10 Minutes Funniest Moments with Baby Laughing

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☞ Video: 10 Minutes Funniest Moments with Baby Laughing
☞ Link video: https://youtu.be/Yua-n02p4TY
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Mohamed Ali says:

this just made me forget 2020

Braydan Cintron says:

This made my day

Pankaj Kumar says:

Bad sound in world

Warren Wilson Batista says:


These kids are the reason why we need to do better in this fucked up world

Rowena Regines says:

0:05 So who's the baby?

Nashra Kudai says:

People who disliked was to much in happy tears to see cute babies they click the dislike by mistake instead of like

Robert Scaife says:

This is exactly why babies are so precious… their cherubs ..God has them trained from the get go …my wife doesn't believe me and I have always told her nope …Everytime there is a baby your like mother Theresa running to the sound ..it's like instant GPS I tell for her and she's all …BUSY!!! …God has these little cherubs trained in heaven before they descend into their parents arms ..the smiles …the laughs …..so Everytime a parent ever scolds them they will feel so bad lol just the tilt of the head will make a parents heart soften .turn around and cherish their sweetness from heaven !!! God bless the gifts from God for he always said out of the mouths of babes ..what he really meant was …aweeee how could you ever be mad at that sweetness? Aweeee then he instills.the laugh that is hysterical ….these videos are so hilarious …so precious

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