Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 19 & 20 | Anatomy Scan, Baby Kicks & Birth Plan?

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Elle Is For Living says:

Loved this. So happy for you. I am not pregnant but, can I claim
pregnancy brain? lol! I hope you don’t have to do that drive. I totally
respect you won’t have her on the channel. Are you going to share her name
ahead of time? Baby room tour? Do you have a PO Box? xoxo Elle

Lindsay England says:

You look beautiful! My sister is now at 8months, we just had her baby
shower last weekend. It’s amazing what they have for babies these days. I’m
so excited to be an aunt!
Take care of yourself! Can’t wait to hear how she is next!

Mrslolalynn says:

You look so cute! You know where I stand on showing kids on the internet,
so I’m right there with ya! :) 

Emily Stogdill says:

I’m teeny tiny and have had 2 babies completely natural! No epidural or
anything. My first was small at 6lbs 4oz and my other one was short and
stumpy at 7lbs. You;ll be fine doing it naturally I believe! Unless of
course llike you said something emrgency wise comes up.

alexgirl511 says:

I totally understand that you do not want her online and I appreciate you
showing us her at all you dont have to do that so I cant wait, but do you
think you could show us just a pic of her after a year I wanna see her then
because she will be bigger and might look like you. <3

Jrae Huffman says:

I had terrible reactions to the epidural. I recommend a doula or birthing
class for natural birth. I think those two things would have helped me
avoid getting induced at only 40 weeks. You can do This!!! Just be extra
prepared but I have faith you can do it. Also just know that natural births
in hospitals are a little harder but it’s still Completly possible!!! Just
know what to expect. Exciting!! Will you be able to be in water?

CrystalNicole017 says:

I have my 20 week anatomy scan on Monday this vlog made me even more
excited for it!

Ariel Field says:

It’s cute listening to a first time mom talk about these little things like
they’re all the most exciting things in the world, haha. Because I know
when it was me, I felt the same way. As a mom of 3, every new milestone is
exciting…that never changes! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
and enjoy it, don’t be in a rush…she will be here before you know it! 

MakeupByLindsey91 says:

I remember the anatomy scan being very nerve racking with our son it was
such a relief to hear everything was ok! I don’t blame you for not wanting
an epideral I had a really bad reaction to the meds after he was born and
was miserable the whole next day!! Sounds like you are doing great. I will
keep you in my prayers for a healthy rest of your pregnancy! Ps the drink
doesn’t necessarily taste bad it is just waaayyy to sweet! But, I know you
will get through it just fine. Just don’t throw it up you will have to
drink it all over again

Stephanie Matos says:

You look beautiful Rachel. I do have to say though how funny it is how
‘sure’ first time moms are on what they want and dont want for labor. 90%
of the time labor ends up being totally different and they do everything
they said they would not. I think its just an experience you cannot
understand unless you are in it. As someone without kids, I wonder what it
will be like for me. I wish you all the very best but just stay open minded
about EVERYTHING. Cant wait to see your pregnant progress. Happy vibes!

Joy Lao says:

You look great! I have 3 kids and I have to say L & D was the Best part of
my pregnancy. I had such a hard time with all my morning sickness all 3 of
them. My water broke and went straight to the hospital and I knew I really
wanted Epidural because I didn’t want to go through all the pain. I was so
relaxed and waited for that time to push and honestly I was able to sleep
while waiting for my Dr. I’m sure other woman has different experience with
epidural but to me I was fine and delivered all my babies safely. Don’t
worry u will be fine just practice your breathing and how u push;) Good
luck to u and wishing u all the best in life. God bless!

Erin Ivanovski says:

Birth plans can totally go out the window at times unfortunately, you have
a wonderful birth plan and can do it! Its all in the mind really. I
honestly as crazy a it sounds felt that labor and obviously delivery were
the best experiences of my life (besides marrying my husband *wink,wink*)
lol. My birth plan was like yours, I didn’t want to be induced, I didn’t
want a c sec unless it was REALLY medically necessary, and I didn’t want
the epidural. Well my water had a very very slow leak at 39 w 4 d After a
Dr appt. I think she might have been a bit rough checking me because it was
very uncomfortable and after that is when I noticed I was leaking, tmi but
I wasn’t quite sure what it was being it was my first and it was so little,
that night it started becoming more and more frequent so that am I called
the nurse and she said to come in. I unfortunately was induced being that I
was already leaking fluid for nearly 24 hours, I opted out of the epi for
15 hours, after a night of no sleep wondering what the heck I was leaking
and getting up to change, I was exhausted my contractions were very intense
about 6 hours into my induction , I have a high pain tolerance as well and
I grinned and bared it those 15 hours and my mind set was, my baby is
coming and this is all so natural and women have been doing this since the
dawn of time!!! Anyways after 15 hours of intense labor and contractions
being approx 5 mins sometimes less I think I decided to get the epi :( I
was honestly passing out between,my contractions from pure exhaustion. 2
hours later my little man was born, perfectly healthy and mad at the world.
Lol. I am to a point glad I did end up getting the epi becAuse my Dr
decided I needed a epiesiatimy which was honestly the WORST part of it all!
This time around (I am 18 weeks and 4 days today) I am going to try to do
things differently and wait to push, not push right when,I am a 10 ,
because sometimes when you are a 10 your body is still not ready to push, I
will push when I have no,choice and my body is doing,it for me so it lowers
m chance of having,that darn epiesiatimy again and tearing as well.

Sorry this is so long I just thought I’d share my first time experience
with you, didn’t mean to write a novel. I totally respect you,and your
husband’s plans of keeping your precious one off the internet! I would
honestly do the same if I was a vlogger or doing what you are doing. I do
enjoy watching,some moms who include their little ones but as for myself I
wouldn’t do that! Keep her all to yourselfs for as long as possible! The
moments you have with her are going to be sacred and close to the heart and
soul of you and your husband and family! Some things are not ment to be
shared. God bless you guys! I am so excited for you and this experience,
you are beautiful from the inside out! Enjoy every experience as much as
possible. Every bit of it is so beautiful , babies are truly a gift from
God! I sware the day I had my son and he was laid on my chest I never felt
closer to my heavenly father. It brings tears to my eyes just typing and
thinking about it.

Xoxo~ Erin

FromBrainsToBeauty says:

I’m actually glad you talked about travelling while pregnant. I always
wonder how that is and if it’s doable. You seem to do it well. :) 

Samantha DeMuro says:

I work for an OB/Gyn and regarding your birth plan, if you DON’T have to
have a C-Section, make sure you’re able to walk around. It helps things
progress. So many doctors want to immediately tie you to the bed, so to
speak, by hooking you up to so many machines you’re forced to remain on
your back. It’s not natural. Walking is good if you’re able. I personally
don’t want kids but if I chose to have them, I would be like you. All
natural if possible. No epidural for me. We’ve had patients that have had
them and end up with horrible headaches from the epi. I think your plan
sounds like a good one. But if you have to have a C-Section, you have to. I
wish you the best.

Kylie Medley says:

I’m 12 weeks and some odd days and I was so thinking about like documenting
somehow of everything I feel and la da da… but I didn’t and now I
desperately wish I would have…

meemee410 says:

We have a picture of him blowing bubbles lol it’s so so cute

GlowofGrace says:

NEW PREGNANCY VLOG | Weeks 19 & 20. Anatomy Scan, Baby Kicks & Birth Plan?

Josie Rivera says:

I had my daughter 4 days ago. She’s my first baby. I was already over my
due date and I didn’t look like I dropped so I kept telling everyone I was
going to have to be induced with a c section. My mom had a c section with
all her kids. I went into the hospital contracting on my own. I had to have
very little pitocin to help. I got an epidurial actually 2 and I pushed her
out on my own. You really don’t know what you’re goinbto go through when
the time comes and its great that you understand that. Wishing you best of
luck momma. Trust me when I say they are all so worth it. I never been this
happy in life. And having my little girl showed me how much better life
gets. You will see it too :)

MNTL321 says:

You are such a sweet girl. I am so happy for you and your family and
completely stand behind your decision to keep your family and daughter
private!! Good for you!

MacyxMakeup says:

I’m so glad you’re getting along so well! These vlogs make me so happy for
you! :)

Melanie Negron says:

Is it weird that I’ve been looking forward to these videos a lot more than
I thought I would, considering I’m not pregnant or a mother? lol,
Seriously, though, you look beautiful, and I’m so excited for you! I can
tell you’re going to make an EXCELLENT mother, because you take in mind the
needs and privacy of your child before your channel, which is like…you’re
other baby. Love everything about these videos, so informative and helpful
for the future! Have a great day :)

Amber Rangel says:

Hey love your videos! I’m not pregnant but all of this information is so
useful :) I was wondering if you could post some information on that
amazing coconut pillow? I’ve been needing a new one and I could use
recommendations. Thank you and gl with your pregnancy, I’m currently in
medical school and cannot wait to learn more about the whole process. 

Lace5D says:

I love watching your videos. I am an adoptive mom of six little girls so I
know NOTHING about pregnancy but I totally understand the love that you can
have for a child you haven’t even met yet. :) You look absolutely beautiful
and seem truly happy, like you were just meant to be a mother. I loved your
story about the “second gender reveal”. And it’s completely understandable
about not wanting your little on the internet, gotta do everything you can
to protect them. 

naturallook4ever says:

You look so Cute, Healthy, so Happy & your Bump is Adorable! I totally
respect your decision on the privacy of baby Grace. Special moments such as
this should be private & kept Special for the parents & the family. These
are very special moments in your lives, so yes I totally respect your
decision for privacy. I am very happy for you & your husband, you will both
make wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing this with us, enjoyed it. Hope
your Holiday Weekend has been great so far. Take Care.

imahappycat says:

So glad you are sharing as much of the delivery as you are comfortable
with. Thank you for showing us the baby too. When you go through a
pregnancy with someone and never see the baby it feels weird. Lisa had
monthly update about her son MJ until he was a year. That was nice. Love to

Jennifer Hatley says:

I’m so happy to hear that you are open minded about birth plan and the
possibility of emergency c-section. My c-section was planned because she
was breech. Pack underwear “granny pants” that go past your belly button.
And get scar cream right after birth. Other than that I cringed when you
talked about driving cross country by yourself for 18 hours. I hope that
there’s a better way. 

ashleighjoan says:

haha, that’s so funny that the ultrasound tech announced the gender when
you already knew. that’s really interesting that you get acupuncture. I’ve
heard great things and have always wanted to try it. 

Ashley Love says:

You are just glowing! You look so beautiful!
In your next video can you elaborate more on you pregnancy nutrition plan,
ie/ What you are eating on a regular basis? Just love these pregnancy
vlogs! Keep up the amazing work! 

Kristina Rosselli says:

Completely respect and understand your decision to keep the baby off the
internet. I feel it’s a wise decision. Any mother would understand. Here’s
hoping to a quick and easy birth. xo

Erin Ivanovski says:

Have you thought about going,to a birthing center insted of a hospital?????
Just. Thought: )

Brianda Martinez says:

Hi I’m also having a girl we found out last week, she is my second child I
have a 6 year old girl and I’ll be 20 weeks on Wednesday and my belly is so
big now I’ve heard that on your 2nd child you start showing sooner lol. I
love watching your videos specially the ones of baby Grace and compare my
symptoms with you.

Ashley Burton says:

I just found out at 18 weeks I’m having a girl too! I am 20 weeks today! I
use the same ap as you too and I love it! 

Marissa Lindsey says:

They gave me an epidural with a c section. It’s just one of the things they
do before they actually numb you completely.
& trust me, I have really high pain tolerance too, the cramping feeling
will start to get extremely uncomfortable and you will want an epidural. 

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