Pregnancy Vlog: Maternity Clothing Haul, Target Haul

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In this video I am 15 weeks pregnant. 😀

Some things I shared in my haul:
Target Maternity Liz Lange tshirt:
Target Maternity Liz Lange white tunic sweater:
Bella band:
Ingrid & Isabel Maternity leggings:
Tummy Yummy leggings:
Hello Kitty Plush Robe:
Everything mentioned can be found at Target’s clearance rack.

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ftc: This video is not sponsored. I purchased everything.


NattyH says:

You have so many nice things. Love the maternity!

bobododo100 says:

I love strips too!

AprilAthena7 says:
BohemianMommy4 says:

I totally forgot target had a maternity section. Nice haul. I’m going there
this wknd! 

M Pj says:

I just love that cat dress! It suits you perfect!

kovu93 says:

Cat dress! <3

Brittney Skelly says:

How much are the maternity leggings? I can’t find any anywhere that will
fit my baby bump.Please let another prego know! :)

Elizabeth Lugo says:

IM 7 months pregnant all I’ve basically worn strips through out my

Nicole Clay says:

Love the pregnancy updates!! Keep em coming!

lovehellokittypink says:

Loved the HK robe:)! I lovee target because I always find great things:)..
especially their sales.

Gloria Acosta says:

i dont think anyone minds the pregnancy updates, infact im sure everyone
loves them! i know i look forward to them!

Yolanda Mojica says:

You look so cute with your belly!

MissBrenda26 says:

You look so pretty!!

Krina Patel says:

Youuuuuuuuu should make a mommy channel :) or like maybe a section under
AprilJustinTv! :)

lawma27 says:

I had that cream sweater when I was preggo last fall!

PATRICIA strawn says:

Gorgeous April!

fairy0917 says:

April what camera you use for recording videos and what website you guys
edit videos?

smileswithsara says:

April, what size did you get in the Hello Kitty robe?

Sydney Long says:

April i love all of your pregnancy videos don’t worry lol. i watch all of
your vlogs too and i love them also :)

blueyesaremine says:

Congrats on baby !!!

AprilJustinTV says:

I have a pregnancy section on AprilJustinTV but I like to share some
pregnancy updates on AprilAthena7 too since most of my subscriber friends
are here on AprilAthena7 the most and not everyone is subbed to

musiquemuse says:

i like the plain blue wall :) but i like your videos so much, i don’t mind
which background you’re using ^^. all the best for you and your baby :))

kimmiethedog says:

try for maternity clothes!

groovngirl ly says:

when did target start using brown paper bags instead of plastic bags?

itschelseytyler says:

We do have targets in Canada! :) At least in Ontario… There are 4 targets
very close to my house and I live in Southern Ontario… Which province do
you live in?

Keren Gonzalez says:

Ur such a pretty mommy God bless your baby

Diana Sandoval says:

I love the other background! thanks for sharing your pregnancy experience
good luck

emitf says:

Thats so cute that you let Justin pick out a couple of things for you =)

Ladyt028 says:

I am having the same issued as well. I am still subscribed, but they aren’t
showing up. Darn You-Tube.

Emilie Ruiz says:

It’s because they are better for the environment. A lot of stores are
starting to go with paper only bags.

LinhUSAUS says:

Everything you brought is so adorable and looks great on you April :)
Watching you reminds me how beautiful and exciting to be first time
preggars hehe :) My baby boy just turned 2 xoxo

Cassandra Marquez says:

Hello Kitty For Lifee!!!

sarita barragan says:


TheMezza6 says:

the blue top that justin picked out for you looks really good on you!

ElaineMarieee :) says:

Aww your belly looks so cuteeee :)

Veronica Santos says:

Share ur pregnancy as much as u want!! We love it :)

ForeverJalesa says:

Love your kitten dress cute and nope never too old for hello kitty I
Loveeeee hello kitty everything

MsFmorales says:

She 2 months and her belly looks big as shit is she sure it aint triplets

Siera Maracle says:

7 more months!

Chanel Ginger says:

Hi guys love it cute stuff

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