12 weeks Pregnant 3 months along after having a tummy tuck 2 years prior

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gained a few pounds since the last video but my baby is the size of a Lime, uterus is growing. Using Mustela Cream everyday to make tummy more elastic and stretchy. Expensive cream but worth it.


andypimp00 says:

show ur boobs

andypimp00 says:

show ur boobs

wrknmum says:

I’m 11weeks now post TT…. I’m worried how bad the pain is going to be
from stretching…. And where might i find this cream? Thanks!

joysdabomb says:

@wrknmum I didn’t have any pain from stretching. You can get good stretch
mark creams either online on ebay and some are sold at Babies R Us. Good
Luck on your Pregnancy : )

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