Смена подгузников для пап

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Sourced from the Raising Children website, Australia’s trusted parenting website. For more parenting information, visit www.raisingchildren.net.au.


S Coombs says:

I’m a girl and I saw that boy parts

mathias brehm says:

so dieses vidio habe ich nun gemeldet unter aller sau kinder babys nackt im netz zu presentieren OHNE WORTE

Bill Messerly says:

My name is Bill Edward Messerly my nephew Tyson Reece Messerly

Isaiah Naegi says:

I Just see parents taking care of their infants. Who cares

Aidan Baldwin says:

Change the title card! So vulger and inappropriate

Hannah Bingham says:

The man did not point the little boys penis down before putting on a nappy

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