10 of the Worst Parents in the World

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Bad parenting is an understatement. These are the top 10 horrible mothers and fathers ever to have children.
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When it comes to parenting, it seems that we all have an opinion on how children should be raised. In fact, because we all care about the welfare of children in some capacity or another, we all have our own opinions on child-rearing based on our own upbringing. From judgmental looks to parents when their baby won’t stop crying on the airplane or throwing a tantrum at the supermarket, we all tend to compare ourselves to bad parents and thinking how we would handle the same situation. However, there are clearly bad parents in our world who have no business having kids. Many times, bad parent results in the death of a child, which is rather sad because the protocol to adopt a child is so complicated that many people who do deserve to be parents will often not be able to adopt a child. However, if you can birth your own children, anyone can be a parent regardless of how stupid or careless they are. This video contains ten of the worst parents in the world, and you very well may be disgusted after watching this video.
The first terrible parent is Sarah Burge, who is a self-proclaimed human Barbie who has had over 100 plastic surgeries done on herself. She recently made news due to the controversy of buying her seven year old daughter a $10,000 voucher for breast augmentation. Depressingly enough, her daughter is thrilled with the present and she cannot wait to have boobs just like her mother because she thinks they’re beautiful.
If this isn’t enough for you to advocate to forcibly sterilize stupid people, check out this story from Korea. A couple was charged with murder after neglecting their 3 month old baby girl after she died from starvation. The couple were jobless and dedicated their lives to Internet cafes where they were taking care of a virtual kid from a video game called “Prius”. The couple was likely suffering from some sort of mental disease as well.
A mother by the name of Kerry Campbell became one of the most hated mothers in the world after The Sun reported that she was forcing Botox injections on her daughter, who was participating in pageants. The story was accompanied with photos, and Campbell was faced with much scrutiny, especially since her daughter was just eight years old. However, it was then revealed that the story was a hoax, and Campbell willingly made herself look like a terrible parent for money, which seems to be just as bad.
Of course, there are some truly stupid people out there in the world, like Charlie Wilcox from Kent, England. She was convinced that smoking 15-20 cigarettes per day would actually make her baby stronger by strengthening the heartbeat. However, her baby was born premature and currently deals with respiratory problems. Big surprise there.
If you can stomach it, there are more stories of the worst parents in the world where this comes from. From killing babies to soothing children with cigarettes, this video just gets better and better.

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1.Mother Buys Her 7 Year Old Daughter Breast Implants
2. Child Replaced by Virtual Kid
3. Botox Pageant Girl Story
4. Child Punishment by Sword fight
5. Mother sells daughter’s virginity
6. Pregnant Mom Smokes Cigarettes to make Baby Stronger
7. Severe Punishment for Not Being Able to Read
8. Killer mom brings dead baby on a shopping spree
9. Indonesian Baby That Smoked 40 Cigarettes a Day
10. Baby in a Microwave

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The Pre-Owned Gamer says:

Some people should not be allowed to do things.

Lorene Johnson says:

im thinking that american have most dangerous crimes

Lorene Johnson says:

i feel sorry for the foster kids that being abused right now

Atomic tron says:

I lost my shit, sat on his daughter and whipped her ass with willlow branches, then challenged her to a 2 hour medevil battle LOL

Pompy_playz says:

If I ever have a child
I swear on my life i will not be like these monsters

Gaming -mcpe - SUBWAYSURF - AND MORE! says:

First one who cares her name is POPPY like wtf Lel we should arrest the woman for such a name how about talk bout that?

Victoria Grech says:

do not cook your baby

Richard Kelley says:

I didnt need to know about the baby in the mic. How sick can you get???

Sirdavid Thomas says:

that's horrible

Prided Wrath says:

FUCKERS should be tortured.

Stormer the boy says:

Putting your child In a microwave that's not mean she probably has brain disease or is mentally stupid

Corey Playz says:

All these parents are savages. #Savage

TheCelestia Channel says:

theirs a family with a dad and a mom the dad and mom drink alcohol and He punches the Child That's only 5 years old every day out of school and the mom always Get beats up with deals of alcohol So the child lives with The grandparents I mean I would have been so angry and just Punch him and just you know Just fight off….. :/ but still he is a bad father and mother.

RiderNova says:

Some of those baby abusers need to die right now. I swear, I almost cried. But my heart did. Ya I cried inside

zach bilcik says:

thes parents are bad

Jelena Paulino says:

these parents are terrible

Colt Schutz says:

f..k the lady Ho poot her baby in the microwave


The fuck?! Most of these are mothers! that's why people should stop saying all mothers are good and should be respected! I know a lot of shitty mothers in my neighborhood! One of them didn't care when her brother raped her daughter who is just 10 years old…instead of being with her daughter…she protected her brother! I know most mothers are good but definitely not all. if you have a good mother, respect her and don't take her for granted!

AwsomeGirlyanimater/gamer -x says:

those mothers are so mean I would punch em and roast em and thriw them in the dump DX

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