Pregnancy Vlog #4

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Hi guys!!

This pregnancy is flying by! I am truly loving every minute of it.
I hope this information helps someone, although it isn’t much this time.

Guys yes the giveaway winner has been chosen. Please look out for my next giveaway! Thank you so much for all the kind words and suggestions!! love you all!


Altoid D says:

Awwwwww, you look beautiful. Next time you go to your appointment the nurse
or whoever seemed annoyed need to practice professionalism. This is all new
to you and her attitude is not needed. I’m just being protective because
I’m in the medical field and as a patient you need reassurance not

Kimberly Gilbert says:

So cute and I like your sweater…

Jessica Chanell says:

For my birthday yesterday me & my fiancé found out our baby is a girl as
well! Heartbeat was the same as your baby 148. I’m 19 going on 20 weeks! 

mizzafroqueen says:

Hopefully you will begin to feel much better… and for people in the
service field, it is a REQUIREMENT to have great customer service, in your
case, bedside manners. I can’t stand assistant/doctors/nurses/techs who
have poor bedside manners. It’s uncalled for. Hope you feel better soon :)

Denise Ellis says:

You don’t owe anyone an apology for the position your baby is in and no one
should ever be annoyed by that. That bothered me to hear that . I’m so glad
you and baby are doing well. I hope you are better from your cold. You look
beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

MaeDayTv says:

You’re so cute prego!!

Tyechia G says:

Do you think a body pillow would help you not end up on your back in your
sleep? I sleep with one and I pretty much stay in one position all night. 

Kernisha Davis says:

Aww. Baby Taylor may have a I do what I want when I want personality. My
baby girl was the same way when I was preg with her and now she’s extremely
sassy and stubborn. 

Farrah F says:

Cute bump! The second trimester is usually the easiest. Hopefully you will
have smooth sailing until the third one. Enjoy it.

Renae Alisha says:

You look so beautiful and your hair looks fab .. You’re so small too for
your pregnancy .. Are you doing anything in particular to control your

kimmy says:

cute baby bump. may u continue to be blessed as always stay safe, happy,
and healthy

VeryRareMeMe says:

Almost time for her arrival

Theladyleo14 says:

Taylor is already the boss! She’s like I’ll move in whatever position I
want…lol MANY BLESSINGS =)

Ronke A. says:

Hi, did you announce the giveaway winner yet? 

Creationinmotion4922 says:

Who won the giveaway?

christina estrada says:

You look so beautiful. You are glowing and look so cute pregnant!!!!! 

renita heath says:

Pregnancy agrees with you honey, you’re glowing. 

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