10 Weeks Pregnant+belly

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MissIonic says:

so young and pretty back then <3

Heidy Zambrano says:

Me too i thought it was just me!! My boobs are good during the day still
hurt but they hurt way more when I sleep. I groan and moan while waking up
to pee like ten times a night 

clarisssajoyy says:

Hehe you said 10 days and one week…but I know what you mean lol.

Shanti Balasegaram says:

10 days and 1 week.. Are they same with 10 weeks?? please some one can tell
me i think am kind of blur..

Elenia Burson says:

Love your room

P says:

@crossmylilheart – birth control pills are 99.9% effective if taken
correctly (I have taken them for over a year now). So if you miss pills,
take them at random time frames, or stop taking them all together –
obviously you can get pregnant. I just want her to clarify what she did
(not sure if she said this was a surprise or if it was planned) – because
like you said ((((maybe))))) she wanted to start a family.

Addicted2Pinkx3 says:

oh my goodness everyone around me is pregnant!! but i am so happy for you.
godbless girl godbless

Daily Davidsons says:

@clarisssajoyy YESS i know thats my pregnancy brain speaking lol!! i meant
10 weeks heheh!

CrazyFriendsVlogs says:

@Dani G. Wtf??

Soph -aholic says:

Your pregnant belly here is like my normal belly haha

samissosweet m says:

are you guys gonna move

misaki covington says:

I hope that all ur symptons gets better

PrettyPregnant6411 says:

Congrats, when are you u due?

Maika Barry says:

hi my mom is pregnant she is actually almost 11 weeks shell be 11 wekks in
about 2 days umm I was just wondering since this is my first sibling do
pregnant mothers get like really mean? and stressed easily I just want to

camila andrea says:

i was cracking up when u said 10 days and 1 week lmfao <3

IF0UNDN3M0 says:

but im not gonna wear sweatpants everyday cause… its not…. cute? LOL!
xP so true and awww

Valerie Hedenland says:

hey I have the same belly piercings and im pregnant. Just curious but are
those regular size or did you have to switch to pregnancy ones?

Jessica Auguste TV says:

oh no im getting baby fever! love your videos so far watching from the

paradiseinVA says:

its so much fun going back to watch these and compare. u have seemed to
grow and mature so much. not that u wer immature at first! lol. love ur
vids Tiff! Congrats again!

Treshay Harris says:

Just cuz its called mourning sickness dosent mean u jus feel it in the
mourning its thruout the day

alexxxhes says:

woo your hair’s gonna grow alot while ur preggo! lol

Maresthea15 says:

At the beginning of the video your like I’m ten days and 1 week pregnant I
had to replay I was like what but I know what you mean

Ashley M says:

can you show us your tattoo before and after?

Nicole M says:

Thats how my belly looks now lol

Tabitha Pérez says:

Was your stomach hard ?

Bellapea Howley says:

Love ur room looks like mine

tif entertainment says:

yes tiffany i went through the moods as well, i threw up, and i had
forgotten a bit of stuff so i wrote on my calendar what doctor said so i
dont forget again.

Alexandria Caban says:

When did you find out that you were pregnant???

Daily Davidsons says:

@Polyana91 we are both going to finish school in december!

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