PRICELESS Reaction from Husband to Pregnancy Announcement!

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– I wanted to surprise my husband with the good news of our positive pregnancy test. I set up my cell phone camera to catch his reaction. His response is pretty priceless! :)
UPDATE: Here are a couple pics of our little man at 3 months old…

(I added captions since the audio was not very good. Also, please excuse all the tapping in the background- that’s our dogs’ toenails tapping the kitchen floor.They must have been nervous and pacing too :)


JFJ Videos says:

For those asking for an update- baby boy Brady should be here in less than
3 weeks!- probably sooner as he’s a healthy, big boy!

kpsnnf says:

lot of hateful comments, didn’t expect that.. a year on, how’s the kid? :)

beatweezl says:

Like that marriage is going to last. He keeps telling her to shut up. How
can she put up with that abuse?

Just a Youtuber says:

What the fuck something in the oven has to do with her having a baby?

Sevgi Sezen says:

So adorable. Thanks for sharing, it is really PRICELESS reaction. The best
wishes for this cutest boy. 

Pritty Krissy says:

Aww this is so adorable <3 Congrats! So what did you name your gorgeous

Trilby McTip says:

Redditor here! What’s the big deal about this? I get asked all the time if
I am pregnant, which I’m not.

I just don’t see why this was front page material.

– Trilby McTip, Gilded Redditor, Brony, Weeaboo, PC Gamer

mOnK27640 says:

….and justin beiber was made 

Maria Nieves says:

Lol are you serious?! SHUT UP! lol love it he’s so in shock. I love when he
admits that he has a big mouth! Lol God bless your family! 

Levani KH says:

just remove song on ending from 2:12 and will be great 

stanislav576 says:

Sorry but I hate it when a guy says something and a girl knows the answers
but asks why. Its so annoying my girlfriend does it. I say I wanna be with
her and shes like why. Cos she wants me to list all the reasons!! 😀 

Marc Power says:

That is awesome… Congrats…Any many who doesn’t crack up a least a
little bit from news like that is a psycho..

BigHern58 says:

This was great stuff says:

Man’s adorable reaction to wife’s ‘bun in the oven’ pregnancy announcement:

A man is overcome with emotion when his wife reveals that he’s going to be
a dad – once he finally realises why she’s put in a bread bun in their oven.

+Rebecca Gillie 

Shitbeatz McStankerson says:

Wife is fine as hell, keep a ring on it, K.

ehdgjskkk says:

you two are very cute. I love your video except for one thing…. the song
at the last….

Colton Evey says:

That was amazing, happy for you two :)

maysen tinsley says:

Is ur husband british? U r sooo lucky. Congrats you 2 and I hope u have an
amazing future with ur family

NegraMonroe says:

Why do men always ask “How’d ya do that?!” hahahahaha! So cute! Congrats

MJeanet says:

“howd ya do that?” lmao awesome! Congrats!

Leemaid2010 says:

This was on my birthday last year and it was uploaded on my boyfriend’s
birthday. :D

SuneWorld says:

Wow, that’s a real man showing true heart. I almost pissed my pants when my
girlfriend told me. I am sure you are a GREAT dad! Thank you for sharing
the video and making me smile! And I have to say you have a lovely vibe
between yourself. Humanity score!

Rainbow7Warriors says:

Awww, this was precious and made me tear up, although as a lesbian with no
interest in procreating I can’t relate to the reason for your feelings, I
can totally relate to that joy and happiness! I’m glad she recorded and
shared it, thank you! Very sweet!

Ant Stargaze says:

This video has over one year and still no baby. I guess that hoven thing
takes longer than usual…

Amanda Dunn says:

That is so sweet. I’m sure you two will be amazing parents!

Kim Smith says:

How’s the new family? Your hubbys voice & reaction are so ADORABLE.

Markrar says:

Dear god turn off the comments!! PLEASE TURN OFF THE COMMENTS.

331ljr says:

That made me cry.. so sweet.
And my daughter is going to name her first born Sebastian! It was my
great-grandfathers name.

jenlocke says:

Ignore the idiots with their fake reddit comments, this is their full time
job. Your guys’ video was so adorable and your son is absolutely gorgeous!
Congrats! :)

Kate Pamplin says:

Haha, I did the exact same thing with my husband! Congrats to you!

starRN08 says:

Awwww, I love your husband’s character here! :-) Congratulations to both of
you! You are both funny,too!

ensta says:


oowhaaa says:

This is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile :) I cried and I don’t cry that
easily! Lol <3

Manny Perez says:

I’m calling April 17th right now! (My birthday) :) LET’S GO!

CheriesArt says:

SWEET, SWEET VIDEO!!! Blessings to you all, how’s it going Brady/??

Disn3yNia says:

“Sebas what’s up dude !” Loved it 

Gaunnt says:

Best wishes to your family. Nice start.

Nancy Mikail says:

That is soooooo adorable

Omkar S says:

Congrats! That’s awesome

Denny Gordon says:

Press 2 to see the light switch in his head go on! 

Mei Me says:

What an amazing daddy reaction all men should react like this.
Congratulatio n’s on being parents and sharing such a touching moment made
me cry too

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