11 Signs You’re Finally Ready to Have a Kid

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Are you ready to become parents? Having a baby is a huge and important step for every couple. When we see our friends’ adorable kids or play with our nephews and nieces, it may seem like having a baby is all fun and games. However, there’s another side to the parent’s life that no one sees. Are you sure that you’re ready to overcome all the difficulties of it?
We believe that you can’t predict everything, but there are a couple of signals that may show whether you’re ready to take such a life-changing role or not.

Having a baby is a mutual decision 0:48
A baby will not solve family problems 1:23
It’s a baby, not a perfect role model 1:59
Be realistic about your abilities 2:23
Don’t change your life to someone’s standards 2:54
Correctly evaluate possible future troubles 3:23
Babies come with a wide range of emotions 3:48
“Pregnancy” and “a nightmare” are not synonyms 4:14
Pay close attention to financial planning 4:46
You are ready to grow as a parent 5:17
The decision to become parents is thoughtful and not imposed 5:49

– Make sure your partner is ready and fully understands all the responsibilities that come with being a parent. The two of you need to be on the same page on all baby and parenthood related questions.
– You have to realize that having a baby is not just some magical answer for all your relationship problems – it’s your job to work out your differences. Your child is not a peacemaker, but he or she surely deserves to be born into a happy family.
– A lot of parents make a mistake of pushing their kids into something they have no passion for or blaming them for something they can’t help. You have to love and accept your baby, whatever he or she is.
– Just take off your rose-colored glasses, put up with your little imperfections, and be ready to work on errors. Taking care of your baby will take a lot of time, you will make mistakes like everybody else, but it will all worth it!
– No one can tell you when your perfect moment comes. You’ll feel it yourself. It’s you, who live your life and no one else. So don’t rush to become a parent – just wait for a time when you’ll feel excited to enter this chapter of your life.
– Don’t forget that having a baby is hard work – you’ll have a lot of sleepless nights, especially in the early stages. So you’d better be ready and prepare.
– All babies are pros in creating a balance between sweetness and raw emotions. When happy parents become too sweet, it’s time to spice up the moment. So the next thing you know a beautiful angel is exploring the world with the delicacy of the Hulk.
– Talk to your friends, who already have babies, search the Internet and figure out what can make your pregnancy easier and more comfortable. It’s not as hard as it may seem, especially when you’re ready and prepared.
– Try to write a list of things that you’ll need to spend your money on when you’ll become a parent. Then take an unbiased look at your income and look for ways to increase it if it’s necessary.
– Your baby is a complex “mechanism.” The crying mode can be activated at any moment, and there’s no switch to turn it off immediately. You’ll have to act by yourself to cope with the situation.
– We’ve all heard the scary stories about getting old alone with no one to bring a glass of water or a pair of socks. Having a baby is only your decision. You have to think about your wishes and abilities and forget about what everyone else thinks.

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My Life says:

I am 30 and this video helped me a lot! Thanks. :) I don't have any kids yet, but am married. We are trying to figure out health problems, finances, and health insurance first before having a child.

My Life says:

Mature, healthy, and financially ready, at a good place within your marriage- good factors of when to have a baby

Adam Cabrera says:

I have a baby my doggo and my bunny

Pea Games says:

I am ready, but I am infertile.

David Bauer says:

The best part of my life was when I was a step dad. & now the girl I've always wanted may enter into my life & if she does getting her pregnant will be worth everything it'll take.Her & our children will always come first because they will be my greatest joy

Ilovesesshomaru sama says:

I have no kids but my husband wants kids. I feel like there's no benefit. They are costly and you give up your freedom. Plus we have communication problems. I just don't see the point of having kids. Part of me wouldn't mind if we only knew how to talk to each other about problems. And lastly I like my space. I need space and sleep. I dont know how I'm going to live without those two things. My nephew wakes up at six am for breakfast when his parents finally have a day off work. And when he was at my house he woke up at 9am quietly waited till 10am but I still wanted to sleep till 12. I got up fed him but he wouldn't let me go back to sleep. Mind you I only sleep in because I don't sleep at night very well. Either way by the end of the day I was just done. Didn't even have the energy to watch my TV shows. And let's not talk about putting him to bed. Omg it's a struggle. Sometime you just want a glass of wine or something and to relax for the night but no. God no you have to force him to sleep especially in a new place. It's a nightmare because I gotta wait at least 45 minutes to get him to bed. But the morning scare is something I'm not used to. He walked up before me and usually stands in my room next to my bed or the couch wherever I'm sleeping and just watches me of watches the TV. Problem is I open my eyes startled because there's someone next to my bed. Takes me a few moments to get comfortable and to calm my heart because its usually racing.

Skye Elsey says:

I was pregnant at 11. Dunno how. Probably drugged by my friend but yeah.

Nami Chobing says:

Does it really works naah…

hog rider 18 says:

19yrs old and still havnt had the talk and still single

Gemma Whatley says:

I've had a baby. You don't really learn until after you have one, no matter how many videos you watch or books you read.
It is hard work, SUPER HARD!
But, so rewarding. I've never loved anything so much in my life and I am happier now than what I was before.
I have more of a life now as well.
Definitely don't have a child if you're not ready; they should never be your biggest regret. But please don't believe your life will be over when you have one, because I assure you that's far from the truth.

Alexandra Hurtt says:

I want a child And I'm 10

Dib says:

That intro came and I was like, this a Steven Crowder video?

ShabzAyman Imran says:

we are ready only when we welcome challenges and not avoid it :)

Betty Chagas says:

I became pregnant very quickly in my marriage didn't have to figure out these little details

Live Love Laugh says:

Childfree by choice! Never had the clock ticking. Videos like this just confirm our choice. We love to travel, work out, dance, live abroad if we feel like it, etc. Children aren't for everyone and people who don't want them should stop feeling ashamed and start enjoying their lives!

Anabelle Talstein says:

I watched this almost 10 months ago!

Lion Chin says:


MorallyAwkward says:

I’m 9months old and don’t even have a gerbal, isn’t that interesting.

fatimah anwaar says:

I am 14 years old and i would just adopt children from rural areas or third world countries because if i had a baby of my own i would not be allowed to have my favorite drinks for 9 months or eat types of my favorite foods because i don't want to harm the developing fetus if i was pregnant my future husband would drive the car for me and i would just lay down in the back seat just to be safe

I. G. says:

This video did not address people who struggle to conceive…

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