11 Ways on How to Lose Your Postpartum Belly

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In this video I show you 11 ways on how to lose your postpartum belly. I hope to help all of you out there struggling and upset….I’ve been there too. I wanted to create this video to help you get rid of your postpartum belly.

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Joy Fontanilla says:

Hi kitten at the back

Joy Fontanilla says:

Hi kitten at the back

RWS12234 says:

I’m having baby #3. I never took time for myself after each child. This time I’m determined to be good to myself for once (as well as baby). Self care is so important!

Arrianna Oliver says:

I feel bad. Mine is almost gone after just 16 days and only occasionally doing some exercise.

Line and stretch marks are all the tells my body has. Everyone else is working so hard for something that just happened to me. I am happy to almost be the same as before. I just don’t like making others feel the things they do.

Padma Devan says:

Thank you very much . Was a very useful video

sabatham says:

I am actually losing my belly and weight easier this time then last because I am napping and I didn't with my last baby. Thanks for these tips

Rozalyn Mitchell says:

Im so happy you made this video. I also gained 54 lbs and all the things you said about looking in the mirror and seeing yourself and feeling disgusted and say “eww” has been me. I never even thought I might have Diastasis Recti but I think it’s something I may have. Thank you so much for this video

N T says:

Hi thanks for the video I had baby 5months ago and had c sections still have hugging belly but I lost all weight I had gained will it be okay to use Balt

Clow Exconde says:

should i follow these steps even though it's been 5 yrs since i gave birth???thanks

Geetha B says:

Hi mam.
M a New subscriber.
9 months Postpartum I had c section can I do this???
Pls reply me.

ShenMunk says:

Not that helpfuLl..

Alpha Tracy says:

Honestly cat took my attention

Eli J says:

Hi when would you recommend to wear shapewear after giving birth? Great video btw

Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr says:

You explain these tips so well! Losing the post baby belly is so tricky and can be frustrating! These tips are easy to implement for a new mom. Thank you!

Presantha Pillay says:

This is an amazing video….thank you so much!

Rohini Shastry says:

For how long did you wear the belly wrap?

Nyckole Nazzy says:

Hi, its one month and half that i gave birth to my baby, and just now i got some belly band but my belly is kinda dropped down, do i still ha e chances to get better???

Caselyn Joy Aberos says:

Hi, are all the steps still going to work for me even if it's already 7 weeks after I gave birth? I really wanna lose this postpastrum belly T.T

Keke Kimbrough says:

Wouldnt scrubbing increase stretch marks? I have no Idea if it's true I was told not to scratch.

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