10 Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms

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10 Awesome Pregnancy Tips!

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Camilla shares 10 tips for first time moms about pregnancy and how to make as easy and comfortable as possible!

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0:54 Tip 1: Make Sure To Go To All Your Doctor Visits

1:17 Tip 2: Inform Those Closest To You

1:48 Tip 3: Stay Calm

2:17 Tip 4: Eat Healthy

2:53 Tip 5: Stay Fit

3:17 Tip 6: Get A Postpartum Belt

3:37 Tip 7: Get Maternity Pictures

3:55 Tip 8: Find Time To Do Things

4:23 Tip 9: Take A Mini Vacation

4:47 Tip 10: Buy A Keepsake Book

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sunislandgirl says:

cant watch this with the music

Lizzy M says:

Thank you for this. I'm pregnant with my first baby and I so appreciate these tips.

fattymallen says:

Music is fukn annoying as, I'm trying to listen… Please re upload

Irma Sotelo says:

Great helpful video for me to share with my daughter who is a new mom. Thank you for it.:)

Anita Andrade says:

The music is extrem loud and annoying

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