Pregnancy Vlog! Week 31: Gettin’ Big, Childbirth Class

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Details on today’s makeup look:
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melaniebeth104 says:

Emily, you are such a pleasant, happy, wonderful person. From when I
noticed you seeming “extra happy” starting around January, to when you
announced your pregnancy, to now…I have loved following your journey
through these vlogs. Best wishes to you, Tyler, and Belle in the coming
weeks. You and Tyler are going to make the BEST parents. And I can’t wait
to see how the nursery comes along!

sysco997 says:

So excited to see her!

Tracy Eilers says:

Your pregnancy seems like it has gone so fast!! Maybe because you do
updates every 4ish weeks instead of every week, but I feel like I just
watched your announcement video like a month ago!! So excited for you :)

susanreedy29 says:

I can’t believe your at 31 weeks…the time seems to have gone so quickly.
You have looked healthy and radiant throughout (Tyler too! Lol). Don’t
worry….you won’t squish her. I might be adding to your craving list with
this random bit of information but, are you aware that there are Reese’s
Peanut Butter Oreos? Found them at Target and at my local grocery
store…..aaaaand…..Your Welcome!!!

SullenxRiot182 says:

I thought all that pre-registration paperwork would make it easier, but I
remember clenching my teeth through contractions as they were trying to ask
me all the questions I filled out on those papers. I was like “really? What
was the point of filling out that paperwork?!”

Tina Marie says:

So happy for you . Glad all is well with you. Wont be much longer now. 9
weeks :) I find out Gender Sept 11th so I am on my own little countdown
lol. says:

I’m due right before you (Sept. 9th) and I think about the same things
every day! I’m always worried about squishing the baby lol. And girl I’m
short of breath too, I feel like I’m carrying a watermelon with me
everywhere I go!

Oxana124 says:

Hearing you talk about this brings back memories from when I was going
through it all with my first child. Such an exciting time, I’m so happy for
you! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. I wish you a
quick and easy birthing experience. I’m not sure if you have mentioned it
elsewhere, but are you planning on a natural birth at all? I was taken by
surprise when my first ended up being an emergency c-section, but later I
learned that 1/3 of all women in the US end up with a c-section. The second
time around I did my research and planned for an all natural birth with a
midwife(still in the hospital though), and had such a wonderful experience.
Wishing you all the best! Look forward to more of these videos, and seeing
the nursery! :) ~Oxana

blancam0970 says:

I would advice you to get informed on vaginal & c section deliveries
because when I had my baby I had only done research on vaginal deliveries
and then I ended up having a c section not prepared or informed at all 

Makeupbytinu says:

I feel like she growing every time I get off the couch LOL. When you curl
up on the couch she actually feels you and starts either kicking you or
moves awasy

Alyse Novak says:

I am totally wearing that same maternity shirt today lol

sweetninabean81 says:

If you picture a doll inside a filled up beach ball and then you try to
squish the beach ball.

Stacie Gilbert says:

You are looking beautiful !! Congrats hun :)

oshmommy says:

If you are having issues with frequent urination, it helps to lean forward
a bit while you are going pee to try to get as much out as possible. No
worries, it won’t squish her too much :) random, but hopefully helpful.

Emily Collins says:

Will you do a nursery tour?

CatReads says:

You should do a pregnancy/cat vlog. I feel like a lot of pregnant women get
rid of their cats when they are pregnant or when they have the baby comes
because they thinks it’s dangerous. It would be interesting for you to
share your thoughts on this topic.

Karen Garcia says:

gosh.. I think I look as big as you or bigger and Im 28 weeks lol

Nicole Romero says:

So exciting to see you guys kind of “getting down to the wire” and
preparing for the big day!!! I’m very glad all is going well!

Bella Monti says:

Congrats on your baby girl! I love the name you both picked out too! Girls
are the best and are fabulous helpers as they get older. ;o) Are you going
to show the nursery when it is all complete? Congrats again…you both will
make great parents!

leaninglights says:

Breathing definitely changes! All your organs get pushed up, hence less
room for your lungs to expand! That’s what the docs told me 😀 I remember
it well! hahah

fatima ruknuddin says:

They say if u pre register it’s easy but when u go in at the time of labour
they give some more forms to fill out no Matter how much pain you are in, I
still have to fill it out

Kawanna Hardy says:

Aaw you look so cute!! I don’t think that I was ever more clumsy than when
I was pregnant. I was always falling!! I also think childbirth classes are
Great! I always went to them, even during my 3rd pregnancy. My husband was
like Really?! Don’t we know all of this by now?! But to me they were
enjoyable and I learned things that I hadn’t previously. I mean things are
always changing and if you haven’t had a baby in a few yrs there could be
some new information that’s very useful. Tfs and I look forward to the next

laurenwhit279 says:

I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and i’m realizing how real it’s getting. Only about 2
months out! We pre-registered at the hospital and took a tour a couple days
ago and my baby shower is tomorrow. I kinda had a meltdown yesterday
because I feel like we’re not ready AT ALL. My poor husband had to reassure
me that we still have time. I’m also starting to feel how big I am. Haha.
Once my belly popped it was kinda the same for a while but slowly got
bigger. I could barely notice. Then all of a sudden last week it popped
again! I feel huge. And my poor back has been feeling it too.

Silviu Calinoiu says:

Hi Emily…congrats about the baby! Something about your tail bone pain +
pregnancy: pls check that out with a chiropractor if possible :)… I had
something similar when I was pregnant 3 years ago, did not pay a lot of I need some therapy sessions to get it aligned….you know
the growing belly makes pressure on your spine, so…if you still feel a
little pain…just to be on the safe side pls check it out , it is very
common, don’t worry. God bless you….Alicia (sorry, still my husbands name
on the comment 😀 ).

Sandra N. says:

You’re gonna be such an amazing mother! So happy for you <3

sowhatu3114 says:

So cute! I’ve been waiting for this time lol been watching you for four
years. You haven’t said anything about your parents. What do they think?
Have they seem your belly bump? 

Chloe Allegretti says:

You look great, Emily! To put in my two cents from a nursing standpoint,
the reason your baby is fine with your positional changes, small bumps,
etc. is because of all that amniotic fluid that really protects her. The
shortness of breath is probably because as the baby is getting bigger,
she’s pushing a little up on your diaphragm. Everything- the baby,
placenta, fluid- is also just getting to be more to carry around! Wishing
you all the best!

Carla Peterson says:

Hi Emily!! Glad to hear all is well! One thing I didn’t take the time to do
was learn how to make a bottle. I was so excited to breast feed and didn’t
focus on bottle feeding. Well, my baby was VERY hungry the first couple of
days and my milk hadn’t come in yet. It would have been wise to give her a
bottle to calm her down. She cried a lot and had a raspy throat. :-( it was
just a lot of stress that could have been avoided as a first time mom. Just
wanted to share and good luck!! Carla 

Adriana Meza says:

Omg!!! Ive been watching ur videos for years because I really like them,
but i just found out that u are pregnant too!!! I am going to be 33 weeks
on thursday and I am also having a girl :) . Congratulations!!! Love the
name by the way, i thought about it too but my husband does not appreciate
it :( jeje. Anywhoots, congrats again.

Sarah Marshall says:

OMG I love you so much!! how long are you going to be off on “maturnaty

TheSalvigirl81 says:

Hi Emily you will start to feel heavier and slower the closer your due
approaches. It’s perfectly normal , also not sure if you are having this
problem but if your having a hard time sleeping I recommend you sleep with
an elevated back or on your couch, avoid sleeping on a flat back. One more
thing, do not have an epidural I know it’s your choice but try to go with
out it.

Shelbi McCabe says:

I’m having twins (due 9-12) and one of my boys has been wedged in between
my hips for the last few weeks. I never really think about squishing the
boy under my ribs, but every time I sit straight up (so I’m at a 90 degree
angle) he wiggles a lot so i definitely feel like I squish him a ton!

Rosa Belle says:

When is she due? Does anybody know?? I’m due Sept 19, ’14 and it seems like
we’re almost on the same page lol

songofangels777 says:

is 31 weeks technically 7 months? When’s she due? Obviously i’ve never had
children, LOL

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