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Stacey Paul says:

Happy New year and a half the

abi Johnffghbk bh TT JM uhhvvv x trre gy says:

you should try nappy sand

Amanda Case says:

I haven't found a stain that won't disappear yet. I use dawn and hydrogen peroxide. 1 part Dawn dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide Please post how it works for you!!! Love your vlogs!

Kayla Kinzer says:

What team are you on

Humberto Duarte says:

johnny Orlando haydensummerall

Madison Lowe says:

The ting that showed the target ball u can spin that and get balls. And the thing that u clicked on and u tap on that and spin it

t murrey says:

you should name the baby boorks

Alec's Garage says:

too cute

Professor Stick says:

I just got Pokemon go yesterday

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