Teenage Pregnancy: My Story.

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Hi, my name is Mykayla and I am 18 years old. I just graduated highschool, class of 2013 and a few months later found out that I am pregnant. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my daughter Brooklyn Faith. Having a baby for the first time is hard at any age, but it doesn’t make it any easier that im only 18. I hope my story can help some of you have someone to relate to if youre going through a hard time with teenage pregnancy as well. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will do a separate Q&A video later, Thank you guys for watching


MKTO.baby says:

This is what annoys me about society if a teens are pregnant it’s the
“girls FAULT” it takes 2 people to have a child you can’t blame one person
it takes 2 

jack dawson says:

relate??how about prevent??go to college and get a degree and then get
knocked up. i was abstinent through out high school because of shit like
this. is deplorable that you somehow afford a baby but you couldn’t afford
condoms or the pill. now i don;t have kids ,but im constantly being
solicited to help someone idiot single mother take care of her child. i
hope to see more videos promoting safe sex or no sex. you’r to fucking
young!!!! what the fuck where you thinking. sex was that important. have
fun going to college with the little one. how hard is it to buy a doctors
visit and pills. since you can now afford a child you can tell me. yeah
your life is about to get a hole lot harder. i don’t pity a single one of
you. considering there are those of us who sacrificed everything for this
not to happen and then are told and demanded even by the christian church
to help someone else out in this situation.where do you get off. i could
understand and agree this video more if you weren’t promoting sex at your
age let alone teen pregnancy.

william watson says:

13 and pregnant, where I’m from thats called retarded or a stupid slut I am
not really able to tell the difference I hope the rest of your life is
ruined you dumb slut

sabrina kardashian says:

Remember a baby is a blessing. I’m sure you will be a great mom. And you
can still do things like going to college ect.. God doesn’t put anything on
you that you can’t handle. 

Maria Helene says:

I am a teen mom too, you’re not alone! Hope to see more videos <3

Bryan Arroyo says:

My girlfriend is pregnant. I want to support her but she just whats me like
out of her life. I love her i really do. I’m starting to look for a job
everywhere.But she as a job that’s the thing that i hate the most, that i
cant get a fucking job. Right now were not talking i think she really does
not want me in her life. She always tells me that she get do it alone. I
don’t want to live her alone :( I don’t know what to do.

Tiffani Esquivel says:

I had my son (first baby) when I was 16. If you ever need to talk feel free
to message me. I know exactly what your going through. Best of luck

Hannah Middleton says:

I am 12 and pregnant

AW- SOME says:

My name is Makayla im 10 😀 xD

Madison Johnson says:

Stay strong your going to be a great mom when you see your little girl in
your arms you,ll now it was ment to be everything happens for a reason stay
strong you’ll be a great mom<3

maria velazquez says:

post more you abseloutley perfect

Justina Morales says:

Stay strong hun :) you’re beautiful and im sure you’re little blessing on
the way will make you very happy once you see him/her for the first time in
your arms… ^.^ (:

micah brady says:

I’m 24 and never had sex I’m waiting on marriage. I’m better than you and
your stupid ass boyfriend. And if you were my kid id beat the living fuck
out of him. 

Taygen Williams says:

My cuz is a teen mom

nicole sky says:

u should make more videos!!
ur not alone..
is it a boy or a girl name?

Cupcake1007857 says:

I’m 17 and pregnant. Due in sep 2014

kylie jasperson says:

hey mykayla I’m a teen mom I was 17 when I fell pregnant with my first baby
boy I was scared but once I seen my son’s ultrasound I was so excited to
have him in my arms and when I went into labour I was 18 when I gave birth
to my son . then a month later I found out I was pregnant a second time
with my second son was a accident but I don’t regret falling pregnant with
him because I love both boys to bits. but the sad thing is the boys are
upset at night because they want to see their dad but he don’t want to know
them . I hope everything turns out right for you darls add me on google+

Satrio Wibowo says:

god love you, and god knows the better life for you, and He showing the way
by giving you a little angle, and that will make you through so much lesson
to learn about life. you don’t have to regret about anything, walk through
it and face it, you’re strong than you know you are,

Lucy crawley says:

My boyfriends parents were the same
They kept saying I trapped him
Im 27 weeks pregnant and his mum got in my face slapped me and shouted
saying I trapped her son
We nownlive together his mums a horriable peraon she hates me dont see it
takes 2 people to have a baby

jamester says:

I’m a boy but I think if they get mad at her for her decesion than mine as
well parent her

Morgan Champlin says:

I know what you’re going through. I’m 16 and pregnant with a baby boy. I’m
so scared and at times I feel extremely lonely at times even though I have
support from my family and boyfriend but I still can’t help but feel like
this at times. It is very stressful but I’m trying my best for my son.

watchDenise says:

keep strong x

Gerry Lakey says:

every thing happens for a reason god new this was going to happen keep

Kara Phelan says:

good on you

Natália Batista says:

All the best to you and the baby :)

Kiralee Robertson says:

I support you 

Vanessa Buenrostro says:

Boy or Girl :)?

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