1 Month Postpartum & Belly!

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Here is my one month update on how I’m doing and progressing. For the most part I’m feeling back to normal! Don’t forget to go watch Aria’s one month update! Thanks for watching everyone :)

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Shereezy87 says:

Love Watching ur Vids Britney, Im from Australia.. i do Vlogs too. Go check
out my Channel! xoxox

Cynthia Gamez says:

U should check on getting the implanon if your getting on birth control its
for 3yrs.

britneyandbaby says:

I was 128 and before I have Aria I was 168!

ReillyAJ says:


britneyandbaby says:


DuyAnh1 says:

u have such beautiful smile =)

britneyandbaby says:

Oh trust me I’ve heard plenty! I’m glad I had a good recovery!

Valerie Byrd says:

glad you are feeling well! i had a pretty easy recovery also, after hearing
awful stories lol.

britneyandbaby says:

Thank you :) Means so much!

glittermo1 says:

can i just comment on that top u have on, its really really nice i noticed
u wearing it once before.

britneyandbaby says:

That’s how it is with me. I’m hoping the go away soon too!

britneyandbaby says:

Thank you! It actually used to be my grandma’s shirt, I love it! :)

Jasmine Goodman-Cooper says:

what size pants did you wear before you were pregnant??

Caitlin Gracyn says:

You look great… And by the way you have grown so much and I think you are
such an amazing mother :-)

alyssa91ish says:

you look really good!

MissTwasBrillig says:

You look beautiful. Love watching your videos with Aria now, after
following you through your whole pregnancy. I remember your first video and
how much I connected with you on being scared to tell your family. I’m so
glad you stuck around :)

xxkrazyfreakxx says:

i really do enjoy ur vidz i seen them all ur inspiring n im sure ur helping
a lot of young moms n showin how age is just a number n that it doesnt have
anythin to do w it :)

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