We are pregnant! How I told my husband after a year of trying. (Happy Halloween!)

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Indianapolis, IN : This was a last minute decision. I set up my iPhone to capture my husband’s response after trying nearly a year to have a baby. He hugs me for what feels like forever. And then I remembered it was still on record. ((Please post the link of the article and how you found this video, we love to see them!)) *******Click Show More to see where I got my iron on and other fun information*********

I’m taking a more natural approach to dealing with the difficulties and symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness – I smell peppermint; for difficulty sleeping – I diffuse peace and calm or lavendar/cedar wood; to help stay healthy – I diffuse thieves). I buy all my Essential Oils through: https://www.youngliving.org/jengrae Be sure to consult with your doctor and do your research.

Ordered my Pregnant Skeleton iron on back in March and finally got to use it. Made by Candlyland Studio! http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00BO59BSC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00BO59BSC&linkCode=am2&tag=youvid00-20&linkId=J4RD75NFMNHHPVRQ

Our dogs are rescue dogs, meaning we adopted them (except for one, he’s a foster dog). We are huge animal supporters and we encourage you to adopt and do not shop for your fur-ever friends and family. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, visit our rescue’s website to find your pet http://www.adoptarpo.org and if you’re out of our area, go to your local shelter. You’d be amazed at the types of animals you can find there.

We also have a side business doing photography in the Indianapolis area. Our availability is limited, but feel free to check out our pictures.
http://www.littlebirdsandbows.com/ and click on the skeleton photo! :)


SJTOYS says:

Monetize your video. Fox news picked up on this too. Congratulations!!!!! 

Vanilla Mom says:

WOW! You weren’t kidding it is taking off!! I’m tearing up for you guys. I
am so happy for you!!!

yv9008 says:

How adorable!! Made me cry! So beautiful the happiness can be felt

Reesha Nursoo says:

awesome:v but you should never say “WE ARE PREGNANT”..cause you are the
only one pregnant :P

Logan Tittle says:

This is so sweet! I work for HuffPost Live, the live-streaming network for
The Huffington Post/Aol and would LOVE to feature your video in a package.
Would that be alright with you?


Congratulations love it …now put some of the dogs out dogs house before
the baby is born

77ButterflyLuv says:

Awwww! I like the hugging forever. That was so sweet, you could tell how
happy he was because he kept grabbing you to give you a hug. :)

Ellie Troup says:

+Leslie A, congrats to you guys 😀 i love it, so sweet.. if anyone has any
ideas a cool way i could tell my husband that im pregnant when it happens
please let me know.. god bless to you guys :-D

SpinozasPsyche says:

–There’s a baby skeleton there.

–uhhh, yeah….

—But… mmmhh…. I don’t get it….

—Don’t you get it?

—Mmmmhhh… nope.

Apparently your husband doesn’t get not-so-subtle hints.

Shawn Axsom says:

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

We didn’t intend for this video to spread. It was posted on YouTube so we
wouldn’t lose it. We did post it on reddit.com to /r/BabyBumps for new
mothers to see, but it is surreal how many others took notice. I do see
other’s posts about narcissism, and while it wasn’t our intent to go viral,
I admit that it has been a pleasure to see others who have found a little
joy in it. I don’t enjoy the negative comments that I have read, but I can
put those aside knowing that some are benefiting from the video.

The spread of this video tells me that there are plenty of good people in
this world, to take a video so insignificant, so typical, and help it
spread partly because of it being a special albeit private moment, and that
it consists of an unusually long hug.

It isn’t news, but hopefully it is a welcome break from Ebola and
terrorism. Recent studies say that those who don’t read negative news are
happier. Videos like this may be irrelevant, but they can also be a relief
to many. It is a corny video, but it does seem to resonate. My coworker
said it made him think back to when he had his first child. Others are
either hopeful or understandably upset wanting it to happen to them.

We do have too many dogs, and their barking is just as annoying in real
life, but they make up for it in other ways. One is a foster that is too
scarred to be adoptable, and another is a “foster failure”. We shouldn’t
have adopted her, but she was too good-natured for a puppy. We will do what
is best for the child. We may have to downsize when the child arrives, but
unfortunately that may mean euthanizing the foster dog, which would be a
very difficult decision.

We hadn’t been trying as long as many that are less fortunate; however, we
had talked about children much longer than a year, and a year was just when
we really started losing hope. Leslie tested negative that morning even, at
least that is what she told me when I was leaving for work. That is why I
was skeptical that it could be true, and partly why it took an silly amount
of time to “get it”. I hope others get their moment of good news they
deserve as well.

It is bewildering to watch this video spread, but it is also uplifting to
see many people positively affected by it, if it only means bringing a
smile to a face for a brief moment.

NaturallyThriftyMom says:

Congratulations you two!

Dana Sims says:

This really made my morning! In a world and culture that constantly
bombards us with negative images and messages, this video captures the
beautiful simplicity of life. Not over-the-top or verbose just being a
happy young couple. Please allow me to also offer another unsolicited
comment… I LOVE that this is being celebrated between a husband and
wife. I’m no ultra conservative bible thumper (Lord knows I have no space
to do that) but as a woman of faith and mother of 3 children, marriage
matters. Thanks for sharing :-)

A Broke Girls Life says:

You should start vlogging. I would watch. Congratulations!!! 

lili land says:

This was on my bdayy!!

IcedLipGloss says:

I hope and pray I can have a relationship life this when I’m older. God
bless your family <3

mocajojo831 says:

We’ve been trying for years! I envy you, but I’m happy for you! We have
three adopted cats. (We were the foster parents for them, but we had to
keep them due to their FIV condition.) Anyway, I found your video through
one of the Japanese website. Yep, you’re famous!

LowerTheBoom1 says:

THis video is stagged!

UltraChuken says:

This video also has been introduced in Japan, so I think that many Japanese
have thanked you to share the moment of your happiness. I thank you, too.

Michele Lieske says:

Awww! Congratulations! It took us 3 1/2 years to conceive so I totally
know that surreal feeling. HH9M!

Lazarus StushLife says:

Sweet!! Congratulations,all the best to you both..oh and junior,lol!

Christine Slusser says:

Hi! My name is Christine, and I work for Newsy.com. We are thinking of
working on a piece this week about your pregnancy reveal video. May we
please have permission to use it in a video we’re producing? If so, how
would you like to be credited? We will be sure to include a link to your
original work in our piece. slusser@newsy.com

Cody Green says:

Congrats and wishing you all the best from Toronto. You have truly been
blessed not only with a baby but an obviously loving, caring husband. It
was so cute that he really did not want to let you go. This was such a nice
HAPPY video :-)

Kim Smith says:

LOVE how your hubby held you. CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!

oscar torres says:

Congrats, and God bless!

John Cox says:

Wow. This is absolutely great. You made my day. Thank you.
Congratulations and may God bless your new family.

Clinton Anthony says:

Congrats to the very happy couple and puppies!

yari16215 says:


rob bennett says:

Good for you. Stay as much or more in Love as you are now and give your
baby every chance he/she deserves in life.

Jessa Hamel says:

This is so awesome! :-D

Elaine Perez says:

he would make a great dad for sure, just look his reaction and those long
hugs aaaah haha congrats to you both! (:

Sasha Moodley says:

Absolutely heart warming!! The husbands reaction is absolutely priceless,
hr couldn’t stop hugging her :) congrats! 


Whats the point of getting pregnant if you have no idea how to make love?

Julia Aguilar says:

Congratulations! A child is such a blessing. I just turned 40 a few days
ago & i can’t have children I like to watch these types of videos to see
the joyous emotions a child brings to the mommy and daddy. I’ll never be a
mother but I love my “fur baby” who I call “son” congrats again and many
blessings!! Keep us updated! 

akashnai90 says:

sweetness overload :)
your husband wanted to hug you again at the end but got ignored :(
lol. stay happy :)

Laura Meckley says:

This is amazing! Congrats to both of you, and thank you for sharing your
big news with me! ♥ Best wishes and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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