Pregnancy: Weeks 29-32 (Month #8)

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Morning sickness (and all those other first trimester symptoms) have probably re-appeared during month eight. ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»»



Am really not feeling Christmas cus am looking forward to meet my baby
February 2015, pregnancy journey is not easy but amazing. That mix feelings
when you are getting close, counting down. 

Sharon Crose says:

im 29 weeks 3 D with my first born, a baby girl named Jasmine. Meeting her
Feb 2015 xx

IsThisRealLife says:

Due December 17th… a lil scared now .. baby number 1 :)


Aww I see so much lovers here #February. Me first week of February I can’t

Karinah Riggins says:

Due date February 1 2015 can’t wait to get this over with 

Sashiana Munerlyn says:

feb 11 2015 with my first(girl) yayy cant wait

timika henderson says:

Due Feb 10 with #1 Its a boy. So nervous and excited!

Damianandpage Kochis says:

Baby #1. (: SO EXCITED!! (:
Due Valentines Day 2015 ♥♥

mary konopasek says:

Due Feb 6th with my first ….. my lil Janet

Wendy freytes says:

im seven months pregnant and I get a lot of pains specially my legs and
back ugh my due date is for February 14 2015

kaylynn burbank says:

very helpful thank you ! first baby due jan 21 !! so excited !!

Tiffany Coley says:

Due Feb 9th , another boy. Baby #4(and last!) Can’t wait to see him! 

Simone Aichiko says:

Due 22 November :)

Court Tony says:

I’m due Dec 7th! Can’t wait to meet our baby girl! This is baby number 3,
and it’s just as exciting as the other two pregnancies. 

Vivian Sanchez says:

I’m due on October 25th!! Can’t wait to see her!! 

Porshia Sheppard says:

Due date Feb 17 baby #2 

Tawannadria Josey says:

I’m due January 13,2015 my husband bday with baby #7 and boy #5

Alondra Gonzalez says:

Due Feb 3 , with my 1st baby !!

Cherelle Wimes says:

I’m having pains at the bottom of my stomach and i’m 8 month pregnant. It’s
on and off but when i walk around it don’t go away so i think i’m gooing to
have my baby as soon as November 28, 2014.
And yes I’m having a baby girl and her name will be “Treasure
Michelle-Marie Brown”. She is truly love and she’s not even here yet. 

Melissa Shoels says:

Due Jan 22nd 2015 with triplets 2 boys n 1 girl I’m so excited to see if
they gonna look like mommy or daddy congrats to all of u mom to be 

Katherine Christopher says:

May 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!

mariam wane says:

December 1st and I haven’t bought a thing! Yikes! O.o

Brittany Jones says:

I’m due October 14th with my baby girl 

Melissa Lamson says:

I’m due 20th of December 2014 – 1st baby … 

Mary Rosas says:

Due January 16 2015 With baby #2 

Tiffany Laws says:

Oct 20th !!!

Jessica Valenzuela says:

Am due Jan. 19th 2015, it’s my 3rd baby boy. Can’t wait to meet him, his
brothers are also excited.

Andey Koiwai says:

Due December 15th 2014 – 1st baby^^

Eboni Holman says:

Lol im Due September 25 !! SEPTEMBER BABIES!!

Alison Martinez says:

Im due Dec.25th… pretty scared 😮 

Soheila Ahmadi says:

January 3rd and cant wait anymore

Boitumelo Mokoena says:

My due date December 16 my 3rd daughter

anastasia woods says:

due November 12th im so ready to meet my lil prince

stephanie p says:

I’m due october 24 I can’t wait to meet my baby girl!!

Chiquita Norwood says:

my Due Date December 17 ,2014

Qulashia Mclaurin says:

Due Dec.2 first baby && I can’t wait ..

sassy candelaria says:

November 11, 2014 . I can’t wait to meet my baby girl . ♡♡♡

Sioux Glam says:

I’m due Thanksgiving day! Can’t wait to hold my baby boy.

rome d says:

month 8 start at week 33

the80sbabi says:

due dec 27th

Ashley Mchugh says:

I’m due November 6th with my son

Zion mo says:

Due November 24th

firstlady0817 says:

Im due nov 16, 2024

Jasmide August says:

I’m due on November 17th can’t wait! !:-)

Sarah X says:

26 November :)

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