Video 1: Pregnancy – 10w3d – Fibroid & My Pregnancy

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mary konopasek says:

I am pregnant with my first and im 30 weeks along but I too have fibroids –
3 to be exact where one is 4 inches big….. my biggest fear, like you, was
miscarrying and now my biggest fear is to have a still born but I am told I
have a healthy baby and the fibroids shouldnt distrub me from having a
natural birth. I will admit though, having the fibroids sharing room with
baby is…… annoying as hell

Kelly Wilkinson says:

Positive .

Nataly Billett says:

Hey, you truly can reduce you fibroids naturally. Try it before taking any
harmful surgery

Michelle K says:

Oh my… Yours were even larger than mine. With the myomectomy, will you be
able to have kids? What problems have you had? Did you deliver c-section?

Michelle K says:

Thank you so much.. I will keep my VLOG updated. :)

socialwork63 says:

But think positive just try to put your mind at rest and enjoy your
pregnancy and that blessed baby that is growing within you!!! Best of luck
and please remember, take it easy……Lay of the Google it can do more
worse than good to wory, sometimes knwledge is NOT power!!

Michelle K says:

Nothing you can do but wait it out. For me, I thought I was going to have a
C Section and I worried a little but I realized the worrying wouldn’t
change anything but make things worse… It’s better to think positive and
towards the end of my pregnancy, the fibroids, as big as they got, moved as
my belly grew and I delivered naturally and it didn’t cause any problems
for my pregnancy just the painful cramping I had ! :)

Michelle K says:

It’s been good actually… a couple of painful episodes but I’ve been
great. I am 29 and my fibroid moved up so I am actually going to a vaginal
delivery. I still have my fibroid… I’m 39 weeks today. :) only 7 more
days to go!

Katie J says:

I don’t have any advice, but I want you to know you are in my thoughts. I
hope you have a healthy safe pregnancy!

Edraline Bane says:

hi… : ) im also a 10 weeks and to 2 days pregnant with a 15 cm fibroids
and my OB said it will get much bigger , i am so scared on what will happen
to my baby. I did a research also, reading positive comments, and as i
watched your video i felt so relieved and happy, hopefully i will be the
same situation as yours.good for are blessed! and congratulations:

Michelle K says:

Believe me, I know that! But not knowing sometimes drives me crazy too! lmao

socialwork63 says:

Hey girly, i was told i had 3 fibroids that were around 4 cm prior to
pregnancy, in pregnancy that developed into 5. Just like you I was
googleing like crazy and even warned my husband that we were likely to
miscarry, but Thank God nope my little boy is now 9 months. Three of my
fibroids grew to 9 cm, and postpardum there now around 6cm ve now
unfortunately got to get a myomectomy and there causing me a lot of post
pardom problems.

Chigurl0785 says:

How has your pregnancy been thus far? You should be like 6-7 months right?
I am asking because I found out that I have a fibroid as well, this is my
1st pregnancy and I am only 27.

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