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– First Impressions: 24 pc. Brush Set + Concealer, Blush & Contour Kit ♥ Shany Cosmetics

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ErinandBaby says:

My son flipped at 37 weeks so there’s always a chance of her turning. :) I
put frozen peas at the top of my belly and I swear that’s what made him

heidicupcake says:

babe, i gained 50lbs with my pregnancy.. ew. your fears are completely
understandable. <33 

krista brianne says:

I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy! 

navygirlist says:

lol you know you can ride those motor scooters, take advantage of it. Keep
a mental note of this it takes almost a year to grow the baby so allow
yourself a year to heal and loose it. 

Chanlyn Rollier says:

Ooh girl your makeup looks so good in this video! Glad you’re doing well!

frowniebrown86 says:

check out spinning babies (the website) and see a good chiropractor to
help her flip. don’t lose hope just yet, mama!

melanie Corrigan says:

You still look beautiful and sooooooo happy! Good job mama keep the
nutrients coming! The worst part of my pregnancy was PREGO BRAIN,
unfortunatly it didn’t completely go away! It cracks my hubby up :)

Heather Cubrilo says:

You are so beautiful its not even funny

beautybylex1101 says:

I’ve been obsessed with apriljustintv even before they got pregnant i talk
about them all the time in my videos :) love them. lol. but i hope all goes
well with your baby girl. <3 ps love your simple eye look in this video. :)

Norman Sanchez says:

girl I’ve gained 30 pounds and I have a small frame! I’m 30 weeks. (ignore
the username thats my hubby)

soupbigga says:

You still look so good pregnant! Your baby bump is so cute!(: 

ThatCLeigh says:

girl, the background is adorable!! so jealous of your imac! :) But so
excited for your baby girl :) :) 

Laura Morrish says:

I gained a lot of weight too and felt really uncomfortable in my own skin.
I stopped looking at the scales completely. I lost all my baby weight and
than some. Breast feeding helps you lose a lot of extra calories and
walking as much as you can helps and it’s good for baby and let’s them have
a nice fresh air snooze :) looking great girl!

Recie Jones says:

Oh GIRL!! I’m getting so antsy and anxious for you. You will KNOW if she
turns. When my two year old flipped at 37 weeks, it was the craziest thing
I had ever seen. She too was tiny. I also have a short torso and had lower
fluid with her. My second pregnancy was a breeze in comparison. I’m so
happy for you that she’s doing well and you are too.
C-secton’s aren’t nearly as scary as you may have heard or think. I had two
and recovered fairly quickly and well. If I could give you any advice from
experience, rest as much as you’re able, well duh. lol <3

Sexyluv231 says:

Honestly once your doctors say your ready to exercise. Just eat as healthy
as possible and workout 5 days a week. If you do that you can get back into
shape within 3 months.

Talia F says:

my belly button did not pop out either :)

joanna lavalle says:

And oh wait who’s vids u be watching let me knw I love to follow :) 

Missi Wyrick says:

Honey you look gorgeous!! 

palmtreeparadisee says:

You are so beautiful & you look so happy! I’m so excited for you & Brock!
Have you picked out a name yet? & are you going to film while you’re at the
hospital & during labor?

Stephcod says:

If you have insatiable thirst you need to check your blood sugar. That is a
major symptom of diabetes.

frowniebrown86 says:

I gained 60lbs my first time, and it did come off thank goodness.

joanna lavalle says:

OMG I think I wrote the wrong add grrrrr please let me knw if you get my
mail :) hope u like all I got you well the baby :) if I get it back I will
resend it ASAP !!!!!! But please let me knw if you did tho just Mgs and I
will let u knw my PO box :) 

Shantal B says:

Whats baby girls name? :)

Kait Nichole says:

Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 30-31 | Baby Registry, Gaining Weight & Braxton

Catherine Hobson says:

I totally feel your pain with the weight gain! I’m 29 weeks and have
already gained 30+ pounds even though I’ve been eating healthy and only
drinking water! I’ve never been so uncomfortable with my body image and
looking at the scale honestly depresses me so I think I’m going to quit!
Lol. You look great though! I plan on breast feeding just because I’ve
heard that it makes your uterus and hips return to their pre-pregnancy
state and also burns tons of calories! 

Joni Mingus says:

yay pregnancy vlog, i love your videos girl! that’s exciting! i’ve
mentioned it before my son was 2lb14 at 27 weeks! are you going to
breastfeed? (if you want to answer!) that will help with the weight loss. i
know what you mean, i am going every 2 weeks! high risk has its pros and
cons! name girl, do you guys have a name?! are you going to do a name
reveal or just reveal it at birth? very excited for you!

Deana Hofer says:

You look so gorgeous in this video! I haven’t been watching YouTube for
awhile so I’m catching up on all your videos (=

Stacia Wright says:

love ur brows, on point mama…

EmeraldGreen says:

Your makeup looks so amazing! Not that they ever looked bad before:) but I
really like this look!

Theresa Marie says:

I can’t wait to see her! Are you waiting to reveal her name or did I miss
it? lol.. Also, are you and your hubby putting together a nursery before or
after she’s born? I know some people wait since the baby usually stays with
mom & dad for a few months. Love your videos! xo

Miranda Green says:

i gained 40lbs don’t worry girl you lose it fast!! you’ll be surprised! 

Kirsten Tucker says:

We are at the same weeks in our pregnancy and I went from my healthy lower
140 to yeah I’m in the 2**. Im going to bust my ass after this pregnancy.
Swelling and water retention ughhhh lol and ice cream :)

Jacqueline Thompson says:

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with a boy. So I know what you’re going through (: 

Kaela Martinez says:

Love ur hair and makeup! Can’t wait til she’s born !!

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