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Natural childbirth is the culminating moment of a nine-month journey, the birth of your own continuity in this world. All that happens to the human body during pregnancy aims to ensure and secure the smooth transition of the embryo from its mother’s inner world to the external world and all that comes afterward. It is a miraculous moment when you finally hold that little creature with which you have been sharing the same body with for so many months and that fed through you, to come into the world, so tiny and fragile, yet at the same time so strong as it claims its first breath of air! Gynecologist – Obstetrician Dr. Thanos Paraschos overwhelms us during this sacred moment where the woman is appointed a Mother and the infant joins its eternal Guardian Angel, its mother. The mother-to-be is guided by the power of her doctor and midwife’s calm and the miracle unravels right in front of our eyes. An amazing video that reminds the moms who have had the privilege of natural childbirth, how it feels to witness and be part of the miracle of a new life, and also prepares any future mother for the priceless experience she is about to go through.

Dr Thanos Paraschos
Gynecologist – Obstetrician
Specialized in IVF and Laparoscopic Surgery in the UK



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