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Many parents have experienced that unpleasant situation when they realize their child’s behavior has changed, but they can’t understand where the problem came from.
We at Bright Side have found some answers that all parents will be able to learn something from.


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JeGs L says:

1:25. My mom does that Often :(

Juliette Zephyr says:

People need to watch videos like this before deciding to bring kids into the world. I love kids and few would readily admit to disliking them. But you have to think about how you will adapt ego-wise to the addition of another unique human being to your life. Many just have kids to pass on genes, and that's it. Truth bomb: a child is not an extension of their parent. They are a separate individual. I love beets, but if my kid spits them out? I won't call them names or force feed them. I'll just feed them something else they like. I know by the time I have a child I am going to get heat for treating my child as an actual human being. But luckily I think my generation is coming around to the idea that kids aren't just some kind of tiny 'mini-me.' They deserve nurturing and support to grow into healthy adults.

Little ms Anime says:

0:21 Evan Hansen! .o.

Naveen K says:

The worstest worst thing parents are always doing is comparing with everyone even though 4year childrens

Naveen K says:

Always my mother is comparing with everyone and even though a little 5 years children but i am 14 year old daughter for her

Ash Black says:

I just realized my life is sad. At least I got an A watching this.

Broke Papa says:

should be titled "how to raise a snowflake"

Danielle Bowden says:

What's this? There's no voiceover like in other Bright Side videos.

PolarSakuras says:

I'm like every single one of these kids

sayomi9 says:

Wow that last one really hits home lol

Mythical Shy Jammer AJ says:

Honestly, I'm 9 and I fit most of these traits.

Wizard Wizard says:

None of these apply when your parents punish you into the perfect child… can anyone relate to slippers and belts being used on you?

Just Someone says:

Its about a mother
When there is rain in street, she still insist on walking. After 15 minute, the rain going more powerful and for that we're coming home.after 10 minute, when the rain started to subsided she insist on walking again. This time is only me with her. We have walk for 1 hour and what gets or cloth wet is the water from drizzle. After going back, she acted like nothing happen. What do you guys think about her?

DarkCrafts says:

Surprised that my parents made most of these mistakes, but the outcome wasn't that bad.

Edumark Consult says:

Lovely, follow us at Edumark Consult to see more about parenting and the World of education

Izzy-122-worthless says:

Parents: When your children makes a tiny mistake, don't just scream at them like they burnt down a house.

Brian Garrett says:

It might–but more likely, it's because (s)he's an entitled little brat who needs more parenting, not less.

ZaphireGaming06 - says:

Well thats explains a lot…

Vivah Lashay says:

1970's parents needed this knowledge, my mom did all of this but never encourage any hobbies..we where just born for checks

Jolly J.P.S. Motivational Writer says:

Very nice presentation, Thanks :

Kawaii Me says:

Ooooh, so thats why I dont have friends… See, I have sleeping problems, and every time Id try to sleep I go every30 mins upstairs to my parents room and ask for advice. They always tell me "go back to you room, let us sleep, and SHUT IT". They dont know how many hours Ive spent crying in my room in the middle of the night.

GalaxyStar says:

I’m shy and Mom always wants to help me with a lot of stuff

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