Why We Decided to Get Pregnant – 1st Twin Pregnancy Vlog

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So I know some of you are thinking “I thought Angel didn’t want to have any more kids!!!” Well you are right. There was a time not so long ago that I was adamant about not birthing anymore children. However, in the back of my head I always worried about if I was going to regret that decision once I got past my child bearing years. Well here is a vlog that explains why my husband and I decided to embark down the road of pregnancy again. Twins were definitely not in our vision when we decided to take the plunge but God had a different plan.
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Vanessa M. Celestine-Richardson says:

“I puts it in there” “Guess what I had more than two of”…… Your
husband slays me ..LMAO!!! 

GabeBabeTV says:

I’m over here cracking up at your hubby!! Congratulations…what a
blessing!! I remember talking about this at Vidcon, God sure has a way of
reminding us who’s in charge :-)

love4my5 says:

Father, we pray for healthy babies but we also pray that at least one of
them is a pretty little girl. In Jesus name, Amen

Yorlin Zelaya says:

Fan girling over here!!!! You are awesome and im absoloutly certain
everything will turn out excellent. You were doubly blessed and those
babies will do wonderous things in this life. This video jad me lol, and I
just want to say I love you!!!! 3

That Chick Angel TV says:

Here is my hubby and my first twin pregnancy vlog when I was 8 wks!

Lisa Kaiser says:

You guys are cute and hilarious together!!!

TeTenotePlays says:

#askangel why is your husband so funny?

Kayla G says:

I’ve always heard that when mothers get into their 30’s, they are more
likely to release multiple eggs, leading to multiple babies. Maybe it’s not
true, but that’s what I’ve heard. 

Christin Warner says:

I am so excited for y’all!! Five years is such a good gap, my brother and I
are four years apart, and now that we’re older (19 and 23) we’re really
close. We had our arguments and sibling rivalry and all of that, but that’s
pretty normal for any family with more than one kid I think. I always
wanted an older brother to watch out for me, so Little Marcus will be great
at that with the babies when they’re a little bigger!

Karolyn campbell says:

Angel, this is so exciting! I love how real you keep it. I can’t wait to
see little Marcus’s reaction. Does he know his Mama’s carrying twins yet? 

amandapanda says:

why did she only want one in the first place?


Must be in the water.. twins are popping out left and right lol.. i had
boy/girl twins who are now 8 months old… congrats

ladym34 says:

Your Husband is too funny, I know these pregnancy vlogs are going to be too
funny LOL… Congrats to you both

jennifer Heley says:

LORD! If my husband looked like that I’d have 25 children! lol! 

Chauntel Robinson says:

June 20 is my birthday lmao

Black Forest Girl in Oz says:

Are you watching itsjudyslife? They have little Julianna and new twins.
Miya and Keira… I am sure her daily vlogs will inspire you!

Misty Ramsey says:

I’m a new subscriber and I just have to say that I love the relationship
that you and your husband have! It kept me smiling throughout this video!
Btw congrats on the twin pregnancy!!

Becks R. says:

Love you Angel!

Thank you for letting us join along on your journey!

Keeping your family in my prayers.

So exciting! 

sammydrumm says:

I bet its twin boys 😛 

emilaaayrose says:

Yay! I’m so happy that your twins are doing great. I really hope you get
the girl that you want…or two

Nis Cha says:

How old is little Marcus? 

Hannah Hodgkiss says:
musicfanatic7twothree2 says:

He is so hilariously inappropriate lmao

SammyTard11 says:

I am soooooo excited for your family Angel(:
Have you told Marcus yet? I bet he’ll be so excited, he will be such a good
big brother(:

mishymich says:

Congrats Angel! I am SO happy for you and I literally just prayed for you
and your family and I know that you are going to have a fantastic

LISZx says:

Oh my! Congratulations to you two and lil Marcus! <3

nicole martinez says:

I’m still crying over the video you did on +The Mom’s View congratulations
to you and Marcus. Can’t wait to see what they are! +That Chick Angel TV 

Poppyseed says:

I have a brother 5 years older than me! It’s awesome. 

Michaela Vos says:

Haha you two are so cute :)

Sharron Stidfole says:

Y’all are too cute!! Congrats again :) 

Ery Ginger says:

Y’all are so cute. Congrats!

Paris Pellegrino says:

So, so excited for you and your husband Angel! Congratulations again!
Praying for your family! xox

rachel louise says:

Marcus is honestly hilarious he should take part in more vlogs!

MSFlipdascript says:

Oh…my gosh! From the jump, you two are at it! Lol! Hilarious!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You and Dinora are blessing the world with beautiful
babies! “Praise Gawd!” (In my best Angel voice).

zyair hill says:

i puts it in there lol i have that stuck in my head congrats

ashe attridge says:

I lost my first baby on June 5th. On June 30th I found out I was pregnant
again! I am due March 12th… Just 2 days before you… Except the twins
will make you due way before that! 

Nicola Jordan says:

When do you find out the genders? If you choose to find out that is!

Congratulations, prayers that everything goes smoothly for you. 😀 

MoreBriana says:

#askangel what is your favorite part of this pregnancy compared to Marcus’
so far?

MegaArtistic1 says:

aww you guys are soo funny and cute xx

PrettyGyrl Wa says:

Awww congrats! 

Courtnei Bannon says:

You guys should update your camera and editing for this journey! 

Caroline C says:

CONGRATS Angel & Marcus! How exciting for you! I can’t wait to see how your
pregnancy goes and how the little muffins are :) hope you have a smooth and
happy pregnancy <3

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