10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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The saying is true, that mums know best and for me the best advice about pregnancy, birth and motherhood came from other mums. This is a quick download of things I have learnt since becoming a mum that I hope will help others on their beautiful journey.

Spot the baby!


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Nykia Smith says:

I thought the baby was fake lol looked like she wasn't moving then I saw her turn her head lol

meike hunt says:

I love how sweet and humble you are

Aliz Bodo says:

Thank You So Much!

wanderlust b says:

aww the baba in the background looks sooooo cute!! just discovered your channel and great tips. im due this dec and kinda nervous as my first child so your videos are helpful, thank you! xx

Stephanie Peters says:

Loved this! ❤️❤️❤️ especially the "lotions and potions!' Baby's really don't need any product on their pure skin!

Aimee Morris says:

Love this video! And yes it goes way too quick! Beautiful Mumma xxx

Anupa De Gazon says:

Great tips… thank you

Cage The Madelaine says:

Saw you on OAP internet virgins, that's how I found you

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