0 to 9 Months Journey In The Womb

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Linda Tan says:

God is beautiful 

Jaquala Fletcher says:

I’m currently 5 weeks

victoria Ganchenko says:

God is amazing!

Veronica Rodriguez says:

The music is so stupid

marie sonsona says:

i wish i have a baby soon…..

Karmyn Yeaney says:

At 1:00 it looks like a baby seal

ru34ca says:

La nature, c’est merveilleuse et étonnante.

simone w says:

Babies really turn themselves like that at 2:21? Seems like so much work
for a baby! I thought they just floated into position…

Jasmine Kenneth says:

Find out if I am pregnant or not next Wednesday.. But very cute video..:)

Jenny Belina says:
Muriel Clavaud says:

Magnifique vidéo de toute beauté 

TNTgamingLIVE says:

me at 1:09 at school: Oh I was an alien

IKECH545 says:

19 DAYS into the pregnancy, his/her heart is beating. A few months in, they
can hear outside of the womb. -Look up “baby moving in tummy”. You can see
a mom’s stomach literally bulge out, where a foot is kicking. It’s a human
from day 1.

Kaitlyn Smith says:

lets all just call it what it is. it is a growing human just in the
beginning stages..its obviously alive..its not an inanimate object.

La Toya James says:


IKECH545 says:

That’s a baby. Not a “clump of tissue”. “For I knit you together in your
mother’s womb”

moo buu says:

No. it’s a zygote at first then it later develops into a baby after it goes
through a lot of different stages. It doesn’t become self aware until
sometime after it’s born

moo buu says:

Scientists can grow heart cells in a test tube that beat. Brain dead people
can have a normal heart beat to. A heart beat doesn’t make you a person.
Reacting to sound is a reflex and doesn’t mean that the fetus is aware and
conscious. Brain dead people can respond to sound reflexively and be
completely unaware. Brain dead people (in a permanent vegetative state) can
move their arms, blink and grimace but they have no capacity to be aware of
it or conscious.

Kaitlyn Smith says:

who cares if conscious yet or not still doesn’t change the fact of what it
actually is

moo buu says:

Nothing you mentioned means the fetus is a conscious being. Reacting to
sound can be completely reflexive and movement can also be reflexive and
unintentional. The heart muscle can beat even if the fetus was
developmental abnormal and had no cerebral cortex because a heart beat is
reflexive as well.

aticha jareantanakitkul says:

how to download it

kumar sahani says:
breanna wade says:

What a beautiful thing! 

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