What Happened During My Raw Food Vegan Pregnancy (With Photos)

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The 40 weeks of pregnancy brings along with it profound changes in the body. Most women find themselves experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, and just some of them include:
• Swelling
• Bloating
• Morning sickness
• Heavy weight gain
• Constipation
• Stretch marks
• Back ache, etc.

Prior to conceiving our child, I was already following a high-carbohydrate/fruit-based raw vegan diet for 4 years.

Throughout my whole pregnancy, I stayed on a fruit-based and raw based vegan diet and led a very healthy and fit lifestyle.

How has this changed the flow of my pregnancy?

Well, my seemingly “protein deficient” raw vegan diet (which is a myth, of course) has allowed me to experience a completely different pregnancy.

No swelling, morning sickness, back ache, unhealthy weight gain, stretch marks and bloating was experienced during my raw-based, vegan pregnancy.

I engaged in a lot of exercise during my pregnancy, which included cycling and running up to 38 weeks, swimming up to the date I delivered my baby, weight lifting, yoga, pilates and aerobics.

So watch this video to discover more detail about my raw food diet pregnancy, as well as see my photos at different stages of my unique journey.

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath


snj prl says:

my belly also didn’t show until 5 months into the pregnancy – and i also
experienced NONE of those bad symptoms others complain about. my all
natural breech birth only took 6 hours – no tearing, no interventions
needed. everything was fine. eating raw, following a vegan diet and
exercising really helped me not only to stay in shape and be prepared for
the physical work during birth but it also kept me happy and my thinking
positive. congrats on your pregnancy experience again!

emilieclarke says:

I asked my doctor if I needed to eat animal protein while pregnant and she
said no. So I’m pretty optimistic about it. 

Queen Queenly says:

I think I will live on fruits n veggies too during a pregnancy, too bad
some of us live in the cold snow and its hard to find organic fresh fruits

sorriaejogue says:

That’s the sexiest pregnant woman I ever seen in my life

victoria arnstein says:

WOW!!! Congratulations..I had no idea you were pregnant! SO happy for
you..you look fantastic!!!!

bhaggen says:

It’s been shown that vegan men have a 30% lower sperm count, so your
fertility issues could’ve been his! He was probably shooting blanks! We
wanted a son, so we had sex doggie-style and it worked! The fetus reacted
strongly to music, especially the Moody Blues & Led Zeppelin. We named him
Justin after the Moody’s lead singer, & Justin is a Led Zeppelin fan to
this day! 

FrootKat says:

SOLD. No more EVER excuses to not live this perfect beautiful lifestyle!!!

161SD180 and 161ARY010 says:

Mieso od istnienia człowieka!!!! Warzywka yhym jasne zastapia moze w 30 %
to wszystko

Kristina Wish says:

Raw-vegan people/kids is Natural! 5 years! Woohoo! =) Good luck to you
guys! & LOVE! :)
Btw GIRLS Good news! Bein pregnant & raw vegan you wont have any morning

Fruit Freedom says:

You are truly an inspiration yulia! How many extra calories did you have to
consume while pregnant, if any? Also I know you said you had a natural
birth. Can you explain a little bit more on your experience with that?
Thanks yulia!

Dionne English says:

What a beautiful experience, I love it! You are awesome!!! Thanks for
sharing this story!
God bless you and husband and child

saidslimane says:

you were 5 months pregnant and u didn’t know that you were pregnant until
the 5th month. what happened to the period

Yahaira Garcia says:

How can I start a vegn diet! I need help! Coming from a mexican fmily it is
really hard but I need help! please hope to hear back from someone!

Karin Mabry says:

Great video!! How old were you when you got pregnant? Just curious!

Sarah R says:

Thanks so much for the video! I have a question unrelated to your
pregnancy, but I would really like your opinion when you get a chance.
There seem to be a lot of individuals within both the high and low
carbohydrate diet camps saying that fructose is bad for you – that it will
raise your triglycerides and uric acid levels as well as potentially cause
fatty liver disease because it is metabolized differently than glucose. I
have read info saying to limit fructose intake to <75g per day or even <25g
per day. When following a low fat raw vegan diet with most of our calories
coming from fruit we probably get more than this amount and I am not sure
whether I should be worried about this. Any thoughts? 

Debbles NZ says:

You’re really easy to listen to. I’m nearly a month into a raw lifestyle,
lost nearly 10kgs and wow I have tons of energy, its fantastic. I too have
fertility problems but blessed to have a son. I want to go raw with my next
pregnancy. When going raw, is baby getting everything they need? The quick
question is yes right….babies don’t benefit from rubbish. Please confirm?
Thank you. 

Missy Tj says:

As a parent, I can certainly sympathize with you, I can even go so far as
to understanding where your coming from. Even going so far as to some what
agree with you in some areas. However you should be very careful with some
of the things you say. NO pregnancy is ever the same. I’ve had 3 children
and know this from first hand experience. You may have been lucky to have
not known you were pregnant until you were 5 months into your pregnancy
but.. the things you were doing could have put a lot of strain on your
unborn child.. this is a proven fact. One that I am to familiar with.
Though we are not helpless when we are pregnant our babies are, even inside
of us they are weaker then us, exercising the way you did could have
affected your baby in a different way apart form being born prematurely, is
just one example.

Listening to what you’ve just said may cause harm to some parents.. you
should have advised in your video. Not taken such a personal opinion on the
matter, to seek medical advice if the parent is considering your advice.
Until you’ve had more then one child please don’t all of a sudden become an
expert. I find it highly offensive as a parent. Just because this pregnancy
went smoothly for you doesn’t mean the next one will or the one after it…
Same goes for any other parent out there, just because one pregnancy goes
well for you doesn’t mean the next ones will. I believe its incredibly
dangerous to give such advice to people who are pregnant if you are not a
doctor, I listened to some similar advice before and had 3 miscarriages
based on that advice…

I’m not saying this to upset anyone or get under anyone’s skin least of all
yours, it is your opinion after all but I’d advise that you edit your video
with a suggestion to seek medical advice first before attempting the same
path you did.. JUST because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work
for EVERY woman out there who is pregnant… It is one thing to do
something like this before pregnancy but it is another thing to ignore your
bodies wants after you are pregnant. 

Neill Wylie says:

Looks like you nailed pregnancy! Well done you!

hazeleyezluv says:

That 1st pick looks like it had been a victim of photoshop.

Oana Cristina Palade says:

did you had your period during first 5 months?

Angie2braids says:

Wow, what a great story, thank you for sharing.!

Permaculturemama says:

No matter what your lifestyle, if you can’t tell you are pregnant, you must
not have paid much attention to your body…if you thought you might be
pregnant, why not visit a doctor that could confirm with ultrasound? I
knew I was pregnant almost instantly each time, even though I still had my
period/spotting for one, as well as a negative test. (It is intuition or
gut instinct). I know all pregnancies are different, but it seems that you
must not have been in touch with your body if you could not tell until 5
months, there are so many other ways to tell besides a test or weight
gain…I have heard that from drug addicts but no one else.

Nisha Prabhu says:

I am also learning, so just sharing. Nice video about, Freedom,
Responsibility and Discipline. Krishnamurti – Freedom, Responsibility and
Discipline …

Amanda Carlson says:

I love this!! You’re beautiful by the way! question, you said you did not
know you were pregnant for the first 5 months. I’ve experienced the loss my
period since going vegan and changing my diet to a mostly raw, whole foods.
ive heard this is common in many vegan women, especially raw vegans. did
you experience this as well? since you said you didnt even know you were
pregnant, i am assuming you did not bleed monthly? because my Gynocologist
cannot explain to me why i am not menstruating. all my hormones and
glandular functions are completely normal, and structurally, everything is
fine and functional as well.

Spazztica Fantazztica says:

Wow you look great. Pregnancy RUINED my body (or more so I did by doing it
wrong) and now me and my partner don’t even sleep in the same bed anymore.
I won’t let him touch me because I just look so hideous. I have gone all
saggy and I have stretch marks and separated stomach muscles. I am vegan
myself and am still breastfeeding my daughter at 18 months. This might
sound really negative but my body is in such a mess I am just not motivated
to switch to an even healthier diet. I know it’s supposed to be about more
than that but still… No one is ever going to see me with my clothes off
again and I certainly don’t want more kids. I honestly wish I had thought
about eating low fat before I turned myself into a blob. This is an
official warning to pregnant women not to eat whole jars of peanut butter.

Shamesa Watkins says:

Wow, thank you so much for this video! I didn’t know that I was pregnant
for a few months either. I had no morning sickness, swelling, or anything.
I did develop a craving for bananas and oranges though. My mom ran track
and played basketball while she was pregnant with me. She ate a vegan diet
and she did not find out that she was pregnant with me until months later.
I am glad that you have revealed how different your pregnancy was. There
are different pregnancies indeed! I am curious to know what is your view on
pregnancies that lasts for over a year?

sundaisie says:

i love your accent. is it french?

Gucci Flora says:

woow you look the same before and after thats good :) 

Jem zdrowo i smacznie says:

what about B12? did you take any suplements? It’s huge responsibility…

Kay Song says:

You look gorgeous! It’s inspiring that you conceived with raw foods. I hope
it works for me. Happy motherhood! 

ladyplantenergy says:

Yulia you say that you were 20 weeks before you found out that you were
pregnant did you not feel the baby move? I’ve had 4 girls and I only had
small babies 5lb my smallest and 6lb 8oz my largest but I felt them move by
14 weeks. I was thin too.I know larger ladies can be pregnant and not know
they are pregnant, I’m only assuming that it is the fat that they didnt
know they were they were pregnant and thought they had back ache or wind.

CarbTheVeganUp says:

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
Great pictures from your pregnancy :)

Jessica K. says:

Sorry to dissilusion you but even in countries where woman suffer from
malnutrition and hunger healthy babies are born. This video prooves not
that being on a raw food diet is healthy for both mother and child, neither
scientifically nor empirically.

GlitterForeverr says:

i was wondering if you were 5 month into your pregnancy, is that when you
started to show? also why do you think that you couldn’t find out from the
test you took previously to the 5 months that you were in fact pregnant?
thankyou very much for these videos!

Rain Florence says:

Hi great video. I would like to know if your period stopped while you were
pregnant? Also what birth control did you use during your 4 years raw? Was
your labor painful? 

Sarah Chase says:

Are you breastfeeding? How is it going? Any struggles? We struggled at
first, but such an amazing 16months once we got it! I had a c-section that
was medically necessary and scheduled, and it was very sad… the whole
situation was sad. I am, however, so happy to have a happy and healthy boy
<3 110% worth it!

berries apples says:

HI, thanks for sharing. did you take any vitamins or nutrional supplements
well pregnant and do you take them when your not, more specifically b12?

Spikesfeet says:

I have to strongly disagree to running during the late stages of pregnancy.
The weight of the fetus already presses down onto your pelvic floor anyway.
Jogging during your last trimester can actually damage your pelvic floor
muscles due to the impact of the fetus’ weight coming down during each
slamming “step”. If you wanna stay active use an elliptical cross trainer.

Tara Nixon O'Neill says:

do you think it is safe to go raw at 4 months pregnant ? I have been raw
before for 9 months but have been eating cooked vegan foods and not the
healthiest , i must confess , Im wondering because some say it is bad as it
causes detox ?

hilofhel says:

LOL! The ad for chunky beef stew before this.

Rute Alexandra says:

i wonder what did you eat while breastfeading your baby?
Great video

Patricia Grace Soliman says:

Hi! I just wonder if you’re also breastfeeding as I know breastfeeding also
contributes to regaining prepregnancy weight. Thanks! 

SolSamantx says:

i was so happy to hear what a happy, healthy pregnancy you experienced. It
is something I want for myself in the future, as a raw vegan also, and this
has helped relieve any concerns about continuing my lifestyle while
pregnant. I wish you and your new baby lots of health, love and fruit ;)

Jillian Walmsley says:

I wish I’d known about this when I was pregnant with my children! I had
most of the negative symptoms of pregnancy that you spoke of in this video,
and as a result, I really didn’t enjoy my pregnancies the way I wanted to!

Aliki Giakas says:

Did you take any supplements? If so what were they? Did you need to take

Anwar Uhuru says:

So with testing the various stages did you go to a Doctor or using a home
pregnancy test?

Dalys Timpanaro says:

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing. I have subscribed! :)

Marek Chudy says:

Nature created the food and we created cooking since when we know better
then nature 

L2 says:

Hi Yulia,
Did you spot at all during your first months of pregnancy?
Thank you in advance, any answer will be helpful.

Kelly L says:

Protein, what do you intake for plant-base proteins. Any tips would help.
I’ve been a vegetarian for 7 years and want to gain muscle.

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