Pregnancy Vlog | How We Found Out & Told the Family

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Have you seen my big announcement?!

Check out my latest beauty video!

My lovely & wonderful acupuncturist:
PK Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Recommendations for others around the country from PK Wellness:

Bethany Lauretano (Middleton, WI)

Jill Blakeway, Yin Ova Center (NYC)

Cameron Bishop, (Palm Beach, FL)

Dr. Yi Pan ( LA)

Here is a good link to find them in other cities:

Disclaimer — All opinions in this video are strictly relating to me personally and my experience! I know that there are many woman who are helped by drugs like Clomid, but I just felt that it was not the right path for me and my body. :)

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Hayley Mayers says:

I had the same issue with my cycle not returning after coming off the pill.
It took 5 months to come back and even then it was not regular. It’s only
just becoming more regular now. I came off the pill in August last year
(2013) so it has been over a year. We have now decided to wait another year
before getting pregnant but I am definitely not going back on the pill.

VasseurBeauty says:

Was so nice to hear your story — I know many are skeptical, but I am all
about acupuncture. My boyfriend needed lower back surgery and was going to
pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for it…but I had him first go in
for acupuncture (against his will haha) and within 4 months he is now
completely pain free. He’s now thanking me :) 

thewooflingdiva says:

Hey girl! Glad I found your channel

laurenashleysexton says:

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago. Before I found out I wasn’t
having periods for months and the longest I went without one was 8 months
before I seen a doctor. When they did the ultrasound they found cysts and I
had to do an MRI to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. Thank God they weren’t,
but I’ve been on birth control and now my periods are regular again, except
the cysts are still there :[. They told me I’d pretty much have it forever
lol. I’ve learned to be okay with it since it’s not life threatening, I
just get nervous if I can have babies or not one day. The OBGYN assured me
though there was meds to help with fertility. And on top of all that I have
a thyroid problem :/ lol I’m 25 btw if that helps anything. 

Kailyn Marie says:

Congrats! I’m due July 5th with my first baby! :) It’s a girl! 

Breagha M says:

Chinese people are obviously the only people who can do acupuncture

Aim To Create says:

Congrats!! What’s funny is that about two weeks ago when I was watching one
of your videos I knew u were preggers ! Don’t know how the thought just
came to me and I knew:)

denise schklowsky says:

Congratulation!! A baby is definitely a blessing. Enjoy every second of the
pregnancy because before you know it you will have your hands full. It’s
funny my husband knew I was pregnant before me. I kept saying no I’m not
pregnant I don’t feel pregnant and he kept saying yes you are yes you are.
The first few pregnancy tests kept showing a negative sign. Then after the
3rd one it was positive and obviously till this day he still tell everyone
that he knew before I did. My son turned 1 on April 20th. Good luck and
enjoy it. 

Cari Ann du Toit says:

Congrats!! With my son i knew i was having a boy and i guess i also knew i
was pregnant before i took the tests =)

Alicia W says:

congrats! such an exciting time :) I just had my first baby 7 weeks ago and
it is just the most amazing thing in the world to be a mom 

BabbyyJ says:

My mom knew when my sister was pregnant too. It’s crazy how mothers have
such a strong connection with their daughters. You’re going to be such a
good mother. Congratulations! 

momsmakeup07 says:

Such a crazy story. We serve such an amazing God. Congrats again.

Nereyda Herrera says:

New Subscriber, I have lots to catch up. LOL

Liane WG says:

my friend in austin is having problems with being regular & getting preg.
so i already text her to check it out. thanks :)

MsHumpalot says:

My friend had the same experience with her period, she went to a japanese
healing/acupuncture specialist and they fixad the problem. 

Rose Longo says:

Awesome, I totally believe in alternative medicine! Congrats :)

FromBrainsToBeauty says:

Ok, so I’m a dork. I just commented on your 4-5 week vlog asking how you
found out, and then I just realized there is already a video on it. lol.
Sorry! So excited for you.

FYI, I have cysts that rupture as well. I was on birth control for almost
10 years and gave up on it. I actually just had the worst pain this past
AF. :( 

Lacey Melton says:

I’m with a few of the other girls in that I was pretty sure you were
pregnant a couple of weeks ago

shugarplum08 says:

Congratulations! What an exciting time!! Who does your husband play
baseball for? Hopefully you guys will get to go home to Texas soon!

Leah N says:

I had a miscarriage in June at 5 weeks. I just found out I’m pregnant
again. I’m scared to tell anyone in case I miscarry again 

Amanda Penner says:

I had acupuncture to get pregnant after 4yrs of trying to get pregnant.
Within three months of acupuncture I got pregnant. Acupuncture is pretty

Mandy Moran says:

This pg I had a thought I was pg because my symptoms were a lack of my
usual sore boobs lol crazy how women differ. My first pregnancy I knew I
was pg the morning after conception, just knew it in my heart.
Congratulations!! The best part is when baby starts moving, I love feeling
my lil girl kick as I type this!

Rachaelx333 says:

The backstory filled me with so much joy that I verged on tears. My husband
and I have been wanting a baby but after coming off the pill my periods
didn’t return either! And like you, I am so hesitant to try another pill to
fix something that a pill did in the first place. But after hearing your
story I feel like there is hope for us. I’m going to look into acupuncture.
Thank you so so much for posting!

Cammy X says:

Wow congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks so much for sharing the
story because I’m in a similar position, but I don’t exactly have ovarian
cysts, I have poly cystic ovaries syndrome (known as pcos) and my cycle is
soo irregular. Do you know if acupuncture can fix that?

meemee410 says:

I went thru 4 miscarriages and am now pregnant 14weeks it’s a high risk
pregnancy so I have to be really careful but god has blessed us with our
baby and we are due 11/11/14 and yes I’m mynx1986 on insta lol
congratulations y’all are going to be amazing parents

loverslane29 says:

I am so glad that you shared your story and that you listened to yourself
and didn’t take the drugs! I am praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy
for you <3

Angel Parker says:

Thanks for sharing your story with us, everyone’s story is so different. I
was on BC pills for ovarian cysts too but I got pregnant while on them. I
took it everyday at the same time, no missed days. We just knew our son was
meant to be with us!

Diva'sLoveGlam says:

Congrats!! Good thing that you didn’t take the clomid. I was in the same
situation but i did end up taking the clomid. In the end i have no babies
but now that you mentioned it, i do have constant headaches.

Ashlei Wiseman says:

You are going to be the Cutest preggo ever!!! Congrats to you and Kyle!
Nothing short of a miracle 😉 Pregnancy and babies are just so amazing how
they grow inside of you and you feel them grow into a little baby. There
is absolutely no feeling like holding your baby for the first time!!! And
when you feel those little feet kick your belly… you will be in love! I
am so happy for you and can see how truly excited you are! Hope all goes
well and wish you a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby!!! God bless you
and your family! ps- LOVE watching you! Cant wait to see your vlogs 😉
Oh and I def knew when I was prego with my first child. Mainly bc I was
tripping over my dog all day every day and someone made the comment that
“you must be pregnant bc dogs can sense it” and sure enough….. xoxoxo

MissBrenda26 says:

Thank you for sharing your story!!

Monica Roberts says:

I also live in Austin, can you share your acupuncturist’ info?

whoaacandace says:

My husband and I are also located in Austin, he was medically retired from
the Coast Guard about a year and a half ago for a whole range of back
issues. He basically is always at a 6 or 7 on the pain scale and hatesss
taking painkillers, so he has just learned to live with it. I don’t know
that much about acupuncture and have never really thought about it, but if
it would help I’m sure he’d be willing to try it! SO, where this long story
is going is, would you recommend the lady you went to for something like
this? Also, congrats!!! Such exciting news, and you are just absolutely
glowing! (:

milly woulfe says:

i have the same condition as you im 24 thank you for sharing your story to
get pregnant i have always had a fear since been told that i would have to
have drugs to have a baby, a baby isnt in my plan for a another few years,
but its good to know that i can have one with out drugs thank you so much
for putting my mind as ease
by the way love all your videos

littlegoofygurl79 says:

Congrats again…and I was tipped off the same way as you. My boobs were
killing even when I’d put on my bra it was driving me crazy. I
already had an annual ob appt scheduled and then when I filled in the last
date of last cycle I noticed I was late a week or so late…so she
confirmed it and I was blessed with my baby soon after :) enjoy it and
sending well wishes and may God bless you 3!

Chantelle Roughton says:

Congratulations!! Children are beautiful blessings. With our first, my
husband knew I was pregnant before I did lol which was shocking because we
weren’t trying, we were just letting it be, and sure enough I had a
positive test. With this second pregnancy, I was having tender breasts and
tons of cramping.. I thought it was pms but after 3 weeks and no period I
knew I was pregnant. :) 

Emilie Loe Hestad says:

You have such good fantasy. I could never suprise anyone like that. And
congratulstions on the pregnancy! Are you going to show pictures/videos of
the baby when he/she arrives? You are going to be an amazing mom:)

jlcarroll18 says:

Congrats! Thank you so much for sharing. I am hoping to get pregnant with
my second and I am really hoping it won’t take three years like it did with
my first! My cycle still isn’t normal after I stopped nursing in December
so that could be a great way to get my body back to “normal!” 

Natalie Umof says:

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story. I have a close friend
who has been going through the same exact thing and just started
acupuncture for the same reason! I hope her story turns out like yours! 

Victoria Malone says:

Congrats! What an inspiring story. We’ve been trying for 4 yrs & I have
pcos. My dr gave me provera & clomed. Since we’ve been trying for so long,
I didn’t think twice about taking it because we really want to start a
family. The first round didn’t work & she increased the dosage. I haven’t
started the new prescription yet. Now after watching this vlog, I’m
definitely going to try acupuncture first. Thank you very much for sharing
your story. 

Diva Makeup Queen ❤ says:

Hi Rachel!! Congratulations!! This is such great news! And yes
acupuncture can do wonders to the body!! I am going to pass the
acupuncture info to my friend who has been trying for years to have kids.
I hope that this can help her!!

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