(Secret) Pregnancy Vlog | Weeks 5-6

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Have you seen my big announcement?!

Check out my latest beauty video!

Check out my latest pregnancy vlog!

Products mentioned:

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Lotion

Motherlove Belly Salve

On me:

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint (Glow)

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (Custard)

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (Brightener)

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer
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Physicians Formula Nude Wear Bronzer (Light)

Mary-Lou Manizer

Sedona Lace 28 Blush Palette

Whitening Lightning Brow Bar To Go
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Anastasia Brow Wiz (Soft Brown)

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Glory Vegan Nail Polish (Bukumi)

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– How I whiten my teeth | http://youtu.be/7AQSm4peSJ8

– This is my natural hair color! If I were to dye it this color, the shade would fall somewhere in between Natural Instincts Medium and Dark Browns.

– These are my real nails & this is my nail care routine | http://youtu.be/wiUuLHc-npY

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ColorSweptBeauty says:

You are so adorable and glowy I am just so happy for you and Kyle you will
be the best mommy! You look gorgeous as always love <3 yayyyy baby weiland!

FromBrainsToBeauty says:

I totally have super baby fever, and I don’t have babies, so I am all for
preggo vlogs!!! If I get preggo, I plan to do a pregnancy vlog as well.

You mentioned you didn’t get morning sickness, so how did you know you were
pregnant? What was the symptom that made you feel pregnant? Or are you just
tracking ovulation and knew?

anakarory says:

ugh. unsubscribing.

FancyThatwithCandice says:

I’m SO super excited for you, Rachel! You are going to be an ADORABLE
mommy!!! I documented my pregnancy on my channel, too, with monthly
updates…and I’m really glad I have them! Such a treasure to look back!
(Now my baby is 8 months!) Hope you’re feeling fabulous. You definitely
look it! Hugs, Candice

Carter Sams says:

I love that you’re doing this, I’m nowhere near pregnant but this is so
informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Beauty2Shoozzz says:

So exciting!!! Really happy for you both! This video took me back to when I
was pregnant – I loved every minute of it. Now my little man is getting
ready to turn nine!!! Wishing you the best!!! :)

Michelle Alvarez says:

Congratulations Rachel!
Im 8 weeks pregnant :) funny fact: my doctor told me NOT to read that book,
because it makes you expect the worst

cleo queen says:

Ive never been pregnant and I find this interesting. I could really listen
to you talk about paint drying.

Diana Saldana says:

ahhhhh im so excited for you! I definitely want you to keep doing the
pregnancy vlogs. Congrats I’m sooooo happy for you. you’re going to be an
amazing mommy. :) xoxo 

loverslane29 says:

I am so glad that you did this! It is so fun to watch :)

Melissa says:

Rachel you look so beautiful!!! I so love your pregnancy vlogs!! I’m super
excited and happy that you decided to take us along with you throughout
this wonderful journey!! Many blessings for you, your hubby and your little
bundle of joy! :) xoxox

Christine Cahill says:

You should try the La Roche Posay lipikar baume, it’s insanely good for
eczema :)

Victoria Malone says:

I know that you feel like there’s no need to put anything on your belly yet
because you’re not showing but it’s a preventative measure. You don’t want
to wait till it’s growing because by then you’re more likely already have
stretch marks forming. Think of a deflated balloon, you don’t see the
stretch mark till you blow it up and deflate it. I worked for motherhood
maternity for 3 yrs so I know alot. Hehe. ;-)

MermaidMazy says:

Girl I know this is a past video, but please let me reccomend using the
lotions for your belly, chest, and the sides of your body, even your legs!
I escaped the brunt of stretch marks except I didn’t put the lotion on the
sides of my stomach (where love handles are) and it’s pretty bad there as
well as the sides of my legs..I mean now 7 yrs later they aren’t really
noticeable but still…save yourself the grief, I’ve beard bio oil is
effective but never used that particular product :)
Btw my daughter is here and she wanted me to say “I can’t wait to see your
baby girl” lol she is assuming it’s a girl (maybe she’s right 😉 yay for
preggos :)

Kelly Santos says:

At this point in your pregnancy did you take blood tests to check your hcg
levels? My husband and I just found out that I am pregnant and I have taken
a few already… I would love to know about your experience with this :)

Brooke_Lagace says:

Congrats!! You Look SOO Happy :)

GlowofGrace says:

NEW VIDEO | The 1st (secret) pregnancy vlog that I ever filmed!! Come see
how I was doing in weeks 5 & 6!

Leah N says:

I just found out yesterday! How long did you wait to tell everyone?

Amy Hunter says:

I call that book, “What To Be Afraid of When You’re Expecting.” Look into
having a doula at your birth :)

meemee410 says:

Try babygaga it’s fun

joycely21 says:

Use your strechmark cream now trust me it would helo alot. I stared use it
since i found out that i was pregnat of my 5 yr boy, and thanks God i have
no strechmark on ny belly but i do have on my boobs and am 100% sure that
the cream helped out. Good luck girl may the Lord bless u this new journey
love uuuu

RefreshingLeighSimpl says:

I am so glad that you mentioned that Aveeno lotion for eczema. I’m pretty
sure I have that b/c My hands are SOO peely and dry and about two weeks ago
they were just so itchy. Regular lotion hasn’t been working so I’ll try
that! Many congrats to you!

Linda M says:

so happy for you!! you’re going to be a fabulous mom.:) I remember those
stretching pains of the ligaments. you shouldn’t feel it much in the second
trimester. look forward to the upcoming vlogs.

Marcela Rodriguez says:

You and Samantha Droke look alike. I had to get that out b/c I’ve watching
your videos and I keep thinking you look like someone I’ve seen on tv.

Ashleigh Jayne says:

This was fantastic! I loved that you described everything you were going
through, especially with the growing pains and how you recommended the
products. You look beautiful. Can not wait for the next video xx (and of

vanessaroseo says:

AHHHHH!!!! OMG!!! Congratulation!!!!! I’m so excited for your news!!!

Emily Towler says:

Super excited to see the video especially after seeing the announcement
video! :)

Amarperez says:

I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I got a craving for the
McDonald fish sandwich. I have never liked them and only ate it then. I
don’t know what got into me. Those sandwiches are so gross. 

mysonruns says:

You’re definitely glowing! I’m so happy for you! I so enjoyed my first
pregnancy. PS: get lots of sleep before the baby comes!

Vanessa Flores says:

Wow congratulations and god bless you and your family and baby 2 of course

MakeOverWithMyra D says:

Oh my darling ! You will be just about the CUTEST MOM EVER ! Congrats ! 

HisPassionPrincess says:

Congratulations. I am also possibly pre go a d I have been having those
pains in the bikini area too. 

Maria Sipe says:

Love the joy and glow! What an exciting time! Congratulations again and
these vlogs are great! Love the explanations and recommendations! 

Kylie Medley says:

Oh my… I just found out I’m gonna be a mommy(: I’m only 8 weeks but
please keep these up!!

Krischeer50 says:

Congrats again Rachel, I pray you and your family have a safe pregnancy!
You are so sweet and blessed. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! God

Katie Brown says:

That’s so awesome that years from now you can look back on these videos,
and even share them with your little one. Congrats again! 

Laurie Rhan says:

Thanks so much for sharing your pregnancy with us!!!

karen balas says:

yes we want to see these videos! congrats to u and kyle! u will make great

Casey Weber says:

That’s the only thing that helped my eczema too! It will help out a lot
once you have your baby too! Congrats Rachel!!!

kimheartddub says:

God Bless you Rachel. Congratulations on the baby!

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