Pregnancy Vlog! Week 16: Gender, Bump & First Clothes!

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Our Gender Reveal video:
First vlog: Our Backstory (13 weeks):
Haul: Maternity Clothes!

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Annie Cretors says:

So much fun! My sister and Grandma had dreams that I was having twins when
I was pregnant, so when my first ultrasound was over I actually asked the
doctor to double check and make sure there was only one baby. He went back
to check and, sure enough, he found another baby! We now have 4 boys and
are done!!! Congrats!!

ayemjay says:

Love hearing your updates! Can’t wait to hear name ideas….I’m thinking
Sephora, Ulta, or Twofacedshaddowinsurance…totally :P

xthexcolorxredx says:

Congrats Emily and Tyler! But I must say that your lipstick looks a little
big gray and makes you look dead, not very flattering :( Sorry, don’t call
me a hater! I think you have hundreds of lipsticks that will make you look
great and this one just isn’t doing it

PregnantAndPaleo says:

How cool!!!!
All throughout my first trimester, I had about 3 dreams that I was having a
baby boy. I kept telling everyone I knew it was a boy, and that it “felt”
like a boy if that makes any sense. Then a couple of weeks ago, we had our
elective gender ultrasound and it is, indeed, a boy!
It’s so crazy when you find out you’re right, and it’s just like that
confirmation. I know this is a bit late, but either way, congratulations!

Buttercream722 says:

So cute, but not a “creature”. A baby. :)

Shonagh Eldering says:

I am so over the moon happy for both of you!! I think Tyler is more over
the moon about his precious princess than he’s letting on! My youngest is
nearly 17 now and I don’t think gender reveal was offered then, or at least
not where I live. Times sure change! Very very happy for all of you!!

karissa doughty says:

I know it is faaar into the future, but I wonder if your daughter will
inherit Tyler’s height? Just a thought I had. 

Lindy Devin says:

I’m just catching up on your baby vloging. That book you received “Love you
for always” Is one i still have. My son is almost 12, i cried every time I
read it to him as a toddler. I pulled it out tonight and read it again with
him and sobbed like a baby possibly more then when he was younger. The
saying they grow up so fast is so true. It has been more then a decade and
i still remember the first night I held him in my arms and feed him.
Some/most days seem to never end long tireless days and nights where you
wish your baby could just tell you what’s wrong after hours of their crying
or the toddler years with tantrums and power struggles as they become
individuals with their own wants, needs and personalities quickly de-solve
and you realize you have a full grow child who is almost a teen running out
the door to meet friends. Hold those long sleepless nights close to your
heart. To soon you will have more then enough free time to sleep and that
little creature will be off on their own living their life, I’m so excited
to keep watching this new chapter of life with you and your hubby becoming
parents. Congratulations once again.

April Dunn says:

So excited for you guys!! I saw this video in “What to Watch” 

charlichad07 says:

You two are so chummy and cute! I remember when I had my firstborn, 6 years
ago, they gave me the option to put a long, big needle into my stomach into
the amniotic sac to do tests and determine if the baby would have
abnormalities. I did not care to know, because even if she did have any
abnormalities, I would keep her. I think it promotes abortion cause some
folks do not want such a “burden” or feel it’s unfair to the otherwise
happy, joyful child. But I am glad you got no news. Either way, we all find
the strength and courage for what life brings. Praying for a smooth
pregnancy for you. I’m due two months after you ;)

sophia lugo says:

“Do you ever truly get off of Pinterest?” Haha busted up laughing when you
said that!!! Idk why lol! But congrats girl im excited for you ! :)

rxstrmom says:

Emily…I sent you a pm a few days ago…did you see it? Hugs…patti

Nicole Alexandra says:

It must be beyond bizarre having rando internet people excited about a baby

Alli brookes says:

I smiled through the whole video. I am just thrilled for the 2 if you. It’s
so funny how you can feel this way for people you’ve never met in real

Rose Stewart-Fram says:

Yeah, I’m interested in Tyler and Cupcake’s symptoms.

ashe attridge says:

Omg all of you youtubers are giving me baby fever lol

I Bee says:

omg right when your about to say the gender, all of my tabs closed out of
the blue!! crazyyy! but CONGRATS once again!!! yay a girl 

danadcan1972 says:

Has Tyler gained any pregnancy weight? 

Rebecca Ruth says:

I’m 11 weeks & I really have no cravings EXCEPT the broccoli cheese soup
from Panera!! :) congrats & welcome to motherhood!!

edamarie333 says:

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!! May Mommy and Baby Girl stay healthy!! XOXO

SissaCait623 says:

How exciting for you! I’m 34 weeks with a little girl. Her name is Brighton

Jane Doe says:

How are you doing with weight gain? I know for my first daughter I gained
70 pounds. Yikes! I still haven’t lost it all and it’s been 9 years. 😉 LOL

flowerpony2 says:

Nursery Info/Tour

Nicole Cummins says:

LOVE the cardinals gear :)

PKNCRM says:

I too am catching up with this channel. You guys are the cutest fam! How is
the first baby-your cat ‘sensing’ things? Keep your excitement. Do you have
a baby book you are journaling in? CONGRATULATIONS! You have excited also!

cccEngineer says:

Cute guy!

emilytonder7 says:

These videos are so exciting! I’m 21 weeks pregnant so it’s so fun that I
can follow your pregnancy while I’m pregnant myself :)

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