Week 15 pregnancy vlog, Baby #3

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Sunny Daze says:

Which prenatal vitamins did you take? I am looking for a good brand.

Ashley Jackson says:

I can relate to what you went through. I was sick for 3 months. The water,
smells, everything…I can totally relate. Even the McDonald’s and Taco
Bell craving, lol Im 18 weeks. Congrats and I’m glad you’re starting to
feel better. 

smithersonjones says:

Girl get some suppositories to help with the nausea. …lol 142 pounds
…shewt my head weighs that much lol…shewt I had norplants in my arm a
while year..still found out i was pregnant with zae zae..he 19 now…..so
if God wants it…nothing you can do to prevent it lol

BronzeGoddess01 says:

Congrats again to you and hubby. 

Natalie K says:

Congrats and be careful not to complain, God had wonderful things in store
for your fam!

Mbracethenap says:

Congratulations and I wish you all the best

NaturallyTeeCee says:

Congrats to you and your husband!

nwele says:

Congratulations to you and your husband! Thank you for being so honest!!!I
really truly appreciate it. I wish you a better pregnancy than your first

AGrlCanMAC says:

Congratulations! Excited to see all your vlogs unfold

wj539 says:


Sharyn S says:

Congrats to you and your family.

IBVee says:

Yes… i was loving some mcd’s cheeseburgers too… i cant believe
it….good luck mama

napRISApy1 says:


ItsOnlyMakeup says:


syberdeeva says:


Cynthia Garcia says:

Congratulations girl!

wonderwomandiva michelle says:

Omg girl congrats!

Ivana BBeauty says:

Awwww!! Baby Number 3!! How unexpected and spectacular! Whelp I’m excited!
I been rockin wit u since b4 baby number 1!! 

Kas B says:

Congratulations! I truly believe God gives us exactly what we need! May he
continue to shine blessings on you and your family. I am hoping to have my
second one this year. Looking forward to more of your vlogs.

Clove Robbins says:

Blessings from God. Well wishes on your 3rd journey!

EmpressNatiLocs says:


lynnieluve says:


phylligurl says:

Your baby bump is adorable :) Oh, this brings back memories – I was
sensitive to smells the enitre pregnancy with my first daughter. I remember
sitting next to some guy on the train who was reading a newspaper and I
could smell the ink off the paper! She also had me craving Taco Bell
Grandes, had one every single day, lol. Hang in there, and I hope your
symptoms get better. Take care. :)

Sandra Balfour says:

Congrats ,what a blessing !

imani97 says:

I couldn’t (and still can’t) drink gingerale or gatorade after living on
them for the first few weeks. Now I drink mostly water, except for the two
week kool-aid binge I went on. Lol. Hoping your food aversions get better!

AtlantaAngel84 says:


DrkNSwt says:


future2331 says:

You look awesome. Congrats, and thanks for sharing.

lautisha says:


BeautywithinSherry says:

Congratulations. I’m so excited to hear your updates 😉 

jao526 says:


sonya collins says:


laniza98 says:


ADivaAlways says:

Congratulations!!! Wow baby #3

Harlem Rose says:

Congrats !!

lovmylocs says:

How old are your children? Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

PaulaPatriceMakeup says:

Congrats! You’re so pretty! 

QueenSemiramis says:

Congrats!! :)

4ULordSDG says:


beautyinfatuation says:

Congratulations! Looking forward to more videos.

Pintopam321 says:

Would you talk more about why C-sections were indicated in the first two

ladybug4mk says:


Giggra says:


tammy jo says:

Congrats mama !!!!

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