10 Best Tips To Get Flat Tummy After C Section!

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10 Best Tips To Get Flat Tummy After C-Section!

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In this video you will learn…
►10 Best Tips To Get Flat Tummy After C-Section
► How To Get Flat Tummy After C-Section
► How to lose belly fat after C-section
► How to lose belly fat
►How to lose belly fat at home
► How to lose tummy fat after pregnancy
► Belly fat burning exercise
► How to lose belly fat fast
► how to lose belly fat naturally
► effective ways to lose belly fat
►belly fat burning foods

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Annie Abrams says:

What if you are unable to breastfeed

Siraj Afra says:

Can l use melt n slim (black with yellow) belt purchased from online shopping?

Yasmin. Sayyed says:

After c section form how many days we put the belt

Shola Doll says:

You spelled believe wrong

preethi gowda says:

I got c section and already 1 and half month over i dint use belt for belly if i use now does it work?

Kavitha Kavitha says:

And also pls tell me how long i want wear its in a month or year

Kavitha Kavitha says:

Hi now one year passed but my belly never reduce so what kind belt i can use if possible pls send the picture of the belt

Rahim Mia says:

after c section when i can start to do exercises… after 3 or how month latter??


Can I start wearing a belt after 15days of Csection… Or pls reply wen I can wear it after c section…

Haseena Althaf says:

Hii after 8 months of c section can i use belt to get flat tummy?

Rupa Roy says:

when( how many) month i should use belt after c- section..

preeti singh says:

Mam ceserion dilevry k Kitne time baad Se belt behnna start ker Dena chahiye……. Pls fast reply

disha m says:

2 months over for me…which belt can I use

Dazzling Star says:

Pls share some more exercise tip

waakkeuppp says:

Stupid robot voice

Levis Kim Cajes says:

Click on Subscribe button to subscribe youtube

Levis Kim Cajes says:

Click on Subscribe button to subscribe youtube

Ramya Shree says:

Now 1 year completed after c section
. Shall I use belt now??

pooja kashyap says:

Boliye maam reply mr

Rana Farhan says:

Can I use belt now after 2 years

pooja kashyap says:

Maam meko 4 year ho gaye hai kya main belt aab use kr sakte ho mera tummy thoda latak gaya hai

Danya Babu says:

its 4 years after my c section

priya balamurugan says:

6month over for me after C section delivery, can I do cycling exercise for reduce my belly?

neena duggal says:

Can I reduce weight after 6 months

Jennifer Ann Sale says:

My last c-section was in 2008 can i get my tummy down now from the surgery after all this time has passed?

loverex07 says:

I would like to share my experience. After 1- 2 weeks c-sect i started wearing tummy binder. The longer u delay the longer it will take to flatten the tummy.

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