Pregnancy Vlog | Weeks 11-14

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– How I whiten my teeth |

– This is my natural hair color! If I were to dye it this color, the shade would fall somewhere in between Natural Instincts Medium and Dark Browns.

– These are my real nails & this is my nail care routine |

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JLynneMama says:

Just found your channel! now I’m following your pregnancy vlogs and getting
caught up! I’m 13 weeks now, so I’m having fun watching these older ones.
You and I are a lot alike, I’m a christian as well. After your sweet baby
gets here, head on over to my channel and watch some of my mommy videos! :)
xoxo- jaimie

Lilhappeechik Icban says:

Will hubby be present in these vlogs one day?? ;)

Alexandra L. says:

This might sound weird but you seem really realistic.. you just seem like a
really mature person and I know you will be a great mom :) 

Emilie Loe Hestad says:

I really enjoy watching these vlogs! Even though I’m only 15 and don’t plan
on having a baby any time soon. I’ll have to wait a few (many) years.

ChrisRachelle Bañuelos says:

So happy I found you I’m 7 weeks and 5 days now I realize these are 6
months old but still. Its an exciting time

Liya Smiles says:

I lived in leggings throughout my whole pregnancy. :)

Lilhappeechik Icban says:

Will hubby be present in these vlogs one day?? ;)

delaylee says:

I feel like everyone is pregnat! Two of my teachers are pregnat, like four
beauty gurus are pregnat, and two of my moms friends are pregnat! 

shorty_rawr says:

I’m so happy for you! thank you for sharing the joy with us! what
educational activities are you planning on doing with baby? (I.e reading
the bible to baby, playing classical music etc.) 

Julie Cobb says:

Love these! Thanks for the blog! I’ll check it out for my pregnancy too! :)
Love seeing the ultrasounds too! So cool!!!!! Glad you got your energy back
that’s exciting :) 

mandi nevel says:

Are we hoping for a healthy baby boy or girl ?? Your glowing !! I’m gonna
say boy boy:) thanks for the update 

Martine M says:

I’m 18 weeks, and very excited!!! Cant wait to see your progress and baby
stuff updates!

Kelly Martin-Borret says:

We are gonna know on monday if we are having a boy or a girl. He or she is
coming around november 9 :-)

Myagal03 says:

I’m due Christmas eve congrats

Amanda F says:

I’m expecting as well due oct 28th!

Magdiel Gutierrez says:

Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments! Are you guys planning on
finding out the sex of the baby? 

Juliee Bee says:

I’m 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2!
Looking forward to more updates 

Loremil Jensen says:

So happy for you. When I had my 2 girls their nails,was super sharp! I
drank gallons of water a day. Any food cravings?

Rachel Padilla says:

Oh how exciting !!! Congrats you guys on your baby I just went through my
first pregnancy by baby is four months now :)

Brittany and Leah says:

I gained 30# with my son and bought cheap maternity jeans that looked big
when I got them at 14weeks… By 40 weeks they were definitely small!

Madison Hebert says:

Thanks for sharing we are so close! I am due November 16th

Leeonie84 says:

I’m so glad I came across your videos. I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant with
my first & the only symptoms I’m really getting are slight heart burn and
extreme tiredness. ♡

Laura Barbarise says:

Aww I can definitely see that you have that beautiful pregnancy glow!! You
look amazing and I’m so happy for you :) congrats!! 

Julie Shopf says:

You are definitely starting to show! I just want to say thank you for doing
this for us! I feel like I can live a dream I can’t fulfill myself through
you. It is incredibly exciting for me to hear the intimate details of your
personal experience! I would love updates as often as you feel comfortable!
Best wishes! ♥

Elle S says:

I love your vlogs– and I’m also a bit jealous!

CosmeticKarma says:

I’m not pregnant but I want to know if you can feel the baby move because
the baby was moving but you never said if you can feel it yet!!!!!

Love the Vlogs can’t wait until the next one!!!!

TeenMommy2be says:

I d be glad to follow you on your journey

Michelle Arreguin says:

I just found your pregnancy vlogs and I love them. I was looking for a vlog
around as far along as I am, but I’m hooked on yours already! I’m 28 weeks
and due August 13th. How exciting to see you grow in your pregnancy and
excited to find out what your little peanut is. We’re expecting a girl.
Good luck!
PS: Going on asap. (:

Michelle Golemi says:

Oh I also had one Starbucks coffee every day too and my kids came out
perfect anyway :)

Cecile Henley says:

Love your coffee comment! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and having my daily small
cup of coffee right now! I tried to abstain from all caffeine with my first
baby but gave up. That little caffeine makes all the difference in the
world! One doctor told me it was perfectly safe, but there was some
evidence that the babies may be more fussy (caffeine withdrawal. Lol) But
that wasn’t true at all for my baby! She was a happy, healthy baby who
slept great and was rarely fussy! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

CrazyPinkCrush says:

You look so pretty in that shade of blue!!! I am wondering if you guys plan
to find out if you are having a boy or girl, or do you want to be
surprised? Also, I really love names so I am just curious if you guys have
any baby names you are liking so far? 

Ivette Camere says:

If you follow wives tails it sounds like a girl because of the heart rate.

SimplyTashy says:

I am 10 weeks and since this is my third baby, I am showing much earlier
this time around.. I can’t wait to get to the week where my energy starts
coming back. I’m exhausted and sick all the time! 

Jamie Woodall says:

Awh I just love it! I feel like we’re prego together even though you don’t
know me lol. I’m glad you’re pregnancy is going so well. You look so happy

Carol Wilson says:

Very excited for you! Praying for you and your precious cargo. :)

Hannah Nossa says:

So excited for you! I love seeing these now because hubby and i might start
a family within the next year and 2 of my friends are pregnant

Rhiannon Dewaide says:

I love your pregnancy blogs, and I’m really hoping its a girl (mainly
because of the clothes lol). I hope you and your husband are doing good
this week 

Harley Coalman says:

Your baby will most likely be a girl based on the heartbeat. Boys are
slower under 140 and girls are usually faster :) btw I love your videos!

Lynn Bass says:

If you aren’t an at risk pregnancy then you can have a couple cups of
coffee a day. It you are at risk it is little to none. So as long as your
doctor says it’s OK then keep drinking it. :)

Melissa Powers says:

Are you guys finding out if it is a boy or a girl? Also do you know where
home base will be once the baby is here? 

Linda M says:

aaww so cute to see the baby move. ultra sound are nice to have when you’re
pregnant so you can see the baby in there. cute about the baby being a size
of a lemon now and a peach then lol. might be a small peach and later it
will be a size of an orange lol.

Leanne Cooke says:

xxx great to follow you hun wher like a day diffrent my turn over is sunday
xxx wishing you all the best

erica2585 says:

My weeks flip over on Monday too! I will be 12 weeks!!

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