12 Foods That Are Believed To Improve Your Unborn Baby’s Skin Color

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There is no better way of getting a healthy and radiant skin than having a well balanced diet that includes variety of green vegetables, fruits, and adequate fluids.

According to experts, what you eat does not determine whether you will get a fair baby or not. The complexion of the fetus which is growing inside your womb will be a mixture of the father and the mother. However, since Indians follow a lot of myths, there are a handful of foods that you can consume during pregnancy to get a fair child

Research on the best foods that a pregnant woman can take for her baby’s skin is limited. However, in general, some foods have drawn particular attention for helping to enhance the skin tone. These include:

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mala vannathashan says:

i love n salute u ms claire.. really hate that puresurge!! ur not suppose to be a human being…animal are better than u..

Christy Ebe says:

Nice reply from you Claire H…… thumbs up

Isosceles Kramer (groovylocks) says:

Uh no. The melanin in your skin is genetic.

That being said, these are great foods to eat.

Claire H says:

Why would any Indian woman want to have a fair baby anyway? I'm a single white woman who has chosen an Indian sperm donor because I want my baby to inherit Indian features & skin tone. The darker the better. Indian skin tone is beautiful. Why would anyone want to whiten it?

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