Pregnancy Vlog – Week 25-26!

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Igotkrazyfaith says:

omg the bump is growin!!! awww lol those support bands yesss… those
helped me so much when i was pregnant…gurl im happy u made another
video… i was gettin a lil worried. was seriously gonna email u .. i was
like i hope everything is ok..then i thought she’s ok.. she may be just
tired more often lol… but time is really flyin .. cant believe itll be
june on sunday… my daughter Paris will be 3months on june 7.. too krazy
lol she’s growin right before my eyes .. cant wait to see what baby Leila
looks like :-)

Tina Marie says:

Yea so happy for u. time is flying by. I am just starting out I am at
4weeks 5days. I got a long way

Jasmin Marie says:

Girl my baby boy didn’t turn around until 28 weeks ! Scared me but it was
fine I had a naturally delivery lol 

Kiki Mitchell says:

Yes those cheddar cheese potato chips are so good

Carmen Pallares says:

How exciting!

Chocolateextasy says:

They were checking for gestational diabetes. You are looking well.and
happy!! Beautiful and Mr. SJ is having a good time in the background!! TFS

sparkle2012jt says:

You look fabulous!! You are almost there!!! Lol

Brittany Cook says:

You are gorgeous and glowing! I love watching your videos!!

Amanda Jackson Terry says:

What app do you use for your pregnancy? 

Shermeka J says:

Yay!! So happy for you! Cant wait to “meet” the little bundle lol. Time
really did fly by. Its seems like you JUST did a vid on finding out you
were pregnant!

Andrea Peacock says:

what are you naming her? 

sparkle2012jt says:

You look fabulous!! You are almost there!!! Lol

Christine Michelle says:

I Love Your Makeup Kym! 

KupcakeShark says:

I’m doing my glucose test in 2 weeks

Valerie Cee says:

You look amazing !! ❤️

Fearless Femme says:

looking good congrats

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