What’s In My Hospital Bag – 37 Weeks Pregnant!

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Watch my last hospital bag video!

What I packed for Emilia’s hospital bag:

My 37 week pregnancy vlog from my first pregnancy!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due at the end of this month! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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Pink Lining Cream Bows on Navy Holdall

Baby Be Mine Nicole Nursing Nightdress and Matching Baby Romper Set

Motherhood Nursing Bras

Labour Socks

Baby Be Mine Nicole Gownie and Matching Pillowcase

Baby Be Mine Maternity Nicole Dressing Gown

Baby Be Mine Nursing Pyjamas


– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation in Ivory Beige
– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
– Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– NARS Orgasm Blush
– LA Creative Illuminating Powder in Stardust
– Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette
– Be a Bombshell Liquid Liner in Onyx
– Dior Waterproof Liner in Carbon
– CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
– Rimmel Kate Lipstick 03

Nail Polish
– Maybelline “Ceramic Blue” Porcelain Collection

Maternity T-shirt
– Mamalicious

Maternity Jeans

Plaid Shirt
– Heatons

– Gold Topaz birthstone bracelet from Alex and Ani
– Gold bracelet set from Alex and Ani
– Earrings from Accessorize
– Scorpio necklace from my dad :)


Zoe Gonzalez says:

Why is everyone saying ” You didn’t need all that” etc. Shes already had a
kid, She KNOWS what she needs/wants to bring. Also who really cares. Is it
really effecting you? Relax people.

marsha okhiria says:

Didn’t need all of that. 

Shantel Wingate says:

You honestly don’t need all that. 

WatcherOfEverything0711 says:

i feel the fact that you wanna be prepared for anything . but your going to
be in labor and sweating and anything could go down , you don’t really need
makeup.? and half the stuff you kinda don’t need . i mean its my first
child coming supposedly on Christmas day and this video made me feel like i
don’t got crap for my boy even thoe i got pretty much everything . i got
all my nursing pads and stuff but the hospital would just supply me with
the rest . i wouldn’t have made the big bag casue if that was the case that
could be your diaper bag too all the stuff you got in there you just missed
diapers . theres no sense to even bring a “diaper bag” only thing youd have
in it would be some diapers and wipes and maybe baby butt cream or sum . or
grooming kit . you coulda put that in the big bag you got .

Alanna Reilly says:

So, how soon after getting to the hospital did you realize how ridiculously
over prepared that you were? lol

Unda Krievina says:

Was there anything that you felt you left out/forgot? Packing my hospital
bag now, these videos are very helpful :)

Sameena Rani says:

Awwww Thank You So Much 

Jodi Blubaugh says:

What is your baby’s name

Debbie Tonge says:

I think you have the right amount of stuff

Sharon Baletka says:

Yeah maybe you dont NEED all of that but goodness some peoples comments are
so rude. She/you can bring what ever makes you feel comfortable. Just

Diana Dimitrova says:

Does someone care of the brands really :O

Izzy Arnold says:

Eduardo and I are birthday twinzies

Bitemeartzombie says:

I love how you have matching hospital robes! I remember you having the pink
version when you gave birth and thought it was just the hospital had good
taste in robes! Do they ever have issues with you bringing your own?/do
they need to come from the hospital or be approved in some way?

mxvillel says:

I really hope all these new moms don’t listen to you on what to pack for
the hospital. You have way to much stuff that you don’t need. I don’t know
how you have so many likes. I feel bad for your husband that will have to
carry all this stuff after you have your baby. Some of the stuff you have
the hospital provides.

Elizabeth Torres says:

I’m 31 going to be 32weeks pregnant I’m due Nov 12

Patricia Essien says:

Random info: in Ukraine (i live here) you cant take a bag-bag into the
labour ward! How weird is that? You can only bring plastic bags, no joke
bin bags, or anything plastic-y… I actually got a huge transparent
silicon bag and it was fine. I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying around a
bunch of supermarket plastic bags! 

nataliemariewinkels says:

love this video!

Chihuahuaization Amelie says:

Baby kind? Do they sell those here in the U.S. ? What are they? Please,
thank you.

Alma Velazquez says:

thank you for this!!! i refuse to wear the hospital gown! lol

Samirah Khair says:

I loooove your bag, I’m trying to order it but I live in the states & it’s
not allowing me to select my country. Do you know how I can order it ?

FawnProduction54 says:

Anna I feel stupid for asking, but I’m only 20 and not pregnant! I was
wondering why you need “maternity pads?” Is the bleeding bad after you give

Dyani Whynn says:

Just wondering r u Bostonian 

mylittledarling 14 says:

Way too much stuff:/

lamp lighter says:

Tmi question…are you required to shave down there? Its hard enough when
belly is getting bigger and you cant see.lol. any tips..
24 weeks pregnant.

Alma Velazquez says:

ohhh man i feel so unprepared!! i don’t have anything ready and my c
section is sept 25th!!!

Sarah Godina says:

U look gorgeous :)

Aisha Ibrahim says:

wish you all the best anna,but some clothes when you are coming back home

Katie Murphy says:

Oh my gosh I can’t believe you replied to my comment!! I’m absolutely
obsessed with your channels omg I’m in shock! Haha you replied! Yayyyyyyy

Daniela Quiroga says:

I wish her and her baby and all her family best wishes and may the ba y be
born healthy as well.

Aimee Craig says:

I’m gunna miss the pregnancy vlogs so much!

Saskia Koch says:

Anna, I think people (including me) were saying your gowny and pillow case
are grey because it looks like they are in this video! So sorry for that,
you can clearly see it in today’s vlog that they are all baby blue! 

Izzy Megali says:

Will this be your guys’ last child? 

serwaa brobbey says:

Go suck dick

novia kalinowski says:

I tried to order the bag but don’t see united states as an option??

Ccbear says:

Uhh we’re is she from?lol

Mick AndAgi says:

My due date is the 12 June (2014) When should I start to pack my hospital

Brooke R says:

I’m guessing “vests” are onesies? Can’t really tell from the video. Also,
that hat is huge! I know Anna knows cuz she talked about it before but
there is no way that will fit a newborns head, right? : ) LOVE the matching
stuff she got!

Cyndi Hollis says:

So glad I found this video. I’m being induced on Sunday and haven’t packed
yet! Lol 

Alexus Negron says:

No going home outfit?

Lydia Poole says:

I took much more but then I was having quadruplets and a c-section, but for
my twins I took about that when I was in hospital for 3 days. It depends on
who you are and the hospital are always happy to lend you things.

Umm Hamzah says:

Too much baby clothr

ChileChiller says:

You should wrap your baby in a red towel after he’s born, because that’s
the same colour as the uterus. 

Dreamseeker731 says:

Wow that’s so much stuff to bring to the hospital. Are you staying longer
than the standard maternity stay? 

Karina Amezquita says:

Anyone want to work at home? I know you read this a lot but this is not a
scam or pyramid scheme.. Text me if interested! 650 2107753

SibbyAndSolie s says:

What is your favorite stretch mark prevention? 

jon mowat says:

Who cares??

KRMummy says:

How come you have to stay in the hospital for 3 days? Do you like it that
way? :0)

Tiffany McGill says:

It’s almost time, best of luck Anna!!! Lots of love from the USA =)

Kat B says:

Love the video Anna, & im nervous i got about 8 to 7 weeks to go, & its my
first :)) 

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