10 Weeks Pregnant

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Angel Wishes says:

I’m 10 weeks pregnant as well I am very excited! thank you for sharing.. :)
wonderful video helps people out a lot.. I am big already!! LOL! 


I m 10 weeks today and feel like i am having a big bump as yours but i
think it depends on your height and weight too, i m really short only 4’10
but you look taller than me ,just being curious may i know how tall are you
if you dont mind me asking plz reply :)

MikeandRere says:

I’m 10 weeks right now, and am nauseous all the time. I have little to no
desire to eat a thing, and I am ALWAYS tired. I’ve been tracking my journey
on youtube as well. It’s been rough

Mizz Monae Nae says:

I just turned, 10, weeks today ,! I’m excited but worried at the same
time.. Sometimes I feel pregnant and then I don’t… Plus I can barely see
a tummy is as if I’m not. I have no desire to eat what so ever all I can
really eat is fruits and liquids I’m not a fan of water but it never tasted
so good lol I’m feel pretty much like u don’t wanna cook, clean or do
anything it is a struggle I just wanna watch TV all day … But congrats to
u :) 

Sarah Smith says:

Just done my 10 week update and we have very similar symptoms. Ah the joys
of “morning” sickness

silkytulip says:

wow this is exactly how i feel!

latoya ware says:

i feel the same way and i am only 10 weeks too.. sometimes i wish time went
by alittle faster so i would not feel so.. uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh lol

LaPrecious Ragins says:

Lol it’s crazy that everything u said is exactly what I’m going through
nipples and all :)

Sexy Stephie says:

im 10 weeks today & feel my belly bigger also showing some what but hard to
till since im a plus size girl, but i cant wear anything but yoga or sweat
pants since about 7-8 weeks lol & everything you talked about in your video
was sooooo me even the bumpy dark nipples which started doing that about 2
days ago & hurt like hell thanks you for you video it was right on :)

countrydawn418 says:

Probably the best pregnant woman i ever seen.

Leanne Bolivar says:

im 9 weeks and 2 days,… but im a bigger girl so i dont get to see the
difference lol
you looks great =)

Sarah Smith says:

Just done my 10 week update and we have very similar symptoms. Ah the joys
of “morning” sickness

emmaisasuperwoman says:

I’m so so excited to watch your progression! You already have a belly, sooo
jealous! I’m 8w5d today so we’re kind of close.

Alex Smith says:

I started watching ur videos cause lindsay from lindsandbaby got me onto
them :) I love ur videos and the fact that ur an aussie like me Keep up the
good work Xx

peardrax77 says:

…..aaaaand here i realizing u posted this last year. Lol.

Madi Rivas says:

I felt like I was listening to myself talk… Except I’m not showing at
all. You are such a cute pregnant lady :)

ShaiWagoner says:

I’m so glade I’m not the only one going thru a nasty morning sickness
phase, and this video made me feel so much better

Miya Chan says:

Ill be ten weeks tomorrow. I also get sick around 3:00 to 4:00 pm and not
pooping lol. . D: My breast have also gotten darker and very itchy. I’m
starting to get a little bump in the tummy as well I’m not sure if its
bloating or not lol.

Heidi Lea says:

Hey! I just started watching your videos! Think I’m all caught up now! I’m
5 weeks pregnant and am doing my best with videos also! This is my second
baby so ask me anything! Nipple thing…. Yup normal. Goes away after;)

hannahclara88 says:

ohh congratulations!! cant wait to be where you are!!

mynameisearl22 says:

Have you told your boss yet? You look great and happy!! also I love your
accent lol

mummypaige says:

Here’s a gift from me to you, constipation cure from my OB…pear
juice…it rocks, in a can at Coles. It has seen me through three
pregnancies with no constipation…try it!

Melissa Viau says:

Oh my you look so beautiful with your preggo belly!! I’m 9 weeks and 2 days
pregnant and my belly is almost the same size! :)

solangeholly says:


hannahclara88 says:

It seems like yesterday i was in my 8th week. and i guess by the time you
have read this you will be in your 9th so congrats!

Debbie W says:

Ha ha about your nipples, they will go back to pink later dont worry. lol

hannahclara88 says:

OH I have heard of that!! Ok i am going to hunt it down at my food shopping
today! Thankyou!!

adrianaholyoak1 says:

lol nobody told me about the nipples either. Mine got bigger and darker and
bumpy too. another thing nobody told me about was about growing hair like
crazy! my belly got really hairy starting at like 20weeks :( its really
sad. Your belly looks really cute :-)

Suzanne Wind says:

im 16 weeks and 5 days 2day 😀 soo exited btw u look great preggo im so
jelouse !

missmellyful says:

Your belly is getting so cute :) u look beautiful today Hun good luck with
going back to work x

hannahclara88 says:

Thanks Melly! :)

Liora Santos says:

wow! i am 10 weeks pregnant too…but my belly is nothing like yours(((
funny but i want to have already belly! I am just feel like i am sick and
not like i am pregnant!!! anyway! thanks for your video)))!!!!!!!

KeyonaBBaby says:

Congrats! I’m a new subbie. I hope your having a girl. Hehe. Only because I
have a little girl. 😛

hannahclara88 says:

Thanks Girls!! I love the NZ accents! Hope you enjoy the videos :)

chronicmanda says:

Haha I’m so happy I’m not the only one showing at 10weeks. I feel like its
fatness when really I’ve just run out of space in there. I think I wear my
lunch on the outside now lol. I’M 10 weeks today and so excited. I also
concur on the nipple comment… Thanks for sharing your vid!

4066jks says:

I am 10 weeks now and I look the same way. Lol I am really looking forward
to getting nice and fat! :)

Rica Saunders says:

Eat oatmeal with high fiber HELPS BIG TIME FOR CONSTIPATION!!!

Sinel666 says:

You look beautiful as always x

Debbie W says:

Cute belly. Really has popped!! You need loose tops!

zelda5553 says:

Please keep making more videos, I love them! 😀 Yes, taping your belly
would be great. Btw, how old are you? I’m an aussie too!!!

hannahclara88 says:

hahaha ohhh noo!! i bet its going to get hairy too cos all my hair
everywhere else is growing like crazy!!

Suzanne Wind says:

aw tyx ,cant wait untill i found out the gender im so exited ^^

peardrax77 says:

I think your constipation bloating and gas is responsible for that bump.
Your uterus does NOT rise out of pelvic cavity until 12 weeks :). At 10
weeks its still behind your pubic symphysis ( pubic bone)… Unless u r
having multiples…

hannahclara88 says:


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