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When I was pregnant with my third baby girl, Tennessee I scoured YouTube and Pinterest for helpful tutorials on making my own baby food! I gathered everything I have learned as well as some of my favorite recipes in this video! I hope you enjoy it and that it simplifies the process for you!

A little ditty about us…my husband and 3 girls are daily vloggers on YouTube! We are a simple American family living on a budget. We’ve paid off $86,000 of debt and are DEBT FREEEE! (minus the mortgage.) You CAN be happy AND live on a budget and through our videos we pray that you find encouragement and hope! Look for our dinner vlogs every Friday, a budget topic based vlog each Saturday and Debt Kickin’ Sunday on Sundays! And good ole’ family fun throughout the week!


Bananas $1.39
Spinach $.50
Pears $.60
Peaches $4.00
Carrots $.98
Butternut Squash $2.00
Sweet Potatoes $3.98
Dried Prunes (bulk isle) $2.25
Mango $1.56
Apples $4.69
Blueberries $0 (already had in my freezer)
Sweet Peas $0 (already had in my freezer)
Oatmeal $0 (already had)

Butternut Squash & Apples

Peach, Apple & Pear


Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Peas


Mango & Banana Oatmeal

Apple & Blueberry Spinach

Spinach & Banana

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Hannah Bulatko says:

How many cubes do you use per meal?

Krystle Montalvo says:

You are a great mom! Very inspirational! My baby is 2 months and I’m researching homemade baby food for when it’s time.

HotMess Mum says:

I️ know it’s a while later but thank you for this video

sumara khadim says:

Is it for 6 months old?

Wilda says:

How long do u steam your carrots?!?!?

prsnr42 says:

how many do you thaw at a time? my baby is 7 months and i find the cubes are too small. i have to use around 3/4 at a time so i find the cubes run out quickly

Anjali Thakur says:

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing. New subscriber

Diana Rostran says:

great video. straight to the point.

Crystal Mulligan says:

thanks so much for the recipes.

bn4e2008 says:

how many of the ice cubes do you feed your baby at a time?

Riri Slab says:

Question, why don't you leave them in the ice cube trays? Why do u switch them to a bag? Is it so you can reuse the ice cube trays

LaTonya Moody says:

This is amazing. Going to be very helpful with breastfeeding. How many do you thaw for a feeding

Tina Patel says:

And because she doesn't ear enough fruits and veggies during the day I thought this might help her

Tina Patel says:

Had a question can u give these purees to 9 year olds in there lunch box my daughter is a picker eater I wanted to try and give her purees and plus they want go bad when she eats it at lunch

Julie Le says:

for the frozen part, how long can it be good for? thanks!

Asher Wright says:

Awesome! Thanks!

Rachel D says:

Thanks for the video. Was very helpful :)

Angela Navor says:

Why do you have to freeze them after you make them? Is it bad if you just put it in the fridge? Also these are really nice, healthy, and colorful :)

Demoye Miller says:

Great video please tell me what blender you used.

Bruceann Yellowega says:

What about raw, can't babies eat raw?

Marissa VanDunk says:

I'm a new mom to a 3 month old and I loved this video … I know I definitely want to make her baby food so thank you for all the great ideas…silly question but when you want to feed the baby some cubes from the freezer what are you doing to thaw? Do you just leave out and let it melt?

Vere says:

I wouldn't feed butter to my baby. The sweet potatoes alone (with water) are enough. But that's just me.

Lucinda Buchanan says:

I Loved all the Simple recipes i will use them in my in home daycare.

QueenCoCoaMocha says:

just what I needed thanks…can't wait til our baby girl turns 6 mths…our pediatrician already allowed us to do fruits and veggies with her…we have the spoons and ice trays that she instructed us to get. I processed oatmeal tonight to try later but i want it to be really fresh at first. ..our little girl will be all natural non store bought…our eldest 2 daughters …well they didn't eat baby food…nevertheless they eat healthy but I try my best to do homemade with them too. THANKS! THUMBS UP!

Tiara Mosby says:

how many ice trays did you use

Connie L says:

Great ideas and instructions. I just couldn't watch it because the camera movement was too quick and made me nauseous.

Mari Bochi says:

can i use it for my 8 months old?

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