Pregnancy Vlog! Week 13: Our Backstory

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beautyvlogcast says:

New! my first pregnancy update video! It’s a long one!

PixelatedDream says:

You are Incredibly blessed. My husband and I have been trying to get
pregnant for 7 years and it’s one of the most painful things anyone could
go through. It always makes me very happy to hear stories like yours,
because it means one less person had to feel this pain. Congrats! 

ConceiveABaby says:

hey emily, i have always watched your beauty vlogs, but when i found that
you had vlogs on your pregnancy, I was so excited! My husband and I have
been trying for 7 yrs and have just completed our first IVF with ICSI cycle
and we are in the 2ww now… so I’m hoping for a little bubba too! We got
married a year after you guys in 2007 :) Like you, I love my youtube, it is
a part of me, and I am sharing my whole journey – shots and all on my
channel too :) I think you’re going to be such a great mum, I have always
loved your personality and you can definitely tell you have that broadcast
background by your mannerisms and professionalism :) I also did media,
journalism and public relations at uni and worked on a newspaper for 5yrs.
By the way, in TTC and pregnancy land, you can never overshare! Oh my
goodness don’t even come to my channel or you will be hitting reverse as
quickly as you got there lol! So excited your little one is here. Okay,
going to stop this essay and catch up on a few of your videos xo Kristy

Courtney Radley says:

Trying to catch up on videos so congrats on your pregnancy! Watching your
face when you described the morning you took the test, when you were
talking to your mom and when you talked about the ultrasound got me choked
up. You and Tyler are going to be great parents :).

MakeupByAliciaE says:

Enjoy being pregnant Emily. Make sure u have all your routines down to 5
mins including showering, makeup etc

Paula Crites says:

Sooo nice to re-watch your videos!! Now I am 10 weeks pregnant!! 

jstoney1995 says:

I’m so glad I found your channel!! Congratulations! Wishing you & your
hubby the very best!

rachna sharma says:

Congratulations…u look super energetic! One thing i want to share is
start using something for the stretch marks thing as this is the time when
they start! All the best!

Melissa Cooper says:

You two are amazing! You guys are going to be the best, most fun loving

Kimberly Garza says:

Same thing with me when I told my mom, I didn’t tell her right away we had
a whole conversation about family then finally I told her! She cried she
was so happy! 

mousulus says:

Congratulations!!! Would love to see a weekly update. XXX

Sherry Kumar says:

Congrats to you and Tyler!
Thank you for sharing! It actually brought tears to my eyes

makeiturownw/Emily says:

Wow it’s fun looking back:) your face looks thinner then but u r still
beautiful now:) can not wait to see bell

meisterhall says:

What makeup are you wearing? I’m pregnant and I like to know what is good
for pregnancy 

Ashley H. says:

I love how animated and excited you are! I’m preggo and due in early
august. Loved watching this video. Would like to see more pregnancy vlogs.
Btw – your mom is so sweet!

Kristy Simmons says:

So very happy for you! God bless!

katheyleen says:

So happy for you both and your families, Em :) This baby is going to be a
big, bouncing, mega-loved bundle of joy !

Teryn McElroy says:


MarshKingsDaughter says:

I don’t think you’re “oversharing,” this was a great backstory to know and
ahhhh, I’m SO excited for you and Tyler!

Ms. Mow says:

Educate yourself on birth and the pros and cons of hospital birth. Know the
cesarean rate at your hospital and that of your doctor. Don’t just go with
what he says, he has only his point of view. Know his position on due dates
and what he thinks about letting you go to 42 weeks. (Many cultures have a
birth month, not a due date.). It might be helpful to have a doula to
advocate for you, but educating yourself is essential. Ask questions and
know that information is power. Many doctors have a certain MO. Know your
doctor’s and start considering what kind of birth you would like. I highly
recommend watching “The Business of Being Born” and “Pregnant in America.”
Also, the book Ina Mae’s Guide to Childbirth. You can give birth to your
baby. Your pelvis is a series of bones connected by ligaments and it
expands. My friend just gave birth at home to an 11.5 lb baby and she’s
5’3″ and petite! Our bodies were designed for this and you will find
strength you didn’t know you possess. I am 30, had my first at 27 in a
hospital with a lot of unnecessary interferences and my second, who will be
1 on Tues, was born in our home. I feel like women have been conditioned by
media and the status quo to think that birth can only happen in a hospital
with doctors who have never given birth and tons of machines. All you need
is you. Many congratulations! 

Kim Traina says:

Hi Emily. I just watched this for the first time. Its so nice of you to
explain this to all your viewers. So excited for you and tyler. I do have a
question. In all the video i have watched you talked about your sister but
for the first time your Mom said she had 3 children i thought there was
only two of you. Do you have a Brother or another sister? I hope I am not
being to personal by asking you that! 

Nikki Smith says:

I loved listening to ur story! I’m soo excited for u guys!! Y’all will b
the best parents! I remember the excitement of seeing tht positive sign an
hearing the heartbeat, ( I hv 2 girls)..I too craved popcorn! Lol!! I made
my husband drive me to the movie theater to just get popcorn…craved tht
good ol’ movie popcorn. I went from craving salads to mashed potatoes an
biscuits. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience and I know LOTS
of ppl are praying for u and Tyler and this beautiful baby!!! Luv u guys!!

Lisa Lowe says:

I totally agree with your mum, I’ve not long found out that my daughter is
also 14 weeks and I’m soooo excited. It definately seems that everything
is all brand new and so amazing to be there for your daughter as she goes
through it.

RainDrop Rainbow says:

The human body is amazing

Andy Caves says:

i love u guys soo much!! thx for sharing your story.. it is soo cut, i
adore cupcake!! she is sooo gorgeous… the big sis!

SimplyTashy says:

Listening to your story made me cry happy tears. I’m so happy for you! I’m
almost 9 weeks prefab with my third baby! 

system2success says:

Many congratulations to you both! My daughter, who will be 30 in November,
is due her 4th child just a couple of weeks before your due date :-) We are
also very excited. She has her 2nd scan this week to determine the sex of
the baby – she already has 2 daughters and 1 son. It will be nice to track
your pregnancy along with hers :-)
Best wishes
Katrina x

dbnhill says:

This vlog actually gave us the push to tell our family! Haha we couldn’t

K Howw says:

No not an over share! I totally appreciate the info. I’m 30 and have been
on the pill for years and always worry. Thank you soo much! 

water2chick says:

My mom said all of us were conceived right after she went off the pill.
It’s something with her hormones I guess. At least I know how to get
pregnant now. >.<

kann420 says:

Sooo exciting. Be ready for me to be catching up on this and commenting on
everything. I have been watching your beauty stuff for a few months now and
I loveeee you!!!

lisanicu2000 says:

So very happy for you and Tyler and your whole family…hoping your
pregnancy is healthy and easy and most of all, fun!

Dianne Raneri says:

You guys are the cutest couple ever. You will be the best parents too.
Emily, you definitely have that pregnancy glow!

Momofuku15 says:

I saw a really cute pregnancy photo shoot on pinterest where they placed
the baby in a bowl of whatever you were craving during pregnancy. So like a
big bowl of those fruity pebbles haha that would be cute :)

Alicia Heye says:

How crazy, I was watching this and thinking, “She has an awesome radio
voice.” and two seconds later you said you have a degree in tv/radio. That
must mean you would sound good as a radio host!

yesenia martinez says:

it’s in God’s hands! amen! y’all are blessed :)

Shannan Fowler says:

I totally love this video! :) I cried when i first heard my daughters’
heart beats. :) This is such a precious moment.

Rande Thorman says:

I don’t know what your doc told you …but my navy midwife told me to
average my birth weight and my husband’s birth weight and I should have a
round about baby size. But I was born early and my sister and brother were
full term so I averaged their weight with my mother in law’s largest baby.
My 20 yr old was only 6 lbs, but my 8 yr old was 3 weeks early at 8 lbs 5
oz and my daughter went to term at 8 lbs 1 oz. They actually estimated my
daughter at 9 and half. She was 21 and half inches long so she threw them
off. Best of luck to you!! 

jruss1787 says:

You & Tyler are so adorable! Excited to follow you on your journey :)

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