PREGNANCY VLOG 9- 29 Week Update & 4D HD Scan

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Jingleheartart says:

You are NOT a diva for wishing someone would have given you the common
courtesy of letting you sit down. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I’ve been in a
similar position on a bus a few weeks ago. My feet were hurting sooooo much
and no-one would let me sit down, I was so knackered and I also had
indigestion, so all I wanted in that moment in time was to relax.. even for
5 minutes. I’ve always let the elderly, preggo people and disabled people
take priority whenever I have been on public transport in the past. I think
you were just unlucky to be in a situation like that around people who were
too selfish to free up a seat. If I had seen you in that much distress and
pain, I would have given you my seat and I’m pretty much a planet. So that
says it all. Don’t think you’re a diva though! <3

Sam Jones says:

I think your a little precious and in for a real shock when you see how
hard your life becomes with a newborn :0

Jingleheartart says:

Just got to the bit with the man giving you his seat <3 Woohoo! Faith
restored ;)

Demi Siobhan says:

Your not been silly at all! Shame on them people for not seeing if you were
okay or offering you a seat! I once had a guy shout at me because there
were no seats at the bus stop in the station other than one right at the
front which I obviously went and sat on and I got on the bus after just a
few people and the guy came over and shouted at me but I was like I’m sorry
I only did it because my feet are hurting as I’m 6 month pregnant and he
rolled his eyes at me. I just think some people are rude and jump to
conclusions instead of asking :/ hope you don’t experience that again xxx

kassandra fairhall says:

i cant believe no one gave you their seat that so rude! i find people are
so rude these days

brunette165291 says:

can you tell us more about your job? and where all you have flown to? i
find it so interesting!

dizzybrunette3 says:

Laura you are no way a diva! They are rude people. How can you be 30 weeks
pregnant and look so flawless all the time? I’m so excited for kidney beans
arrival :) x

Tilly's top Tips says:

People expect manners and kindness from others but don’t show any
themselves , you are going to be a great mum and you are glowing more and
more everyday , ignore those times in public when you expect things from
people ,not everyone is as kind as you xx 

Amanda Bull says:

Loving your vlogs, even though I am nowhere near pregnant ha! :)

Just uploaded a Spring Summer Lookbook <3! xxx

Leah Balfe says:

I can’t believe how ignorant people are… nobody has given me their seat
so far and it really annoys me. Haha. Would love it if you could do some
maternity fashion videos… im really stuck for things to wear :( xxxx

wellyface says:

You don’t sound like a brat at all, it makes me so mad when I see people
refusing to give up their seats for someone who needs it more – how rude
and inconsiderate! I love your pregnancy updates and I am so excited to
eventually see your little guy! xx

Amanda Davies says:

People are so inconsiderate I have found that with not only not giving up
there seat but also pushing past you knocking you and not even saying
sorry. You are honestly doing really well!!! At 38+3 pregnant I’m really
struggling with maternity clothes that make you feel good where have you
found yours???

percyandgrace says:

Aah bless you, I’d have got up for you on the train because I know how hard
pregnancy can be. My labour was even worse, I’ve done videos of my story
but if you’re thinking of watching it, I’d maybe wait until you’ve given
birth so they don’t scare you lol x x

Gemma Plant says:

Don’t worry you don’t sound like a diva at all. When I was pregnant I felt
the same and it’s a shame some other people don’t get it. Good luck with
your next scan it’s the best feeling seeing your baby. 

Alexandra Scott says:

No one ever gives u a seat anymore, I’m overdue so it’s blatantly obvious
that I’m pregnant but people just ignore you! 

aoife byrne says:

Really enjoyed watching this. Its lovely 2 see how excited you are to meet

Irina Bond says:

I wish that Moses basket was sold in the US! So cute!!

Stina L. says:

I’m sure that you will be an awesome mom ❤

hollie ben says:

What foundation are you wearing x

Belles Boutique says:
Jodie Moores says:

I don’t understand why no one would stand up for you! you look lovely, what
lip products are you wearing? I’m not pregnant or want children but I love
your pregnancy vlogs, so cute! :-) xxx

Kate Rose says:

Another great video Laura. Hope you’re well. X

Courtney Wych says:


Verity Wills says:

Great Video!!

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