 9 months old! and now Gavins
already gotten so big, and your blessed with a seconde wonderful child! =)
SO excited for you two! Lots of love.

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

Haha Thanks for making me hungry! I LOVE Logan’s Roadhouse, I always get
the 6oz filet with a loaded baked potato and side salad!

zachsgrl04 says:

We are 3 months now, isn’t it exciting!! I also do pregnancy vlogs and I
update every Thurs. :)

Raising The Barrs says:

@gravelandx88 Why did you click on the video then?

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