Vlog: My Pregnancy Experience

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beautysnobonadime says:

aww I love this! You are a great mommy!

debthemakeupnoob says:

Congrats Felicia! That’s soo awesome! So you are right in the tail end of
morning sickness, thank goodness. I hope you are feeling well and that the
pregnancy is progressing well. You should definitely make some videos! I
think it would help out a lot of newly pregnant or soon to be moms! I
wished that I had done more videos, I just didn’t think that there would be
an interest. I am glad the video was helpful! Let me know if you have any
more questions or concerns.

Kessy S says:

By the way, love your haircut XD

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thanks Heather! I’m glad you liked it.

kellylikestowatch says:

Well, I don’t have kids, am not pregnant and am getting a little too old to
have kids…and I loved this video!! I think you are adorable and it is
easy to see that you are a great mommy. Good luck on your delivery. Holding
a good thought for you.


Hi that is one of the best pregnancy video Ihave seen so far on YT. I am
having a girl as well. My due date is in May. I can wait to see Your little
one.I am so excited.

debthemakeupnoob says:

I’m glad you liked it! I am so excited for you. Being a mom is truly the
greatest blessing of all. I hope you are feeling well!

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thanks Megan! I’m glad you liked it!

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thanks Pam!

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thanks! We are excited to meet her too!

Danielsbabe1227 says:

What a great video, Deb! I can’t wait to meet your daughter!

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thank you! I hope everything goes well too.

APreciousButterfly1 says:

Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope everything goes great for her arrival

debthemakeupnoob says:

You are welcome. I am actually not vegetarian, but I would suggest taking
iron pills. However, I would talk to your doctor about it because he/she
will point you in the right direction. There are lots of non-meat foods
that are rich in iron. I am flexitarian and I am STILL anemic, so it’s hard
to get enough iron, even if you eat meat. There’s a chance while you are
pregnant, you will crave foods you wouldn’t normally eat. Good luck with
all your baby endeveours! Any more questions, let me know!

Taurusbaby579 says:

Hi Deb! Thank u so much for making this video! My Hubby & I are getting all
our finances in order this year to hopefully start our family soon :-)
Right now I’m following a Vegetarian diet and am a bit worried about how/if
I will be able to continue that during pregnancy. Do you have any
tips/ideas on diet when pregnant? This will be my first when (when/if it
ever happens!!! I’m 33 and my clock has been a tickin’!!), so I really
don’t know what to expect.

lovefashion5 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video! I am actually 14 weeks pregnant
with my first :) I have not said anything yet in any of my videos, but I
plan to soon. This video was so helpful for me as this is all new to me
lol. I am going to look for the In the Womb book, that looks really

debthemakeupnoob says:

Thank you! I try to be the best mommy possible. I hope the delivery goes
well and she doesn’t end up in the NICU like our youngest did.

bintlooda says:

Thanks :)

Kessy S says:

First, congratulations on your baby :) I had to deal with the same issue in
the first trimester of my pregnancy – the morning sickness. I would throw
up everything I ate and lost a bunch of weight instead of gaining it. On
top of that I had the worst of headaches and major weakness. Couldn’t stand
up for longer than five or ten minutes without seeing blank. But the day I
entered my second trimester started it all stopped.

KrysiaChristina says:

Awh, Congratulations! I’m subscribed to you and saw you comment this… lol
:]] <33

Megan McFarland says:

Love this!

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